Ross to drink that cup of sick as Gove and Johnson let fishing deal slip out of their hands?

Boris has fishy start to last few days by campaigning in Labour heartland |  Metro News
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In February 2021, Michael Gove promised:

But, from UK Fisheries on 22nd April:

Since Brexit, the UK has failed to deliver a single access agreement with our coastal neighbours. The Government’s Scorecard is getting worse. Kirkella is tied up, and our crews have no work. The UK must make these deals if we are to save distant-waters fishing in the north-east of England. Right now we have no access agreements with our coastal neighbours, Norway, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroes, yet we’re offering trading partners like Norway tariff-free access to our valuable market for fisheries products, and getting nothing in return – and it is our crews and our industry that are suffering.

See our Government Scorecard here.


Two years ago, Scotland’s fishermen seemed to have a champion who would do anything for them:

Sketch: Brexit, fishing and cold sick

If ever Scotland’s fishermen needed final confirmation that they don’t really matter, it was in that display of breath-taking ignorance of Scotland’s political scene [the Tory-led Brexit transition deal]. The Scottish Conservatives fought and won seats on the back of promises to the fishing industry over Brexit. If that election was tomorrow, those seats would surely be lost. As Douglas Ross, Tory MP for Moray, so graphically put it, it would be easier to get someone to drink a pint of cold sick than to try to sell this outcome as a success. And while the SNP may have its own difficulties in squaring its pro EU/fishing circle, it is not the party leading Brexit negotiations nor the one that promised one thing during an election and then did another.,scottish-fishermen-have-been-done-up-like-kippers_8518.htm

Where is he now?

Boris has fishy start to last few days by campaigning in Labour heartland |  Metro News

5 thoughts on “Ross to drink that cup of sick as Gove and Johnson let fishing deal slip out of their hands?

  1. On another site saw a comment from Brexiteer along the lines: Too much has been made by remoaners about the importance of the fishing industry which has a paltry share of UK economy and it’s time they shut up.
    Nasty lot these Tories.

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    1. Essentially, all the Tories were concerned with in Scotland was the few
      wealthy deep-sea trawler owners, who were represented by the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation. The SFF was the go-to body for BBC Scotland
      when they wanted a quote about Brexit (they were strongly in favour)
      or the SG (they loathe it) or about the COLONEL (they supported her,
      along with the ‘progressive’ metropolitan media).

      Brexit was essentially driven by the global financial interests based in the
      money-laundering capital – London – who wanted to ‘slash red tape’ –
      i.e. to remove employment protections, environmental controls, H&S, etc
      – so that they could reduce wages and increase hours (‘driving down
      costs’, as the BBC describes it, and ‘maximise shareholder value’ (enable
      rentiers to take even more profits to cache offshore.)

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      1. The Brexit fall-out story – in all its dimensions – of Scotland’s wild capture fisheries is one not accorded the media profile it deserves – but for obvious reasons!

        This from 19 January, 2021: ‘Scotland’s fishing industry was told to expect a “sea of opportunity” after leaving the EU. Senior figures in the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation promoted the slogan despite deep fears for the supply chain, inshore fishers and exporters.” (I think this should have said deep fears ‘EXPRESSED BY’ these other parts of the industry – and largely ignored!)

        The same article adds: ‘Within two weeks of officially leaving with a trade deal, federation chief Elspeth Macdonald was accusing the Prime Minister of giving them the “worst of both worlds”.

        ‘The bosses of a Brexit-backing Scottish fishing organisation have told Boris Johnson his trade deal leaves the industry with “the worst of both worlds”.’


        So who is holding Bertie Armstrong, ex CEO of the SFF – and arch- Brexiteer, arch-Unionist – to account? I wonder, did he get a ‘gong’ for dis-services to his industry and to Scotland? Well perhaps.

        As reported by the Evening Express on 10 October 2020, he was given an OBE for ‘services’ to the industry. Not a knighthood, not a peerage? Just an OBE for all that beneficial ‘service’?


  2. Surely now, after yet another broken promise by britnats, the fishing communities of Scotland will tell Westminster to get lost for good.


  3. And here is something they not telling the fishing industry
    This from one the UK leading legal experts in contract and treaty law
    In 5 yrs the EU fishery policies and rules
    Within must be renegotiated under the withdrawal agreement
    Here is the pin in the Grenade that the EU will not hesitate to pull out should the UK prove obtuse
    If agreement cannot be reached then the entire Withdrawal agreement is Null and Void
    Such is unthinkable so UK fisheries tied into EU fishing policy for ever,if full control taken back then no access to single market whatsoever other than WTO terms

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