BBC Scotland giving republicans what they ‘need’

The day after the funeral and the BBC Scotland website is still full of Duke. In opinion polls, Scotland reports lower levels of support for the monarchy than others in the DUK.

FFS explains: How popular is the monarchy?

After recent reports of nationalist infiltration there, you won’t be surprised to see that BBC Wales has ‘moved on’ with not one Duke story:

Northern Ireland, still loyal, surely:

Nope. Starting to feel rejected?

England! Surely? He lived among them:


Come on you Jocks, let’s have a little love for your betters.

28 thoughts on “BBC Scotland giving republicans what they ‘need’

  1. The establishment is frantic! The Nation didn’t stop. Millions didn’t put their lives on hold to worship their “Masters”
    They could deny the masses Masterchef but the the peasants switched to Netflix instead.
    The “celebrations” in Scotland amounted to the Army being deployed to fire a few cannon and a few Unionists putting UNion Flags at have mast.
    I remember the rush at the end of the “pictures” to get out before GStheQ was played otherwise you could be trapped in your row.
    I remember when the TV closed down to GStheQ. People actually stood in their own homes! (Perhaps it was just the bigots in my household).

    People are not born to rule over you!
    Royal blood is just blood!

    It is a family business with one purpose – accumulate wealth.
    Their grip is weakening and that worries them greatly.

    I want a Republic.

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      1. Robert
        Bang on the money
        The Dark Forces sent those with the thickest fingers to stick in the holes of their bursting dam.


  2. As with all dying fires of a colonial nature there is always a couple of faint pumping of the bellows, and the (ABC ) BBC hands
    pumped fastidiously in vain, little realising that they are merely hastening the dying of the flame

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  3. The soap opera. Transfixed Millions. Evil, greedy, inter rivalries. Poseurs privilege. Millions dead because of the inter rivalries. Ruining the world. Tax evasion. Low rate taxes. No capital gains or corporation tax. The immense wealth hidden by Act of Parliament. Racist, bigoted, unequal and unfair. Misogynist. Breaking the Law. For personal gain. No fun in the goldfish bowl. Some have scarpered for air.

    The Protestant. Masonic. Unequal and unfair blackballing people. Garter. Illegal wars killing people. Then pleading for charity. Total hypocrites. If they paid their taxes, there would be less need for charity. The biggest consumers in the world. Lecturing others.

    Head of State supposed to be impartial. Interfering in every Law and every Act. For personal gains. Dancing with the Saudis for donations. Greed and corruption. The most undemocratic, racist, misogynistic failing economy in the world.

    Westminster kept going by corruption and bribes. To fund and bribe warmongering greedy politicians. Selling illegal arms for years. Since the 1960’s. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Bribery and corruption. Against International Law. Head of the Military. Killing millions of people. To keep a privilege position. The UK the most unequal place in the world. Wasting £Billions of public monies on bribery and corruption.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

    Vote for Independence for a better world.

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      1. “A smirky wee smile from our limousine.
        A wanky wave from your Duc and his Queen.
        as your lives are harsh, and times are so lean.
        I’ve castles and crowns, and wealth yet unseen.
        I pay no tax, and I’m pretty mean.
        On my side of the fence, the grass is green.

        So suck it up, plebs, and dont make a scene,
        Or the covers come off Madame Guillotine”!


  4. The landowners Tory 3rd loser banner up in the fields. Cousin of royalty.
    Tory sleaze. Worth £Billions. Getting local government contracts then illegally overcharging. Enough is never enough. Getting Cap payments. Supporting Brexit. Millionaire fishermen supporting Brexit. Now regretting it. They are told time and time again but refuse listen.

    Elderly women who endured the war living alone in poverty.

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  5. O/T.
    The Thick of IT by by Alan Duncan.
    Apparently his thoughts on his “friends”are

    Michael Gove was, we read, “an unctuous freak… a wacky weirdo who is both unappealing and untrustworthy”. Gavin Williamson, meanwhile, is described as “a venomous self-seeking little shit”.

    Priti Patel was “a complete and utter nightmare” while Jacob Rees Mogg is dismissed as “a cheap nationalist with faux manners and an ego the size of a planet”. As for our dear leader, we find “he is disloyal; his comedy routine has gone stale; his lack of seriousness in a serious job rankles”.

    All this could have been said in public not in a book where not many people will buy it but then he would have lost his cushy job and money and would not have become a Sir a s**t I say.
    I did not buy the book taken from the “New European”

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  6. The greek times describes him as as an easy going gentle man !!
    He was born in Corfu to greek / dutch mum and dad had to give up his heir to the throne in both those countries when he married lizzie and took british cirizenship.
    He and his whole family had to flee Greece because Greece wanted independence and they didnt.
    Greece broke free of UKs grip Corfu is still influenced by rich britnats who live there but not for much longer theyre all old.

