Sturgeon’s travel restrictions would have stopped ‘dangerous’ Indian variant at border

On Wednesday 28th January, there were more than 20 000 new cases of Covid-19 infection and 1 200 deaths across the UK.

The rates in Scotland on the same day were proportionally 30-40% lower at 1 200 cases and 82 deaths.

Despite that, the UK Prime Minister announced travel restrictions on only 30 ‘red list’ countries where infection levels were deemed high. Travellers from those 30 countries would have to quarantine for 10 days on return to the UK, in hotels.

India was not one of those on the list and remains, as yet, not on it.

Before the PM’s announcement, the Scottish First Minister warned:

I think I do have a duty at this point to say that I am concerned that the proposal does not go far enough and I’ve made that point very strongly in the four-nations discussions that we’ve just had today. So while the Scottish Government will initially emulate the UK Government’s steps on enhancing quarantine arrangements, we will be seeking urgently to persuade them to go much further, and indeed to move to a comprehensive system of supervised quarantine.

Yesterday, Public Health England announced 73 cases of the variant first identified in India have been found in England, and 4 in Scotland. Analysis by Thomas Moore, science correspondent at Sky News, notes it has “hallmarks of a very dangerous virus“.

From the BBC today:

Health officials are looking at whether a new Indian Covid strain spreads more easily and evades vaccines. There is not yet enough data to classify it as a “variant of concern”, a leading scientist has said. But Dr Susan Hopkins of Public Health England said some cases had been found in the UK that were not linked to travel, with their origin now being investigated.

BBC Scotland is not reporting the story.

8 thoughts on “Sturgeon’s travel restrictions would have stopped ‘dangerous’ Indian variant at border

  1. Complete insanity allowing people to enter your country without adequate quarantine measures being in place.
    You aren’t allowed to take a dog in without guarantees of vaccinations etc.
    Just another example of the Johnson administrations gung ho attitude towards public health where political considerations take precedence.
    Britain is open for business,including the importation of fine oriental viruses and it is quite likely that at some point,a variant is going to be imported which evades the present vaccines.
    Then Johnson will again be faced with a choice between lockdown or hospitals being overwhelmed.
    Just the usual short sighted decisions we have come to expect from England’s Tories.

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  2. Sorry if I’m not overly impressed with a party that appears more than capable of reaching the low-hanging fruits of governmental responsibility, while spectacularly failing to support open democracy in Scotland. Our nation will never achieve independence through a neo-liberal policy framework that is compatible with British constitutionalism, though not with the principle of equality in law. And that’s what the SNP is offering, ably supported by the Greens. Who clearly wouldn’t recognise environmental justice if it bit them in the arse.


  3. In case my point is not sufficiently clear, you’ll never enjoy environmental justice if Scots law is disabled in its capacity to reflect biological reality. Gender-ideology would facilitate such an ideologically grounded impairment of government, and pretty much entrench the neo-liberal colonisation of Scots law. As gender-ideology is hard-core neo-liberal theory in practice. So it must be rejected with utmost prejudice, if Scots hope to ever enjoy open democracy. Let alone self-government.

    The Ecofeminist Response to Covid 19


  4. Nicola Sturgeon is cowing to Westminster authority , disappointed in her for such weak leadership especially because shes always crowing about her leadership and doing the right thing , well here is a perfect example of her not doing the right thing.
    BBC not reporting it in Scotland , what a bunch of servile idiots.

    I have no patience now for covid19 fools, wear a mask get vaccinated keep your distance and do the right things , its not difficult , are you thick or just uncooperative when you dont, we see you , and we dont like what we see.
    Sort it.

    Longterm i think i will be wearing a mask indoors everywhere i go except my own home for the foreseeable future.
    Outdoors im moving in the same direction , too many people are getting too close too often.

    One vaccination you may still get infected and pass it on
    Two vaccinations the same
    Boosters every year from when ? November ? Earlier ?
    Variants that the vaccines dont detect what then ?

    Its dangerous , we dont yet have this thing beaten

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  5. We all view the world differently, as our perception is shaped by our individual bio-neurology and early childhood experience. As well as other social learning, such as indoctrination through the media. Which means we all perceive risk differently. Which is one of the reasons that it’s vital Scots law is not disabled in its capacity to reflect biological reality.

    Cognitive flexibility and perceived threat from COVID-19 mediate the relationship between childhood maltreatment and state anxiety


  6. Wear masks outdoors, this is a daily update on the situation re Covid, no need to rely on the British Nationalist media to get your essential up to date info on the world situation.
    Stay safe, masks should be worn outdoors as far as I am concerned, too many as has been said are not distancing, and the joggers are particularly bad, I would make wearing a mask while running in the cities parks, and streets etc, mandatory!

    Important, no, crucial to keep apace with the evolving state of things. There is no room for complacency at all. Yes, Nicola Sturgeon needs to be shouting from the rooftops about mandatory quarantine for all travellers, if people insist on flying about the planet during a pandemic.

    Watch, Brazil, horrendous, babies and children are dying too. India, new double variant, now in UK, very scary indeed.

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    1. John Campbell’s Saturday update was quite horrifying in terms of India, intubation with no anaesthetics because they didn’t have enough, infections spiralling out of control, and the Indian Government desperately trying to get a grip on it.
      Yet, UK residents can fly back and forth and only have to promise to self-isolate on return, with few if any checks to ensure they do…
      Absolute madness…


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