Voters liked Patrick Harvie’s honest comments on the Duke

I’ve been saving the above Conservative reporting from the Buckingham Herald for the next opinion poll.

How are the Greens doing? What effect has Harvie’s less servile tribute to all of our dead, had?

Well, a bit like the effects of the MSM reporting on SNP support, SFA or maybe even the opposite of what they hoped for.

After 5 polls putting the Greens at 1, 2, 2, 0, and 0, in the constituency vote, the latest from Panelbase has them at 4%.

On the regional vote, Panelbase has them at a healthy 9%, unchanged from their average over the last 5, and heading for 10 seats, twice as many as the Lib Dems, and giving the pro-Independence parties a ‘super majority.’

The people have bigger things on their minds?

7 thoughts on “Voters liked Patrick Harvie’s honest comments on the Duke

  1. The media @rselickers have been very biased and harsh on Harvie.

    My memory of Philip, Duke of these parts, was his absurd begging campaign to increase the public subsidy to the Royals (one of the richest families around, who pay NO TAX)——

    “We might have to sell the polo ponies and the yacht….move to a smaller house”.

    What next? Give up the royal plane and train? Cycle to work?

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  2. Royal support 50%? Declining. Less in Scotland. Divisive subject. Whether to be subjects of the Crown in England. (Roman). Different Law system in Scotland forever. (Latin)

    Sovereignty with the people in Scotland. More equal in principle. The king, the nobles, the Church, the people all equal. The fourth estate. The popularity of the Royals in Scotland is less. Half Scottish (German, Scottish, English Greek. Migrants)

    Victoria German mother, German husband. Philip and Queen third? cousins. Inbred. Survived by always backing down to Parliament. Supposed to be impartial. Interfering in Gov business secretly. Tax evading. An Act of Parliament protects and keeps the tax evaded wealth secret. Over consumers lecturing others.

    Immense damage caused in illegal wars. Head of the Military. Head of State. WW1 the divine right to rule. Million died because of Royal European arguments. Victoria’s children and grandchildren. Inter family rivalry. Cousins married cousins. Killing other people’s mothers.

    Head of the Church of England. Scotland has a different establishment Church of Scotland. Treaty of Union 1707. Shared Protestant monarch. Separate Church (education system), separate legal system forever. Catholic’s are discriminated against. No Catholic royalty unless they denounce their title. Or conform. Universal Suffrage 1928. Everyone in principle got the vote. Age group. Before there were property qualifications.

    Controversy and conflict now rife within the elite Royal establishment. There might or will be changes to adapt.The hierarchy is changing. Will that be enough? The Royal establishment is breaking the Law and has been for years. Heir pays 10% tax on £20million, no corporation or capital gains tax. The immense wealth and interference is kept secret by an Act of Parliament. Illegally.

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  3. The Greens opposed the Queensferry Crossing, the AWPR, International Airport expansion in Scotland. Anywhere but Heathrow. They wanted to close down the Oil industry with no credible alternatives. ie Renewables.

    The tram fiasco. Losing and wasting £Billions in public monies. Cycle trails unused.
    Traveller and commuters stuck in congested traffic, spewing out fumes. Roads not fit for purpose causing multiple accidents and death. FM on 2nd rate roads etc, etc. Damaging the economy.

    Land is exempt from tax to keep farms together. Improved larger farms produce more. The food and drinks industry bring in £Billions to Scotland. Whisky companies etc evade tax. Cut tax evasion. The average farmer is over sixty. There will be change within the farming industry. New ideas and production? Different land use. No CAP payments. If basic food prices go up. It affects lower income households the most. It could increase poverty.after efforts to alleviate it.

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  4. Ah, Mr PermaAngry, the infamous Tom (not so Flash) Gordon, “Patrick Harvie has provoked an outcry”, by stating the blindingly obvious. How very dare he…🤣

    Harvie was absolutely correct in his assessment, thousands have been taken before their time over the last year who contributed more to the greater good of the populace than Phil the Greek ever did.
    The overblown media campaign to coerce “a nation in mourning” managed to reduce the Duke’s death to a macabre circus, Tom’s verbal juggling simply the latest act on the bill.

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  5. I think Harvie expressed the feelings of most Scots about the Duke, and did his party a lot of good I reckon. Much better than the nauseating claptrap from the other Leaders.
    Thanks, Patrick.

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  6. Any Nation or for that matter dwells upon their past and in particulary the supposed glories etc.etc
    And uses its media outlets to stupefying the populace
    Diagnosticaly is in very serious trouble. Indeed clearly demonstrating that the affliction.


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