99 year-old war hero dies in Gatehouse of Fleet

Squadron Leader Jack Francis David Jarmy, D.F.C., R.A.F.

At 18, Jack Jarmy flew over Germany in a squadron which lost 10% of its men every flight. He died yesterday in Gatehouse of Fleet in South-west Scotland. Jack completed 41 operations and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

The overall UK mortality rate in WW2 was 3.3% with the Royal Navy, for example, having the lowest rate.

There are no plans to remember him officially.

10 thoughts on “99 year-old war hero dies in Gatehouse of Fleet

  1. And why is that
    Simple the elite believe that there are plenty more where this pleb came from
    Although WW 2 simply had to be fought and won,otherwise one can but only shudder to think of the consequences
    Would have been if the Nazis won
    However WW1 is a completely different matter
    Germany offered peace terms in 1916 that were more than reasonable
    But amongst the powerful in the UK Parliament and House of Lords who were making a massive fortune out of phosphate mines and armaments, buried the proposals and made sure they were kept secret
    The rest is History
    All akin to the USA being told by their own Generals that they could not possibly win in Vietnam
    Once more the report was buried all so the money men could continue to enhance their wealth
    Oh patriotism is indeed a very dangerous
    Thing in the wrong hands especially those who wave the flag and shout the loudest about military might

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  2. As per usual, especially in a country where the monarchy are reveered for being rich and living off the backs of the people, those people who really do deserve respect, honour and accolade, are ignored. Sickening to say the least.

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  3. Poignant indeed, no wall to wall Nicholas Witchell reverential witterings, no Captain Tom patriotic gushing, no flags at half mast, just a nobody except to all who knew him in a close knit community which was by any measure, normal…

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  4. A fair age. A long life. Average life expectancy in UK. 79.

    Some privileged to last a fair bit longer. Extra state pensions. Managed by the State for the privileged. Tax evasion, illegal wars and financial fraud. HoL. Continuing corruption.


  5. I would also like to remember a very good friend & fine engineer, Willaim McEwan, 3rd wave at Normandy (70% casualties) fought his way through Europe (Battle of the Bulge etc) to Hamburg, where he met and married his German wife. As he said to me “Mike – the hardest thing I did was bringing a German wife back to Scotland in the late 1940s”. Many many like him, & few remember.

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