Reporting Scotland ambulance chasing into an election

It’s a story not featuring even on the BBC Scotland website but Reporting Scotland opens with:

The family of a Scottish woman who died after falling from a balcony in Benidorm four years ago today have (sic) called for Scotland to adopt a new system for investigating unexplained deaths. Kirsty Maxwell’s parents say if Scotland had coroners like those of (sic) England and Wales, they would have received far more help when she died. Instead they were left to cope almost entirely by themselves.

Where has this come from, at this time?

There is to be a new MTV documentary about the case and this was announced on the 12th April but this and all of the earlier reports, including several on BBC Scotland, have blamed the Spanish authorities and the Foreign Office for not helping the parents. There is no mention of coroners anywhere that I can find. Who has tried to find an excuse to blame Scottish authorities for an entirely reserved matter?

Scottish Government advice, recognising the reserved nature of this says:

If the death happened abroad you can also apply to your nearest British embassy to register the death in the UK. This means a record of the death will be sent to the National Records of Scotland. If the death was suspicious, the British embassy will help you speak to local police and get legal advice.

Why has the editor of Reporting Scotland, alone, chanced upon this story and then headlined it at this time?

This stinks.

8 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland ambulance chasing into an election

  1. The Foreign Office. A reserved matter. There are reports people in trouble abroad get more help and support from other Embassies. In the EU members are entitled to more support of other members/countries.

    If Scotland was Independent in EU there would be more support.

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  2. Probably from Martin Compston in Line of Duty speaking a line about the ” Glasgow Coroner”. Typical writer’s ignorance of Scotland’s legal system, or anther subliminal attempt to impose the the belief that England’s system is the only one that matters.

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  3. Seconded Gavin, these days usually one of Bowie’s “specialists”…

    It will most assuredly feature on the website once the wording accentuates SG failure more strongly.
    They even featured a “Billion-year-old fossil found..” to avoid mentioning SNP, a scam really as the article made no mention of Gordon Brown…

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  4. Another attempt to undermine and demonise the Scottish law system. The English government are desperate to get their dirty scheming hands on Scots Law.
    They are chipping away at the integrity of Scottish systems which they have never really controlled, law and education and the Scottish NHS. The English government control the purse strings as we all know, which is why these autonomous systems in Scotland are in massive danger of being taken over by them, or even simply dismantled.


  5. Aye, and the BBC dutifully churned out the story by David Cowan on their website, the father’s opinion “Mr Curry said Scottish families who lost a loved one abroad have to do everything by themselves…” glaringly bereft of context..

    I would guess a Wallet-Lockjaw or Lieman-Campbell video special will have been ordered by Mr Bowie to give the strategy some gravitas…
    4 years after a woman’s tragic death she gets the Milly Main treatment just in time for an election, all pure coincidence of course…

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