Herald promotes vaccine hesitancy as only 1 in 460 frail and elderly die


Don’t bother with the Herald. Surrey Live managed a more professional report:

113 people in study of 52,000 died despite being vaccinated, data shows. There is good evidence from early real-world data in the UK that Covid-19 vaccines are working after the first dose, experts have said. However, in a document released on Friday by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), which advises the Government, they have cautioned that coronavirus jabs may fail to prevent hospital admissions amongst a very small number of people, particularly those who are frail and elderly. The findings are based on data from more than 52,000 patients who were admitted to hospital between December 8 – when the UK began its mass vaccination rollout – and April 10. Calum Semple, professor in child health and outbreak medicine at the University of Liverpool, who co-led the study, said that their analysis was designed to give Sage “a very early signal on whether vaccines were working in the real world”. He said: “The absolute numbers of people being admitted to hospital after 21 days of the first dose is tiny.


Vaccine hesitancy is a real problem, especially among some minorities. The Herald dumps any pretence at responsibility for sales.

4 thoughts on “Herald promotes vaccine hesitancy as only 1 in 460 frail and elderly die

  1. I read that article and could not believe how irresponsible the Herald had been. I am being polite there. What I really thought was: WTF

    The usual rehash of a report that ended up giving the complete opposite emphasis to the actual report.

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  2. The Herald is a private business with no legal responsibility to promote public health. Though I think it’s a somewhat short-sighted business model that highlights you don’t care about the well-being of your customers, only your politics. Tories are going to Tory though, and Torydum is genetically primed and culturally informed to undermine society. Which many of them reject as a basic concept of human existence.

    Mapping vaccine hesitancy—Country-specific characteristics of a global phenomenon

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  3. A nasty BritNat rag with their project fear before the election next week. Despicable.

    If you watch this at the 14 minute mark, he discusses the efficacy of the vaccine after one and two doses. Very interesting.


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