Brazil reaches milestone and matches UK’s own ‘raging inferno’

The UK media delight in visits to other parts, Italy, Russia, USA and now Brazil to expose the horrors of poor pandemic management. At the same time they present the PM as the Great Vaccinator sneering at the bureaucratic delays of the EU while collectively forgetting England’s ‘raging inferno’, only a few months earlier:

Only yesterday, Brazil reached the same number of Covid infections per capita, over the whole pandemic and will surely reach that of England in the next few days but, in terms of new cases, may never reach the horrific heights of England’s peak in January 2021.

The selected media image feeding the constant lead over Labour in polls:

4 thoughts on “Brazil reaches milestone and matches UK’s own ‘raging inferno’

  1. Greed and capitalism were responsible for the pandemic in England. Johnson had all the warning he needed from Italy . He could and should have closed the border but No . Economy trumps lives every time in his book

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  2. Capitalism is just a thing we need to live with until we enter the era of Star Trek, though we can moderate its harmful effects by adjusting the way we value things. Such as by taking better account of production through-puts, such as pollution, and create value systems to take better account of the consumption of natural capital and the common goods, such as better costing of deforestation.

    Greed is a vice, and is actually harmful to human ingenuity and global sustainability. Though I wouldn’t expect a right-wing populist Tory to ever acknowledge their self-centered lack of morality. Or their limited capacity to cope with complexity, or their inability to empathise with cultural Others.

    The Case of Ethiopia


  3. The double variant from India is already in UK, 77 cases with 4 cases in Scotland…I would advise all to wear masks outdoors quite frankly, not just in shops.
    The update from Dr. J. Campbell re Brazil today, is very sobering, it’s absolutely heartbreaking, with children and babies succombing to this deadly virus as well. Bolsonaro, their US installed PM needs locking up he has allowed the virus to tear through Brazil, it’s horrific. He is utterly evil, a fascist.

    Please wear masks…


  4. Sorry that was the Saturday update…sorry posting that again.
    Here is todays. My brains not working the Oxford vaccine is having a weird effect on me, maybe it’s just the name.


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