Only Norwegian cod in your fish supper now as BBC Scotland hide fishing industry disaster from you

On only one of the BBC’s web pages and down at the bottom:

With the UK no longer part of the European Common Fisheries Policy, it now deals directly with Norway – which is not an EU member state – on fishing matters. The two countries agreed last year to a post-Brexit system of co-operation, including annual negotiations on quotas and access to each other’s waters. But a deal for 2021 proved impossible, despite weeks of talks. UK Fisheries chief executive Jane Sandell complained that the UK government had failed “even to maintain the rights we have had to fish in Norwegian waters for decades”. She added: “In consequence, there will be no British-caught Arctic cod sold through chippies for our national dish. It will all be imported from the Norwegians, who will continue to sell their fish products to the UK tariff-free, while we are excluded from these waters. Quite simply, this is a disgrace and a national embarrassment.”

Will BBC Scotland’s Glenn Campbell be rushing off to speak to disgruntled fishermen again, as he did in 2019? Only after dark?


12 thoughts on “Only Norwegian cod in your fish supper now as BBC Scotland hide fishing industry disaster from you

      1. The Tories continue to spout to the Fishing Industry that all will be sorted out in 5 yrs when such has to be re negotiated
        So far they swallowing this hook line and sinker
        Little do they know that The EU has tied UK in knots re. All this for ever and a day
        If we do not like it then withdrawal agreement Null and Void
        We are firmly out and under WTO terms


  1. The UK could fish all over the place because of EU fishing deals. Even down the African coast. The Brexit complete mess and shambles beyond belief. The UK still imports fish. 80% of the UK fishing industry is based at Peterhead. The new market facilities were funded from the EU. A turbine HQs is being built. Another new, large offshore turbine development on the way.

    Exports went to the EU for the best prices. Now the market has collapsed the boats are tied up. Some big trawlers based there. The EU had quotas for conservation. Increased quotas for bigger nets. Dead fish were being thrown back reducing stocks. Norway has always used bigger nets.

    The millionaires fishermen are now supporting Alba. They were warned many times about the Tories and Brexit. They still voted for it. Living to regret it. They voted Alex Salmond out. Now they want him back. The AWPR, the turbines in the bay. The sporting development, tourism, the extended harbour for cruise liners. The SNP initiatives. An Independence majority in Holyrood should lead the way to get the problems sorted out.

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  2. The question for the NE Tory supporting fishermen is,would an independent Scottish government get a better deal?
    Fishing was used by the Brexiteers as a totemic issue to try and garner support for their batshit crazy isolationship policies and although,economically,as they now admit,it is of little significance to the UK economy,it would always be more important to a much smaller Scottish one.
    Just another example of why we must be able to make our own decisions and deal independently with other states.

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    1. An iScotland would get a good deal, of course we would.

      An iScotland has the ability to use fleet access as a negotiating tool, simply because we would control these matters, not being at the whims of an aggressively hostile WM.


  3. The real issue is not fish or Brexit. It is the glacierists approach to Independence. The slow, slow after this or that issue is solved. When momentum in a Battle is lost it is very difficult to recover it. The defeat of 2014 was only one encounter. The recruitment of a 100k fresh members followed and a wider established YES structure should have been used fully

    Will those on this site still claim it is all going well in 10 or 20 years as our Nation is held tighter in this uneven Union? What is your target?

    I do not urge urgency for selfish reasons ( I may not even see it). I want the children and grandchildren of Scots to have a better future.

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    1. I have to agree with you on the matter of timing, thesnpleftme.

      Once again the SNP leadership have run an election campaign where the word independence is spoken only on very rare occasions – usually only after a britnat has brought up the question of independence.


      Vote Alba on the List. It’s our only hope.

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  4. What many people do not know, is that Fish Producers Organisations were set up to run the quota system for the boats. Whilst in the EU these POs were able to take part in international swaps of quota, which enabled each country to to increase their catch of certain species, by swapping of a species that was of little interest to their own fishermen. This facility is not now available to them, and neither is the agreement with the Faroese Government of 4,000 tons of white fish. There was also a scheme called the “Hague Preference” which allocated Scottish boats a larger percentage of quota, this now does not apply. This means that the catchers have thousands of tons of fish not available to them, and the merchants and processors (their customers) are being starved of product.
    What was actually received from the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (Brexit) was additional pelagic species for a group of multi millionaires, but which delivered very little for the white fish fleet. If people see the price of haddock and cod rising at their fish van or fishmongers, this is part of the reason, scarcity of a resource due to the appalling deal championed by the PM. The industry bodies, catchers and processors alike have been scathing of the Brexit deal, and Conservative soundbites like, “sea of opportunity~taking back control~ and happy British fish” are very far from the reality of what has happened.

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  5. Would be good to get rid of whinging Scots…..but even with better fishing rights you still would want support from the English Gov… want the best of both worlds,either leave and pay for yourselves or stay and take money. Oh and the”Tory’s dun it” line is so old now,if labour had won we would all be in a much worse place.

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