World’s largest offshore windfarm for Scotland

In Energy Voice today:

The final push for the world’s largest floating wind farm off Aberdeen is underway, with a giant foundation making the first leg of its journey. Boskalis said transportation of the third giant foundation from Spain to the Netherlands last week, later destined for Aberdeen, begins a phase which will see the six-turbine Kincardine Offshore Windfarm “take shape in the coming months”.

The first Kincardine wind turbine on its semi-submersible substructure being towed out to site.
The first Kincardine wind turbine on its semi-submersible substructure being towed out to site.

The Kincardine Floating Offshore Wind project, 15 km off the coast of Aberdeen, is the world’s largest array of floating turbines. It establishes Scotland’s leading position in both development and deployment of offshore wind farms.

The Kincardine array’s first turbine started generating in 2018 and the project is on track to be completed by late summer 2020   The project consists of  1 x 2 MW  Vestas V80 and and 5 x 9.5 MW. The Kincardine project uses steel semi-submersible floating foundations of the PPI design. The project aims to prove both the technological and the commercial readiness of floating offshore wind, and in thus is a true pioneer in the industry.

The 50 MW Kincardine project demonstration project will be the world’s largest grid connected demonstration programme for a number of years. It will generate approximately 220 GWh of electricity per year, enough to power 55,000 homes in Scotland, which would save 94,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent over fossil-fuelled electricity generation.,deployment%20of%20offshore%20wind%20farms.

Why is Scotland not building the foundations or the turbines?

I feel sure the answer will be complex and nuanced but attempts to lay the blame at the door of the Scottish Government will ignore the long history of de-industrialisation, the loss of skills, the denial of investment and the political incompetence, which began 40 years ago as the Thatcher regime sought to transform the UK economy into one based on services and to destroy the unionised manufacturing sector.

The idea that a devolved administration without full fiscal autonomy could even begin to turn that around and begin to compete with Denmark or Spain, is ill-informed.

Had Scotland been an independent nation in 1980, how differently might this have turned out?

In the early 1980s, James Howden & Co Ltd in Glasgow was at the forefront of wind turbine manufacturing, supplying the UK’s first wind turbine in the utility industry. However, the company lost Government support and stopped producing turbines in 1989. The main beneficiaries were the Danish manufacturing industry, who were also early adopters and heavily backed by Government.

Click to access Broken%20promises%20and%20offshored%20jobs%20report.pdf

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8 thoughts on “World’s largest offshore windfarm for Scotland

  1. This is only the beginning and the tip of the investment boom iceberg
    And it is of the highest and essential importance that ASAP Scotland becomes Indy and properly harness the massive potential in a fair,responsible and equitable manner
    Otherwise as far as Scotland concerned the real long lasting societal benefits will
    Be pissed down the black hole of Westminster
    They de industrialised us with no plan whatsoever Then proceeded to Pauchle
    46 Billion barrels of all
    Never Ever again should such happen. We it owe to all young and future generations to prevent a repeat of what has been lost
    Now is Not the Time they say
    Well exactly the opposite is
    Now must be the time
    Never ever in human history hath a Nation and its peoples came upon such valuable natural assets and became poorer because of it
    Utter Shame upon each and every Unionist
    What they facilitate is way way way way beyond any forgiveness

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    1. “…They de industrialised us with no plan whatsoever…”

      Actually that’s not strictly true. The “plan”, such as it was, was to move to a “flexible low wage workforce”. Pure nonsense of course, because ultimately the UK could always be undercut; it’s impossible to drive the cost of living low enough in a cool temperate (and very occasionally subarctic) climate, fuel costs alone see to that.

      I recall a Tory minister bumping his gums, on the telly in 1979 or ’80, about how the service sector would take up the slack. It wasn’t all that obvious when my mum lost her catering job a few months after my dad’s factory job went south. I was doing my highers at the time and my Saturday (and almost full-time Summer, doing holiday cover) job went too.

      Here we are in 2021 and the Tories are still pushing the low wage economy guff. Working people, in far too many cases, need state aid to get by; which in reality is public money topping up wages to the benefit Chumsco’s shareholders, a straight transfer of public assets to private pockets.

      People struggling to get by, on zero hours contracts, will no doubt be further demonised, by the Tory dogmatists if they make it to retirement age, for failing to make adequate pension provision for themselves. Even if they do make it, there are plenty who’ll not retire until after their quality active life is behind them. I’m of an age when my life expectancy, at birth, was 68 (maybe 69) and UK state retirement age is already 67. I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if that is pushed to 70 in the near future; Brexit to blame, but Covid carries the can.

      So, the Tory plan was and remains to exploit the many to satisfy the greed of the very few. I once read an article that concluded the reason Waterford Wedgwood failed was that they didn’t move production to Indonesia early enough. Never mind the effect on skilled workforces, their communities, nor the hit to country’s economy (ironically suppressing demand for their own products) when there’s better shareholders’ dividends to be had.

      Time to get away from these sociopaths permanently.

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      1. Drew
        I know all too well of what you speak of
        My father was a shale then a coal miner
        I shall have no Tory ever preach to me until
        They can go down a pit then draw 12 tonne in a shift
        Until then they can F**k off

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  2. Terence, Boris Johnson was talking about this before 2019 election,
    “Boris Johnson: Wind farms could power every home by 2030”
    Speaking to the Conservative party conference, the PM announced £160m to upgrade ports and factories for building turbines to help the country “build back greener
    The scheme will see the money invested into manufacturing in Teesside and Humber in northern England, as well as sites in Scotland and Wales.”
    Typical fawning BBC report though didn’t mention where it would come ashore, probably cable all the way to London. 😕


  3. I have a feeling i read about this coming ashore in the north east of england
    I also read about a pipeline for electricity being built between Scotland and Norway and wondered what that was for , it apparently then linked through into main parts of europe


  4. Never even knew about it. Another well kept secret on the coast. The new Aberdeen harbour area being put in place. Wider berth for cruise vessels. The harbour busier. The Turbines in the bay. Renewable turbines making money with ever turn.

    Scotland the best place in the world for renewables. The highest wind speed record on the Isle of Lewis. Wind, wave and solar. Renewables the way to go replacing Oil and gas. Scotland could sell it for £Billion. Instead of paying more because it is colder. Despite being in surplus in fuel and energy and nearer the source.

    The Tory waste on Hinkley Point. A total waste of time and monies. It will always be subsidised. £Billions. There are far better, safer, cheaper alternatives. Wasting £Billions. The Tory wasters. HS2 and Trident. £Billion wasted on illegal non scrutinised Gov contracts. The civil service culpable. Hiding negative accounts. Tory donors and associates, illegally, misappropriating public funds and monies. An absolute scandal. It is appalling. Killing people.

    Alternative schemes Tidal barrage on the Humber (£9Billion) and Swansea (£1Billion) Much more affordable but classed as too expensive. Much better value per therm.

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