SNP’s Child Poverty Act in action in SNP-led Glasgow Council school

While, you will find the SNP and the Scottish Government explicitly accused of failure in addressing child poverty by Anas Sarwar and others, in BBC Scotland reporting, you won’t find either credited with any role in reports of success such as the above, even though it is clearly the result of an SNP policy, a Scottish Government Bill and its implementation by an SNP-led council.

The Scottish Government introduced the Child Poverty Act 2017 that lays out a statutory requirement on local authorities and health boards to report progress against a set of ambitious targets to reduce Child Poverty by 2030.

As part of the SNP-led council’s Financial Inclusion Strategy for 2020-2025 a Schools Financial Awareness Programme, led by a School Development Officer (SDO) was set up to:

 Increase awareness and knowledge in young people of the various grants and
awards available to them
 Support parents to maximise their income by raising awareness of
entitlements to welfare benefits, grants and awards.

The Financial Education Programme is an important component of the work within the city to meet its
responsibilities under the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Act.

Not only does BBC Scotland hide the fundamental role of the SNP/Scot Gov in this initiative, it tries to suggest that the crucial and unique in the UK, Scottish Child Payment, is the property of ‘all the major parties.

Bias by omission.

5 thoughts on “SNP’s Child Poverty Act in action in SNP-led Glasgow Council school

  1. The £10 a week child payment for lower income families will help eradicate poverty. The schools helping are doing a grand job.

    Women who co habit (the majority) do not have equal rights. They have to put in a claim and fight through Courts. It costs £thousands. Women have to stay in unhealthy, abusive, unsafe places because they do not have equal rights. They can lose the roof over their heads. There is little legal aid. It has been changed in England so women do not lose their homes.

    Rental agencies (solicitors) illegally demand 6 months + deposit upfront rent from women with good credit records and funds. It makes it hard for women in abusive situations to find alternative accommodation.


  2. There is relative poverty (18%) Actual poverty (10%). Although the report puts relative poverty (18%) actual poverty (14%) in some areas.

    The list for relative poverty is quite complex. If people do not own a car. Have a holiday every year. Own a TV. Etc.

    If state pensioners were increased. There would less admin costs. Or secondary benefits. The admin costs are almost as much as the payment. Less people would be in poverty. A universal child payment would take children out of poverty. Any excess could be reclaimed through the tax system. The £20 universal credit covid payment has to stay. The Tories spent £Billions on reorganised bureaucracy to cut £100 a month from people in need. Starving people.

    Full/high employment puts up wages. Not wasting monies on Trident, the Military. Over excessive projects. Hickley Point, HS2 etc. Spend the monies on essential services instead. Eradicating poverty.

    An Independent Scotland could be better off, more prosperous and eradicate poverty. More equal and fair. Cut tax evasion. Spend less on Trident, the Military not based in Scotland. Not pay repayments on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Scotland would be able to borrow to invest and grow the economy. Make the world a better place.


  3. Accomodation costs are not controlled , private rents for old rickety houses are higher than a mortgage on a new house and private landlords demand three months rents in advance plus a another months rent as a deposit , it is common for deposits not being returned when tenancy ends even though no damage is caused by the tenant .
    If only 100% mortgages were available , they were when i was young , 45 years ago.
    Why not now ?
    A nice home improves health , happiness , job application success , community spirit and independence.


    1. The Scottish government have introduced tenant protections, and plan to put a cap on rent levels far as I know. Deposits for rented property goes into a central fund in Scotland, this was introduced by the SNP, to stop landlords not paying it back and saying it had to pay for repairs, often where no repairs were needed.
      A landlord has to have good reason to evict a tenant,and give at least 3 month’s notice, it used to be two months at most usually less because they would be knocking the door asking, when are you leaving my property.! There are definitely more protections for tenants now than there was when the BritNats were in charge!
      Yes the 100% mortgage idea would help a lot of families stuck in the rental system. Will the people who benefitted from that pull up the drawbridge for younger folk now, yes, many will. Our neighbours bought their large houses and flats so incredibly cheaply 40-50 years ago, they are all effectively at least half millionaires now. Tories, no voters.
      Scottish government did have a help to buy scheme, but people needed a few £k to put down first. I knew a couple who helped their daughter buy a house via that SNP initiative, my did they dislike the SNP though. Yep.

      Lets not forget Thatcher sold off most council housing stock, with the right to buy scheme. If you look around Edinburgh and Glasgow, at the old council builds, housing was appallingly designed. In a country with so much land, the BritNats put people into tenements, not nice ones either, and high rises, god awful things. Disgraceful.
      The Scottish government could do so much more to repair the damage of decades of terrible housing in Scotland but only with the means to do so, that will not be possible without independence. The SNP have started, let’s hope they can carry on that rebuilding of infrastructure and build yet more decent social housing.


  4. Labour cleared out communities in the Scotland. Moved them to new houses. Sometimes to barren, soulless estates which fell into disrepair. Even school built in the in the eighties have been knocked down and replaced. The skyscraper flats knocked down. While many older building stood the test of time. Renovated tenements can still provide responsible accommodation.

    Migrants moving into some depressed areas can make improvement, Make estates more hospitable. Many migrants are returning home. Rent protection schemes were trued in the 70s. They did not work well. Rental homes became in short supply and in some cases rents went up for lower standard accommodation,

    Thatcher sold off council houses and did not build more. Mortgage rates when up to 17%. Many people lost their homes. Retirees are returning from Europe because of Brexit. People from Hong Kong are buying up houses. Johnston invited 3 million to come to Britain. Brexit throwing out other people.

    The Scottish Gov is committed to build more affordable rental houses. They were building or renovating, 6,000 a year. There is new commitment to build or renovate 10,000. There are 95% mortgages being introduced. Helping people in the housing ladder. There are 17,000 private houses built a year. 50,000 people a year die in Scotland. More houses come on the market.

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