It’s not India’s infection rate that matters but its brutally unequal society

Crudely, because of its massive 1.4 billion population, India is setting record infection totals but it’s the ratio that matters. England had many more cases than Iceland but it also has far more hospitals to treat them.

India’s infection rate, per 100 000 people, as you can see in the graph below, is not that high, well below France, Turkey and Cyprus at the moment or England back in January and the rate of increase is less steep than France in October or England in December.

The death rate, equally, is not as high per 100 000 people, as in France or Turkey and far below that in January, in England, France or Scotland.

So why do things seem so bad in India compared to what we saw in the UK in December and January?

First, India’s deeply unequal, hyper-capitalist society does not care for its poor so that even the relatively low rate of infection overwhelms the system. The rich have already fled to Dubai.

Second, the true horror of what happened here was hidden in care homes and off-screen. In India, our media have free rein to follow the smell of death.

2 thoughts on “It’s not India’s infection rate that matters but its brutally unequal society

  1. Thats BBC worldwide as they like to call themselves.
    They are just a propaganda unit.
    I listen to them regularly , you can always find a link to their lying reports that serves its purpose which is to show england is great , we know england isnt great anymore so do BBC worldwide so they do other countries down in a perverse effort to make england look great by reporting how bad other countries are even when theyre not bad at all.
    We know about this tactic here in Scotland dont we.
    India and China and some other countries no longer let BBC broadcast these lying propaganda news stories in India and China.
    Scotland would halt the BBC propaganda too if it were not for the strong shoulders of the british state up against the door

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  2. Just another BBC diversion. To divert from Westminster corruption and criminality. Trying to say somewhere else is worse. BBC and statistics. Utterly perverse. £5Billion for that nonsense. Westminster cut aid to India. They ruined India economically. Taking revenue and resources out of India leaving it in poverty.

    The partition of India and Pakistan. Millions died and were starving. The Indian economy is fast growing. The pandemic is affecting it badly but not pro rata as bad as other places. Including Britain, Even worse death rate in the south. The pandemic totally mishandled and mismanaged by Westminster unionists. The BBC trying to cover it up.


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