The Scotsman’s pollsters can always find enough NO voters

On the 9th February 2021, Savanta ComRes for the Scotsman returned the first No majority in nearly a year. The Scotsman had misled readers with its reporting of the data but even after weighting it still did suggest a No lead.

Since then, we’ve had almost exactly as many No as Yes leads and a wee cluster of apparent No leads in the last 5.

But 2 of the last three have been for the Scotsman and done by Savanta Com/Res. Look back over the body of results since Savanta ComRes’s first in February and there’s a pattern.

6 out of the 26, all by Savanta ComRes for the Scotsman, have all found a No lead or in 1 case only, a tie. Savanta ComRes has only once found a Yes lead, for ITV News back in February. Survation, mostly for DC Thomson, also tend to find No leads with 3 of those and only one narrow Yes lead.

In contrast, Panelbase found 2 Yes leads and 1 narrow No lead and both Ipsos-MORI polls found a Yes lead.

A pattern suggests something different being done, perhaps in the construction of their sample?

ComRes has been accused of an ‘inbuilt conservative bias‘ in the past:

Survation was investigated after doing political work’ for Nigel Farage:

4 thoughts on “The Scotsman’s pollsters can always find enough NO voters

  1. The piper pays the tune.

    Farague came out and said the EU Ref vote was In favour of remain. The Hedge Funds made a killing. Having donated £Millions to the Brexit illegal campaign. Cummings feart of going to jail. The shredded documents recorded. The best place for the lot of them. The lying, cheater Tories. Killing people.

    Once the Independence campaign gets started the numbers will be up. It went from 27% to 45% the last time. Demographically it is a cert.

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  2. Telephone polls , as ive said often, pollsters keep records of whom they have polled what they were asked and how they answered.
    If you want to choose an answer before you ask the question check your records and choose those you ask who you kbow will most likely give you the answer you want.
    Westminster tells lies and is corrupt to the core.
    The royals too.
    The BBC SKY STV and the newspapers tell lies

    The pollsters tell the truth ? Hang on ? Dont believe it they are in on it with the rest

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