The English expert flies in to warn us of impending doom with his knowledge of NHS England’s weakness


Prof Mark Woolhouse speaks in Edinburgh to warn us of a third wave which might cause the ‘NHS to buckle’ and that the first lockdown ‘in Scotland’ failed to protect the most vulnerable.

First, parts of NHS England did buckle under the strain of rampant infection. Many Covid-19 patients had to be transferred as far as from London to Northumbria. Nothing like that happened here. Indeed, across the country capacity was always well above demand with the overflow facilities unused.

Over the period of the pandemic, the infection level was only just over half per head of population of that in England and the death rate was around 40% lower. This situation, as Professor Bauld has pointed out, derives in the main from consistent messaging by the Scottish Government, leading to greater trust and presumably greater compliance with pandemic control measures.

Further NHS Scotland has far fewer problems with staffing and retention. Scotland has 20% more consultants, 25% more GPs and 50% more nurses per head of population.

Despite this, the Scottish Government clearly does not need Woolhouse to be helicoptered in to save us. The Scottish Government has just announced a ‘transformational increase in funding’, £2.5 billion to to help recovery from the pandemic.

As for the deaths of the vulnerable in care homes, Woolhouse makes the case for independence. Though research from Stirling University revealed such deaths were lower in Scotland, the UK Government’s advisors failed to warn the 4 nations of the risk and indeed misled them with herd immunity nonsense until it was too late. Freed of the shackle to the Eton schoolboy regime in London, Scotland has vaccinated 100% of the residents and staff in care homes and achieved a death rate less than half of that in English care homes.

Mark? Elisa? Thanks for coming. Thanks for thinking of us. When’s your train?

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    1. He is a professor at the University of Edinburgh. “”Mark Edward John Woolhouse FRSE FMedSci OBE (born 1959) is professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the Usher Institute in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh.””

      He is also one of the advisers on the Scottish Government’s Covid-19 advisory panel. From his recent utterances such as his evidence to a Holyrood Committee he does not appear to be a great fan of the SG.

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  2. Check Professor Woolhouse’s interview by Krishnan Guru-Murthy on C4 News 31/7/20; listen right to end for Professor’s comments on legal action against press reports. Sorry I can’t do links.

    I don’t know what the outcome of legal action was. Be careful not to be added to the Professor’s list.


  3. Could this be the same Professor in question? From The Record (12 April, 2020) on adherence – or not – to Covid public health rules:

    “Scottish Government coronavirus advisor slammed for moving to island holiday home with family – Professor Mark Woolhouse, who sits on Nicola Sturgeon’s Covid-19 taskforce, has angered residents on a tiny Hebridean island.”

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    1. It certainly is one and the same. Here is a link to his interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Worth listening to all of it. He is a real sweetie. The bit about the move to Lismore comes near the end. He clearly does not like being questioned about it and ends the interview.

      Prof Sridhar has also crossed swords with him. If I remember correctly it was in the evidence they each gave to the Holyrood Committee that I mentioned in my post above.


  4. The press coverage of Professor Woolhouse’s views on infection rates is notable as a Google search reveals.

    In many local newspapers now across Scotland, England and NI, perhaps Wales too, the headlines are of this general form: ‘Covid infections being underestimated by more than half in Scotland – expert’ . They seem to be picking this up from PA News.

    However, when one reads the articles we find this quote from the Professor on the subject: “persistent problem in Scotland and indeed the whole of the UK with missing Covid-19 cases”.’

    Blatant, targeted negative headlining and bias by omission!

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  5. The UK Gov has increased NHS spending from £139Billion to £145Billion. It has received the £10Billion needed. £4Billion already pledged. Consequentials for Scotland. Or getting ripped off again.

    Is it is going to buckle? The Tories are killing the elderly off in the south.

    Scottish Gov puts funding into social care. Keeping the elderly in their own homes. Residential care £600++++++. Hospital care £600+++++ a day. It saves funding and the elderly would like to stay in their own homes if possible.

    Scottish Gov £250,000 funding for addiction/rehabilitation. It should be spent on total abstinence rehab to save lives. Not methadone prescriptions which kill people. They take other substances and die. Even if 1 in 10 get healthier. That is an achievement. Others know how to get better and survive. They can get healthier later. It should be kept under NHS care. Drs can refer people with problems. It helps families and the community. 10 out of 10. Less funding needs to be spent on NHS, police, fire social care and essential services. Saving people’s lives for a £thousand. Pays for itself.


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