Salmond doesn’t attack Sturgeon for going easy on murderous USA

I’m trying to stay out of this and concentrate my fire on the opposition but, in the words of Vic and Bob, ‘She will not let it lie!’

I doubt that Salmond will say what I’m going to say but it has to be said.

In 2003, I argued that all leading politicians should have to study history so that, based on a degree in Law, they were not ignorant of the terrible facts of wars, all wars, including ones you might think justified.

In 2015, in Washington, the new FM said on our behalf, without to my knowledge consulting us:

We would consider ourselves to be a key ally of the United States.

US foreign policy over the last century and more has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of, and sexual assaults on, millions of children, men and women, from the Philippines in the 19th Century, through Vietnam in 20th to Iraq in the 21st Century, the US has launched massive military attacks on 84 countries and has been involved in some way in conflict in 190 countries. There are 193 countries in the UN. The US has not invaded or had a military presence in Andorra, Bhutan, and Liechtenstein.

Like the UK before it with its civilising mythology as cover for the bayonet, the US has been a cancerous presence on the world stage. The world is a far worse place for its interventions.

The main, overriding, drive in my support for the Yes campaign is to get out of the Empire. I do not want to join another one.

Russia? Yes, an appalling history of brutal actions against its neighbours. France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, even Sweden all with bloody histories. Do I have to choose sides? I choose Ireland, Denmark, Norway…..wait, the Vikings?

I’ve been on RT 4 times. None of the UK or US news channels asked me. Double standards?


These are the only 3 countries America hasn’t invaded

13 thoughts on “Salmond doesn’t attack Sturgeon for going easy on murderous USA

  1. The foreign and Defence policies will be decided by the Scottish electorate when Scotland is Independent. Until then it is all trajectory. The electorate will decide on the manifesto remit. Hopefully stopping illegal wars. The selling of illegal weaponry for personal gain. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act, Bribery and corruption against International Law

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

    It will produce more open Gov. That is one of the best argument for Independence. The constraint of Westminster illegal actions. Bring a corrupt regime to account to benefit the world.

    There are close trade and family ties with the US. 10% of the US pop is descendants of Scotland and Ireland. The Clearances and the Irish famine. The brutal and callous Westminster Gov policies. Universal Suffrage 1928.

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  2. Clearly an attempt to smear Salmond and possibly trap NS . Divide and Conquer.

    According to Evening Standard: She (NS) refused to speculate about the reasons for Mr Salmond’s comments, telling the Scottish Parliamentary Journalists Association: “One of the consequences of Alex now leading a different party to the one I am in is I don’t have to explain what he means when he says, or doesn’t say things, any longer. So I will leave that up to him.”

    NS believes Russia behind the poisoning. AS differs or considers it not proven.

    So what!

    As you say let’s concemtrate on the enemy!

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    1. “Clearly an attempt to smear Salmond and possibly trap NS . Divide and Conquer.”


      As commented previously, the Gary Robertson GMS interview with AS was a sting operation.
      It doesn’t matter what AS or NS think, it’s the division the propaganda “establishment” are attempting to exploit.

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  3. John
    Conspicuous by its absence China in your litany of Warrior Nations
    Because it is not a warrior nation never has and never shall be
    Just now the West are belatedly awaking to the sceptre that no longer can they embark upon foreign military adventures
    (Profiteering) As China from a very strong economic base surges ahead as the West reels from inept handling of Covid 19 which is seriously dawning upon the West’s top geo political strategists that the game is up
    Believe me they are in complete and utter shock as all this unfolds in front of their eyes and when they begin to project matters 5- 10 yrs hence, their hearts almost stop
    So what we now see is utter panic amongst US , NATO & UK forward policies
    And the most revealing of all that, is the Economically, Militarily and Morally bankrupt Little England
    Increasing its Nuclear Warhead stockpile
    For those that fail to understand
    The UK Will Not commission for the next 3yrs
    Front line Aircraft, Capitol Warships, Main Battle Tanks and much much more
    China at the very least shall in the same time frame and of the most modern and advanced technologies commission
    4 Aircraft carriers
    12 Assault carriers
    800 new generation stealth fighters
    120 heavy lift transport aircraft
    136 long range nuclear strike bombers
    80 submarines
    And not even 1 new nuclear warhead
    Work it out for yourselves now

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  4. 26Million Russian died saving the West WW2. The Russians took the full force of German attack. Germany and Russia have had enough of war. China has not invaded anyone having enough problems to contend. China has been invaded viciously. Japan and Britain , Opium wars. Russia and China have alleviated mas poverty. (Tsar and Emperor absolute ruler).

    China one child policy has caused an imbalance in the pop, More make than female. If people are given the ability to control fertility there is a pop decline. 1.9 children The world pop will peak and then decline. In European countries the pop is declining without migration. A predominately. elderly pop.

