SNP accused of inappropriately forcing death rate to lowest in the UK on this day

On this day of all days, the SNP Government in Edinburgh has shown disregard for the feelings of the family of the Duke, whose city they have the nerve to rule from, by deliberately pushing Covid deaths down to the lowest in the UK:

Holyrood candidate, George Galloway, is expected to tell reporters that BBC Scotland’s plans to report overall deaths in Scotland as much lower, is based on Nationalist fabrications:

Not satisfied with this republican attack on the Royal Family, the SNP Government in the place where the Duke’s heart lay, has also, cunningly, pushed vaccination levels above that in non-Scottish parts, in the last 7 days:

Perhaps most shocking they have pushed the overall vaccination level higher despite having spent time making sure all the care home residents and staff were vaccinated speedily:

I just hope they will not be telling us next that they saved thousands of lives in those care homes. Too much! He was 99, you know. Not now! Show some respect.

6 thoughts on “SNP accused of inappropriately forcing death rate to lowest in the UK on this day

  1. Another one hits the dust. Statistics.
    Another one gone another one down.

    The statistics just down down and down. Fewer deaths, The fabricated Westminster statistics staying up. The Tory total mismanagement of the pandemic and misappropriating of the Scottish budget. The illegal Barnett Formula. No taxation without representation,

    Illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. The Westminster Gov failings.
    Illegally Killing people. Total failure.

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  2. Do people never wonder where the wealth of the Royal Family comes from?
    A handful of people on this planet have a greater personal wealth than the poorest half of the entire World.
    History is re-written to portray them as Saints.
    We are in the 21st. Century and people still think an elite group are by the simple act of birth deigned to rule over them!

    Roll on a thinking Republic.

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  3. Of course, ethical government is based on a respect for liberal science and the principle of equality in law. Which are under attack from both left and right wings of contemporary politics. Largely as a result of the left-wing’s failure to counter neo-liberalism, which they have adopted and adapted to bring about radical social change they are unable to gain political approval for otherwise (see “trans-women are women”). Which closely resembles the right-wing’s denial of climate change, and denial of the threat posed by covid-19. All of these beliefs are grounded in the belief that humanity is separate from, and above, nature. Which is a denial of material reality and a serious threat to social sustainability and open democracy.


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