England’s women disappoint mourners of Duke

Viviane Asseyi celebrates scoring France’s second goal.
David Vincent/AP

From reader Gordon:

On the day that The Duke of Edinburgh passed, BBC television, as could only be expected, revised their schedules in order to focus on the royal death. Across almost all of the channels, planned programmes were replaced by rolling news and documentaries relating to the wonderful life and works of the Queen’s consort.

It was interesting to note that the planned televising of a Scottish Championship football match was cancelled (although the match took place). Presumably such a program was deemed to be not in keeping with the solemnity required. On the other hand, on the red button, a women’s international friendly match between France and England was broadcast in full.

It might make a good parlour game to speculate what made one program inappropriate but allowed the other to go ahead.

(England ladies lost three – one at the hands and feet of a talented and physically challenging French team).

13 thoughts on “England’s women disappoint mourners of Duke

    1. Arty – ‘Operation Forth Bridge’ has been rehearsed, refined and re-drawn for years. This, apparently, is the code name for what would happen after Chooky Embra kicked the bucket.

      The Establishment’s problem is, how to justify the Big Show, aka the State Funeral, when the plebs’ options for funerals are limited by Covid.

      But, don’t worry – they will come-up with some believable scam to justify the expense.

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  1. While any death is unfortunate, not just a Royal one, they are really milking it as the perfect excuse to not report Scottish election/indy stories

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  2. I tuned in to Radio Tay at 5.20pm yesterday to listen for the Cash Register phone call. Would it be me our one of my friends who enter the competition regularly? Seems the DJ was only there to play “suitable” mourning music and the phone call was not aired….I suppose the excited banter would have been too much for the sombre occasion. The draw did actually take place and they did announce that there was a winner by the name of Shona! Well done Shona. I hope you celebrated your £25k windfall in style. Inappropriate? I don’t think so.

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  3. The duke of edinburgh sketch has not been played out in Edinburgh yet
    But it surely will
    Having such a terrible human being called after your capital city was an insult to Scotland
    This man had no humanity in him we seen that not long ago when in his nineties he crashed his big range rover into a family driving their car he was on the wrong side of the road he did not apologise he was clearly too old to drive but ye olde england rules say you can be sent into battle on yer orse at a hundred years of age because theyre special ya know so if ye can do that you can do anything
    Nobody will complain

    One less mouth for the taxpayer to feed

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  4. Breaking News
    Tomorrow is cancelled in Scotland
    All due to a complete lack of Interest
    Which apparently is rife in The Duke,s
    Name sake city


  5. “Good mourning Scotland” suddenly has competition on every channel, that will piss off Rottweiler Robertson et al…


  6. According to Tony Benn, the Republican, P. Philip supported Scottish Independence in 1968. (Book). There were concerns about recent armament. Philip went to Gordonstoun. The Queen illegally intervened in the 2014 Indy Ref. Supposed to be impartial but commented. The Royals have been illegally interfering in Acts of State forever. Evading tax etc. PC pays 10% tax on £20Million a year. No corporation or capital gains tax. One of the wealthiest.

    Queen pressed the Oil button at Dyce, Aberdeen on 3rd of November 1975. Pipeline completed? Thatcher tried to get it to Newcastle. It ended up outside Edinburgh. The Oil companies had to pay for it. It should have been at Peterhead. The nearest land port. At first the Oil was taken off in tankers. They are reverting to that worldwide. Super tanker barges are being used to transport and transferring the Oil to where it is needed. Nearest suitable port.

    Tony Benn did not support Independence for Scotland. Labour took the Oil. The McCrone Report hidden. Healey admitted the Oil wealth had been understated so Westminster could take it illegally. Bernard Ingram (Thatcher) did the same along with many other Westminster establishment figures. They lied and cheated. Oil was first discovered in 1965. Brought out 1969. A plaque at Aberdeen Harbour.

    Tony Benn paid death duties. 9once a Viscount renounced the title. Supported Brexit.

    PP sisters were married to German SS men. The family are of Greek/German descent. Scottish/German/English/ Greek migrants. The Tories want to chuck them out. If they do not have a visa. Including Meghan. Racist and snobby. Covid means a small funeral. Ironic. Small relief. Pregnant Meghan couldn’t come.

    The tabloids would have a field day. Although they keep on suing them and winning. They have the money. £100million Netflix deal and the inheritance monies. £8Million from Diana. Divorce settlement.

    Illegal wars kill other people’s mothers. The former Harrods owner denied British passport was an arms dealer in a former life.


  7. “…documentaries relating to the wonderful life and works of the Queen’s consort.”

    Very dry sense of humour the boy has.


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