Alison Thewliss MP - Emergency debate on Yemen - 30/11/2017 - YouTube

The SNP has been granted an Urgent Question in the House of Commons amid the growing Tory sleaze scandal – with Tory ministers set to face MPs from 3.35pm.

Alison Thewliss MP has tabled a question asking the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Michael Gove, to update the House on the Ministerial Code amid the serious allegations of special access, impropriety and possible illegality being levelled at the Tory government.

The SNP has called for a full independent public inquiry into why Tory donors and friends have been handed lucrative contracts, special access, tax breaks and peerages by the Tory government.

A poll by Opinium for The Observer, published yesterday, found 37% of people across the UK think Boris Johnson is “corrupt”, rising to 53% of people in Scotland. While 55% of people across the UK think the Prime Minister’s behaviour over the James Dyson ‘texts for contracts’ affair is “unacceptable”, rising to around two-thirds (65%) of people in Scotland.

Commenting, Alison Thewliss MP said:

“As Minister for the Cabinet Office, Michael Gove must come to the despatch box and answer questions on the growing Tory sleaze scandal engulfing Westminster.

“There are some very serious allegations of special access, impropriety and possible illegality being levelled at the highest levels of the Tory government – including the Prime Minister. 

“The public have a right to know why Tory donors and friends have been handed lucrative contracts, special access, tax breaks and peerages. It absolutely stinks of Tory sleaze and cronyism at its most rotten.

“A full independent public inquiry is the only way to provide the transparency and accountability required. Those responsible must be held to account.”


Notes for Editors:

Alison Thewliss MP’s UQ is expected around 3.35pm today, and can be watched here:

‘Poll: More than half of Scots believe Boris Johnson is ‘corrupt” –

Full Opinium tables:


  1. Gove is part of the problem. Brexit fraud and corruption. Civil war between Johnston and Cummings. Gove’s complicity, Cummings worried about ending up in jail. Shredding documents recorded. Incarceration the best place for the lot of them. Illegal activities being exposed on a daily basis.

    Where is the Labour opposition. No where to be seen. Backing up the Tories at every turn. Instead of offering an alternative. The SNP stepping into the breach.

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  2. Good to see the SNP tackle this. However, to my mind the opposition parties are still not emphasising enough the AGGREGATED extent of this Tory government’s unacceptable behaviours.

    There are now multiple examples, multiple tracks:
    – dodgy procurement of Covid-related contracts
    – Greensill Capital and related matters of access to government
    – Tory Party donors and the Downing Street flat (- too easy for Tory supporters to exploit this one issue in order to distract from other, probably more serious ones.)
    – the evidence of the PM misleading Parliament.

    And on the latter, this is the latest from Peter Stefanovic on Twitter re- his video evidence:

    @PeterStefanovi2 “Now almost touching 13 million views! Clear evidence of PM shamelessly misleading Parliament

    Six Opposition leaders calling for a vote on an inquiry into the PM’s relentless lying to MPs. Why has this still not been reported on national news @BBCNews?”


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  3. Looking at my crystal ball just now, I see a shouty Gove, I see a lickspittle little man laughing at Alison Thewliss, I see a nasty troughing wee liar pointing a finger at Scotland and the SNP, I see bluff and bluster, I see the guy with the gown at the wooden stand smirking and saying ‘order order’ not meaning it at all, I see lying scheming Tory and red Tory troughers getting away with outright corruption knowing there is nothing anyone can do about it. Ha ha ha!

    I see there is much larfter over lunch and champers in the commons bar.
    Ha ha ha!
    Why are more people in England not disgusted at their chosen government being so corrupt and taking the absolute ripp out of them???

    Get the heck away from UKOK, Scotland, before it’s too late!

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  4. Starwars on the BEEB mumbling about “wat peeples want” (hint, it’s not an inquiry into Tory sleaze).
    Wee Wullie playing leap-frog with a ram.
    DRossie looking dumb-foonered into the distance(what’s my name, again?).

    Life goes on, Tories milk the system–socialism for the rich.
    The BEEB tells lies in Scotland. Another election where the colonial press troll Scotland.
    We need an independent media.

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  5. A pity that the SNP refused to take urgent questions from members and branches!
    That’s why I left.
    Unfortunately I sense a double standard with regards democracy.


  6. Boris Johnson is not only sleazy but also an out and out racist.
    LET ME REMIND EVERYONE. I was at a Party in the early 90’s where #BorisJohnson came up to me making Monkey noises and tried to hand me a Water Melon. If you think that’s he’s fit to be PM then you’re as much of a racist PIG as he is.

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  7. Has the “Let the bodies pile up rather than go into Lockdown 3 ” quote been made public , to allow a discourse be put out that Bo Jo will be gone soon. . . . . You don’t need to vote for Indy . . . A nice new Toff will be along soon.


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