Scottish Labour’s tradition of forgetting what’s reserved to Westminster

Don’t we have researchers?

Following the old tradition of Labour leaders having to be reminded by a grinning First Minister that neither the SNP nor they can do something because they wanted that to be the case in1998, Jackie Baillie writes to her hoped-for voters to promise something she can’t:

OTT, that’s a very egotistical signature suggesting someone who puts their own interests above and before any collectivist ideology.

7 thoughts on “Scottish Labour’s tradition of forgetting what’s reserved to Westminster

  1. That’s just bare faced lying to the public.
    And to think she was on the committee to find out whether or not Nicola Sturgeon lied to parliament.

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  2. The BritNats are really going for the older vote aren’t they. Hoping people have such short memories they will forget Labours’ terrible legacy of PFI, a massive scam, plunging Scottish councils into billions of debt, and sending billions of pounds back to Westminster saying, ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’.
    If Labour branch had still been in power at Holyrood, many of the older people they are hoping to con into voting for them, would have died from Covid, because Labour would have closed down major hospitals, followed the same catastrophic tactics of herd immunity as their pals at Westminster last year, and cleaning services would still be in private hands in Scotland’s NHS, (which Labour branch in Scotland introduced)
    leading to more hospital infections on the scale that has been seen in England.

    Labour, the party of lies. Everything about them is a lie, hopefully enough people can see that clear as day.

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  3. Breaking the representation of the people’s act. Lying to them. Labour dishonourable position of lying. Killing people.


  4. ”Lies ” from Jackie ? Maybe – or perhaps she really IS that dumb !

    It’s like Sarwar pushing himself as the ”working man’s ” champion . Except in his own businesses where they ban Trade Unions and pay slave wages .

    The only Union allowed by Sarwar is that which has given him a good living as an MP/MSP and ( hopefully ) , like all good ‘Scottish Socialists’ , a seat in the HoL .

    They all give brass-necks a bad name !


  5. Make the system unclear
    So people do not know what is controlled by Scottish parliament and what is controlled by english parliament

    Pretend you dont know and make out Scottish parliament should correct errors made by english parliament
    When confronted by your pretence
    Switch tack and say Scottish parliament should pay for it anyway

    More and more people check what politicians say no more do they just take for granted that honesty is expected , too many are proven liars


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