Reporting Scotland naming the not-guilty while they can

Headline story five or six time before 9am, perhaps a further three times on Reporting Scotland full broadcasts and, I guess, given big licks on Good Morning Scotland, as we approach an election with the SNP apparently undented by anything the MSM can throw at them.

The BBC Scotland website has resisted the temptation – younger staff and audience more savvy on tabloid propaganda? The Herald and the Scotsman so far sticking with political matters.

This is the editorial decision-making typical of the Sun or the Daily Mail but controlling the output of a public service broadcaster – just muck.

Not just muck, double standards too:

Why is the actually guilty Conservative councillor Alan Donnelly at the bottom, at the bottom and not labelled ‘Conservative?’

Why is this man not Conservative MP Ross Thomson?

Why was this woman always SNP?

The BBC continues to face accusations of shielding several serial paedophiles?

4 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland naming the not-guilty while they can

  1. Is this not the Purdah period when all MSM is supposed to stop sprouting muck.
    Or is it just ignored as usual. Letting them do what they want to try and ruin the economy. The usual mush mash of tittle tattle.

    White noise in the background. No no one believes them any more. £5Billion for that garbage. Most of them have got their jotters. Boring everyone. Current affairs of the toilet. Better flushed. Polluting the rivers and channels of the wave lengths. Timeline to destruction.

    People rather exchange views and information on the internet.

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  2. Never watch TV news and the odd time I glimpse any I am reminded of the 1950s newsreels watched from the 1/9p seats in the cinema on how successful the groundnut scheme was in Tanganyika and how successful the new East and West Pakistan were.
    Same old , same old lies.

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  3. On the BbC in Scotland for an SNP politician its a case of . . . . . Guilty until proven innocent.

    The innocent verdict is broadcast at 3am on radio 5Live

    So for an SNP politician it’s effectivelly a case of Guilty For Evah!!!

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  4. John, you have amply demonstrated the double standards HMS Sarah Smith deploy on many occasions, this one is little different except for the more pronounced echo in living rooms across Scotland.

    Pacific Quay’s output ceased being an effective propaganda outfit a ways back, their anti-SNP/SG agenda may have won favour with those of unionist persuasion a few years ago, but is as much ignored by them now as by those of indy persuasion.

    UK and Scotland Politics have diverged, we are not leaving the Union, it left us.

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