    Germany has 12million migrants and descendants. 82million pop. A prosperous economy. Highest nos of WW2 deaths (pro rata).

    Germany and Japan were prohibited from having a military after WW2. The funds built up their economies. They became successful and prosperous. An absence of redundant weaponry. Unilateral disarmament. There were major concerns about maintaining world peace.

    WW2 deaths Europe.
    Britain 1/2 million
    France 1/2
    US 1/2 million,

    The reason the EU was established to prevent War and starvation in Europe. After WW2. WW2 The biggest catastrophe in world history. 75 years ago. Still in living memory. The devastation and death caused. Russia protects its borders. The Steppes. An invader can sweep in but can’t get out. The Russian winter. Defeated Napoleon and Germany. The EU can counter balance. Russia 150 million. EU 450million. Putin the most successful leader Russia has had. A more successful economy. China’s leadership brings prosperity. That is why they get away with abuses.

    Illegal wars and redundant weaponry have destroyed the planet by so called democracies. Breaking International Law, killing millions of people. US dominated UN trying to rectify the balance. East West. NATO. Cold War. After the war.

    US highest world spend in the military (pro rata) 1/3 of world military spend
    $740Billion. 340 million pop. They do not spend on a universal healthcare programme.

    China 1.3Billion pop. Military spend $228Billion
    Russia 150 million $65Billion.

    Saudi Arabia pop 33million (11million migrants)
    $69Billion military spend. 2nd highest pro rata.
    Repressive failing regime.

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  5. RT goes worldwide. A counter balance to Fox News. Murdoch a war criminal. Away with £32Billion tax evaded. His family now do not agree with his reprehensible outlook. Breaking every Law in the book. Getting away with it. Now being held to account by his family. Half Scottish. Mother Anne from Glasgow,


  6. I feel a much closer bond to my European neighbours than the USA.
    I see many ideas to be copied from Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark etc
    However all I hear from our media day in day out is America!
    From Gun Control to healthcare. From an aggressive military dominance to extremes of poverty.
    Why do the media and our Governments focus on America – is that the model they strive for?


  7. Geeze John . . . . Not again

    For the 10th time

    If Sturgeon said she wanted to make an enemy out of America, do you think Scotland would ever be allowed to become independent.

    I’m starting to wonder if you won’t be content untill America does a Venezuela on Scotland.L

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    1. For the umpteenth time, I didn’t suggest that.

      She didn’t have to say: We would consider ourselves to be a key ally of the United States.

      She seems disturbingly predisposed to like the US and its leaders.

      Does she even have H History or Modern Studies? Too busy reading Kissinger?


      1. I was sorely tempted to let this blog post pass without comment but to repeat Clydebuilt’s word – ‘Geeze’!

        First on this: “Does she even have H History or Modern Studies? Too busy reading Kissinger?” From a quick search, many, many ‘serious’ people internationally read Kissinger’s book ‘World Order’ when it appeared and they offered differing views on it and on the author. Surely there should not be an approved list of authors or books for a FM or anyone else to read! The ‘too busy’ jibe ….?

        On the objection to the “key ally of the United States” phrase, the leaders of the named countries of choice to follow – Ireland, Denmark, Norway – would I strongly suspect be wholly comfortable saying the same in a GENERAL SENSE about the USA as the FM if asked the same question she was in what was a general Q&A session.

        And then this: “She seems disturbingly predisposed to like the US and its leaders.” Well, firstly this is not true in terms of the FM’s view of all US leaders as we all know. And in any event, I suspect the FM has views on US leadership not very different in GENERAL TERMS from leaders of the aforementioned countries and the majority of their populations.

        To illustrate, from 17 March 2021.

        The Taoiseach Micheál Martin is quoted as saying to President Biden: “For now, the bowl of shamrock in front of you is a symbol of the undying friendship between our two countries, a symbol of the good times we have shared and the challenges we have endured, always at each other’s side.”

        ‘Mr Martin went on to tell Mr Biden that the policies of their respective countries are “closely aligned” on the “big challenges the world faces”.

        So are these words from a leader ‘disturbingly predisposed to liking’ and to being a ‘key ally’ of the USA? And Ireland – unlike US’ allies Denmark and Norway – doesn’t even have to express such a closely aligned position with the USA by dint of being in NATO!


      2. John. Ive just noticed your reply. . . . I’m too grief stricken to reply at the moment . . . . But I will as soon as I feel strong enough.

        You didn’t suggest what?


      3. Stewartb

        Excellent post. I notice John didn’t bother to reply.

        Probably embarrased…..problem is he writes the headlines . . . .


  8. speaking of America. Joe Biden just won the presidency with over 80 million votes, a record number for a Pres, not cause he was Joe Biden, it’s cause he wasn’t Donald Trump.

    Good to see AS is having the same type of affect here.


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