6 thoughts on “Scotland has lowest Covid death rate for nearly two weeks now

    1. Can’t abide the term ‘learned helplessness’ that’s what the teachers labelled my son at school in the 1990’s, who was under/not diagnosed because of their neglect and who it turned out has dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism.

      Scotland really does NOT have a ‘culture of learned helplessness’, but the over paid, lickspittle nasty troughing, lying so called journalists, have adopted it and try to feed it to the people. It’s tasteless, poisonous and sinister.

      Scotland has ‘learned’ to reject the too wee, too poor, too stupid label.
      No thanks.

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      1. I still don’t think you’ve sussed the levels I’m working on, or that I’m actually trained to help folks overcome the learned helplessness that often accompanies oppressive social circumstances, or the internal colonisation of the mind (same thing really). So I’m sorry you don’t appear to appreciate my use of technical jargon, but that’s the way I’m trained to help folk help themselves.



  1. I’m not trying to ‘rub it in’, but as far as I understand things, learned helplessness is at the root of so much underachievement, foregone potential, avoidable self-doubt and unhappiness. See when a mentalist looks at Scotland’s constitutional problems through the lens of educational theory and stuff, such as social epistemology, critical criminology and critical approaches to the law and legal practice, the whole matter takes on a rather material justification for Scotland’s self-government, IMHO.

    The Pros and Cons of the Learned Helplessness Construct and
    the Battered Woman Syndrome: A Critical Analysis and Possible


  2. “BBC Scotland seem to have missed this” is normal is it not ?
    It has been fascinating to observe the BBC’s behaviour over the last year, but that of Pacific Quay has been altogether more outlandish compared with any of the other 3 regional representatives.

    However interested the public may have been on progress over Covid deaths and infections, the effective news blackout in England’s media could hardly have been more obvious.
    Yet when it came to Scotland the spin-merchants had a HUGE problem, SG Covid Updates.
    All that HMS Sarah Smith and even Marr could do was trumpet SNP/SG failures, whether it be rates briefly exceeding that of England, or the Army having to ride to the rescue on the command of the Wimp of State for Scotland.

    Gone is hidden bias, it’s now blatant commission and omission…
    They cannot even bring themselves to congratulate Scots for a job well done in adhering to the pandemic rules, lest it be interpreted as SG doing something right.
    Whilst countless NHS, T&T, and LA staff and volunteers worked their socks off to beat Covid, it went unrecognised by Scottish media in favour of a photo-op with a squaddie to push the Westminster rides to the rescue narrative.

    Their problem is Scotland is a small country, everybody knows somebody else and communities talk.
    Unlike “The news where you are….”, it ceases to amuse when its 24/7 propaganda.


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