Will BBC Scotland notice the 1 MILLION second doses ‘milestone?’

BBC Scotland, as Covid deaths were plummeting in early April, against a background of a far lower death rate over the course of the pandemic, in England, chose instead to morbidly trumpet the above bloody ‘milestone.’

BBC England and BBC Wales did not celebrate any of their equivalent but bloodier milestones. They buried them.

One million second doses, our most vulnerable protected, but there’s no sign of recognition in our MSM as they scurry around looking for something bad.

Here’s the detail:

The latest vaccination figures for Scotland show Scotland is set to pass the key milestone of one million second doses of covid vaccines having been given later today (Saturday).

With 993,180 people having received their second dose as of 0730 this morning (24th April) the key milestone of one million people will be passed during the course of today.

That means nearly 25% of Scotland’s adult population will have received their full dose of the vaccine, increasing their level of protection from Covid-19.

The milestone comes as Scotland prepares to open more services on Monday and NHS Scotland launch a new Check-in App, to help businesses and customers register their contact details in a quick, safe and secure way as people return to hospitality venues.

SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon welcomed the milestone achievement:

“I want to say a huge thank you to everyone working on our vaccine programme and everyone who has rolled up their sleeve.

“With well over 2.7 million people having received their first dose, it is excellent news that a million people, nearly a quarter of the adult population, and many of those most vulnerable to the virus, will have had their second dose.

“The more people who get their vaccine the more protected we are as a society from Covid and I welcome the incredibly high take up rates across Scotland.

“With infection rates falling as a result of the steps people have taken to protect themselves and the vaccination programme, we can now cautiously open up more of our economy and our society and I know people will be looking forward to getting out a bit more next week.

“I would urge everyone who is thinking of going out to cafes, pubs and restaurants from Monday, or who runs a hospitality venue to download NHS Scotland’s new app – Check-in Scotland, which is a quick, easy and secure way for customers to leave their contact details so Test and Protect can notify customers if they may have been in contact with someone who has tested positive and help us keep the spread of the virus suppressed.”

From SNP Media

5 thoughts on “Will BBC Scotland notice the 1 MILLION second doses ‘milestone?’

  1. As someone who was vaccinated on Saturday, I might well have been the millionth. However, I have given that honour to my beloved who was also jagged on Sunday.

    On Good Morning Scotland, Laura Maxwell tried to make a case, when interviewing Dr Gregor Smith that Scotland’s vaccination programme is ‘behind many others’. She quoted selectively without context TWO other countries – a single datum for each.

    PS On BBC Radio Scotland headlines this morning, when reporting the defeat Rangers by St Johnstone, Rangers scorer was named as were the two who missed their penalties. No St Johnstone player was named.

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  2. Second jag this Saturday for both of us. I personally cannot see too may people going back to “normal” for some time to come.

    The BBC that operates in Scotland is an embarrassment to public service broadcasting.
    Shabby, shallow, biased Pravda-lite rubbish.

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  3. Excellent effort everyone who would die has been vaccinated. Thanks to the SNHS and the others involved. People following the rules and guidelines. People appreciate and recognise the effort. Except the BBC. Lamentable.

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    1. Also unpaid carers have been vaccinated, and others who are responsible for the welfare of others.

      It’s excellent that the SNP have been so proactive and done so well with roll out of the vaccine, and very organised.
      It’s a disgrace the so called media lie, mislead and scare people about the whole situation, they should hang their lying, scheming heads in shame.

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