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  7. O/T. Bbc Radio Broadcast at Scotland 9am news . . . Headline

    “In a BBC interview Nicola Sturgeon has acknowledged it was a mistake to transfer Patients from Hospitals into care homes. Previously Jeane Freeman has admitted this was a mistake? ”

    What BBC interview are they referring to? One that took place, and was broadcast several days ago?
    On Thursday the day of the manifesto launch the FM gave several interviews where she said it had been a mistake to transfer patients from hospitals to care homes. Is this what has been turned into a headline days later?

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  8. Lorna Slater “This is not a manifesto for Independence”

    “We believe the people of Scotland should have the right to vote on their future via a referendum”

    BBC Radio Scotland interview with Gavin Essler 10.26am Today.

    So if it is not a manifesto for Independence . . . . What side will the Greens be on come that referendum?

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    1. Clydebuilt
      In fairness she was asked a ‘Loaded’Question by Essler
      In the form of if he was a unionist how could he vote green
      Lorna Slater replied in a very clever
      Manner to negate the sting of his question


  9. Scotland’s media, and the BBC in particular have not in the last decade reflected public opinion but sought to mould it, they are only unique in the UK in respect of attempting to bury SNP and Indy aspirations.
    The Duke’s death was simply their last diversion, there will be another along in a minute.

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    1. I wonder what they will manage to use to detract with now…must be desperate to find something, anything to fill BBC website in Scotland, gas lighting the people of Scotland. As for the Scottish greens, I don’t trust them one bit…


      1. “So if it is not a manifesto for Independence . . . . What side will the Greens be on come that referendum?” and “As for the Scottish greens, I don’t trust them one bit…”

        I didn’t hear the interview with Ms Slater but based on the description of it and the associated comment her (e.g. those quoted above) my take for what it’s worth is as follows.

        I suggest Ms Slater of the Greens may be spot on. In this election we have the opportunity to vote in favour of holding an IndyRef2. This may be viewed by some as a proxy for a vote in favour of independence but it is NOT actually a vote for independence in any direct or legal sense at this time. Whether we like it or not, neither an SNP or an SNP+Green majority in Holyrood will claim this was a plebiscite election. Given the wording in each manifesto, the results cannot be taken as other than (just) an electoral endorsement for holding IndyRef2 within the next parliamentary session. And there is no manifesto at this election for the governing of an independent Scotland but only for the next session of the Scottish Parliament – unless Alba opts to provide one!

        On ‘not trusting the Green’s one bit’, what reason is there to doubt that the majority of Green Party supporters would vote ‘yes’ in IndyRef2? What is the evidence against trusting the Greens on the constitution? And if no well reasoned, objective evidence can be put forward, why imply a lack of commitment from those that to date seem to me to have been steadfast on the pro-Indy side of the constitutional debate? Why cast doubts about a Green Party that professes support when we are assailed by the might of the British state and its political and media supporters? Do we not have enough opponents: do we not wish ‘green’ friends and allies?


        1. Fair enough. The Scottish Greens voted against the OBFA with the British parties, so it was scrapped. They opposed the building of the new Forth road bridge, an essential arterial route for Scotland. Those decisions were to my mind, unhelpful for Scotland.
          Lorna Slater was right to answer as she did. Hopefully, the party are sincere about independence. Let’s hope they can take a few seats from the unionists at the election.


  10. Ecofeminism might appear overly ‘Kumbaya’, but it’s just the ticket for combating the worst effects of right-wing nationalism and populist neo-liberalism. As well as the arbitrariness and authoritarianism that supports the cult of gender woowoo. So I imagine the late duke might actually have approved of ecofeminism, despite the monarchy being the antithesis of civic republicanism.

    Action research and integral futures studies: A path to embodied foresight


  11. I have to let you see this. I saw it last night an ad on Youtube my god it’s creepy. My jaw was on the floor! I couldn’t watch to the end…brrrr.
    Ps ‘Scottish Labour’ had an ad as well which could not be deleted from side bar…all other unwanted ads can be clicked to disappear!


      1. Their section on ‘public finance’ is terrifying…as is the rest of their ‘manisfesto’, also lies saying the ScotGov is ‘borrowing’ to fund foreign aid! (which they don’t like btw). Should they be reported for putting out false info to electoral commission? Can parties put whatever they like in their ‘manifestos’? Seems more like a cult than a ‘party’ anyway!


    1. I think this lot are your right-wing opposition to gender woowoo, given their focus on ‘family values’. The tell being their commitment to protecting free speech, while opposing all hate speech legislation. Which suggests their relaxed about racism. “Opposing both abortion on demand and assisted suicide” is also kind of indicative that their natural Conservatives. So though they might oppose gender-ideology, I wouldn’t think their policy framework can be considered compatible with ecofeminism, nor open democracy.

      Achieving Sustainable Development Through Ecofeminism

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