Let’s just drop the ‘Oxford’ bit now?

At the end of the year, the new vaccine could even be called just the ‘Oxford’ vaccine. Boris and Matt wondered if we could get a Union flag on every vial.

In early January, it was still England’s vaccine gifted for BBC Scotland:

Even on April 1st, as those sneaky Europeans stopped using it, it was still from Oxford:

On the 7th April 2021, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency did not recommend age restrictions in COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca vaccine use but did say that the data suggest there is a slightly higher incidence reported in the younger adult age groups and that this evolving evidence should be taken into account when considering the use of the vaccine. The UK Government decides that the under-30s will get an alternative vaccine.

On April 9th:

Oxford has been dropped.

Now, I know it’s not a big enough sample. Listen out yourself and tell us if they use the O word.

If it is happening, do we imagine the editor dropping the O deliberately or is it a subconscious process?

16 thoughts on “Let’s just drop the ‘Oxford’ bit now?

  1. Just like the “Kent variant”, which abroad is usually referred to as the
    “English variant”.
    On the BEEB the other day it was called the British variant—just to spread the merde around, you know.
    Why so touchy? Variants will continue to appear as the virus mutates.

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  2. I thought the technique was as follows:-
    If its a good news story about the vaccine the ” Oxford” is used.
    If its a bad news story the “Oxford” is dropped.
    For those in Scotchland “Oxford” is always used.


  3. Ah but you forget the new variant rampaging thru Europe
    Never now do you hear them here calling it the Kent one
    But all Europe it is always referred to as the English or British one
    This variant no doubt is another birth child of Boris the Terrible


    1. I think it’s a French vaccine, being made in Livingston? I was thinking it could be called the French/Scottish vaccine, or, auld alliance vaccine, that might pi*s off the BritNats… Livingston Value a sounds good though.🙂


  4. Rather than drop ‘Oxford’, maybe we should fight back and start using the term Stirling vaccine? After all, it was a Stirling -based company that helped develop it…

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  5. Yep, noticed this immediately on confirmation of the clot risk. Once your eyes and ears are attuned it’s actually very easy to spot these distortions and omissions. N Korea would be proud.

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  6. Various countries have different strategies, it seems all over the place, some not giving it to younger people, some not giving it to older people. I’ve been trying to keep up with it via Dr.John Campbell, on YouTube who has been doing research and reporting about the seruous problems associated with the ‘Oxford’ vaccine.

    Link, if it works.


  7. BBC and the rest of the british media will likely call the VALNEVA vaccine
    The British vaccine
    Of course they will
    They will lay claim to it and put a british label and union jack on it like everything else made in Scotland
    Scottish whisky is british whisky they say


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