From SNP Media today:

Commenting on Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross’s plea to voters to back Labour candidates in some seats, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“This is the endorsement Anas Sarwar was dreading, but the message is now crystal clear – a vote for Labour will be claimed by the Tories to hand control over to Boris Johnson. The decisive way to stop Boris Johnson deciding Scotland’s future is to give both votes to the SNP for Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister.

“Douglas Ross’s campaign is going from bad to worse, and is no wonder he has been side-lined already by his own party.

“His comments today not only expose the risk of voting Labour, they also underline the fact that the Tories know that if there is a majority for an independence referendum in this election then Boris Johnson has no right to try to block it.”

Notes for Editors:


  1. My first vote for the SNP is NOT to endorse Nicola Sturgeon as first minister…we don’t live in the USA …it is for an independent Scotland. After years of wasting my 2nd vote and getting Murdo Fraser a seat at Holyrood I will be voting ALBA on the list. High time the SNP started treating the other independence parties as friends not the enemy. Keith Brown and others need to stop pushing SNP 1&2. Even Peter Bell has seen the error of his ways on that score in recent days! 2 votes SNP is a vote for the Tories and don’t they know it.

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    1. Given the reference here to Peter A Bell, this may be of interest to some. It’s from btl at his most recent blog entitled ‘Comparing offers’ (APR 9, 2021 AT 09:28):

      Here Mr Bell writes: ‘I think you’d be surprised how many people actually do “think that Alex Salmond has his white charger parked outside Ellon HQ”. It’s worrying how similar the two fan clubs are. I even have people telling me it doesn’t matter what Alex Salmond says because he has a secret plan. Sound familiar?

      ‘I think many of those who have made the jump from the SNP to Alba have mere swapped one frying pan for another slightly shinier frying pan. And they’re telling themselves they’ve made a brilliant choice because they didn’t land in the fire.’

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    2. In South of Scotland the SNP has a fight on its hands to increase number of Constituency seats . Since there can be no guarantee that an increase will be achieved the SNP will be fighting hard for a good vote on the List to keep their number of MSPs up.
      This unfortunately means that there will be a head on fight with Alba as well as with the unionist parties ( and not forgetting ego driven Scotia Future) for these votes.
      In this unfortunate scenario it seems almost inevitable that the Tories will benefit.
      That I am unhappy about the arrival of Alba here in SoS is putting it mildly.

      Both votes SNP


      1. Perhaps they should have put Joan ( the sitting MSP) in first place on the list instead of a Woke supporting candidate who is self declaring as disabled under rules that the NEC Wokerati were warned were illegal.

        SNP1 for Joan in the constituency
        ALBA for Women’s Rights on the list.


    3. Diane , voting for Alba and not the SNP WON’T stop Murdo Fraser getting a seat ! Unless you reduce the TORY vote , which you won’t , he will get in regardless !

      By all means talk up YOUR preferences but please don’t think voting for an Independence party will affect the proportionality which gets Murdo Fraser a List seat . That is the system !


      1. James Mills , Diane did not say her vote for ALBA will stop Murdo getting in on the tory LIST
        What she did say is that giving both votes to SNP helps to get Murdo in on the LIST

        Vote ALBA and its likely in all but highland and islands and south of scotland more LIST seats will go to independence supporting ALBA and fewer to unionists

        I understand perfectly and agree with why Scottish independence supporting south of Scotland residents want to vote SNP both votes
        For the same reason they do , the people in highlands and islands do too
        Basically in the last Scottish election these areas gave a lot of votes to the greens and saw that if they had have given both to SNP they night have got some LIST seats for SNP


      2. This ‘musing’ was prompted by Terence Callachan’s remarks here (@1.31PM) on voting preferences.

        Over recent weeks I have come to understand how the d’Hondt system works and become more aware tactically of the pros and cons of voting SNP 1 & 2 or voting for ANOther Party on the List. Perhaps as a result, I’ve been pondering some apparent characteristics of pro-Indy contributions here and elsewhere on social media that favour a vote for Alba on the list. They seem to be roughly of three sorts.

        The first makes it explicit that a personal voting decision is being based on past voting outcomes and current polling, all in the context of the region in which the author is registered to vote. The individual is planning to vote tactically in order to max the number of pro-indy MSPs. Those making contributions of this sort are in this sense ‘true’ tactical voters.

        Here I would simply add, check out the polling data closer to placing your vote before making a hard and fast, final decision.

        There is a second type of contribution in which the author tells us they intend to vote for Alba on the list and – by implication at least – encourage others to do the same. However, the contributions fail to qualify explicitly their content with any reference to differences in regional context. The implication – taking these statements at face value – is that SNP 1/Alba 2 is optimal everywhere. These contributors may hold this view or indeed be more nuanced but we simply cannot tell from what they write.

        Therefore, following the example of such contributors without further research is at best ‘problematic’. My ask would be always to acknowledge the importance of regional context in making a tactical voting decision – don’t leave it unsaid. And to anyone who is open to vote tactically, not only regional context but the nature of opinion polling closer to the date of voting should be factored in to any tactical decision.

        There does seem to be a third sort of contribution on this topic. These tend to be identifiable by social media comments that also make reference to social policy issues.

        Notwithstanding any references there might be to ‘breaking the d’Hondt’ system and gaining more pro-Indy MSPs etc., those in this grouping seem to be voting for Alba as a matter of principle – and not strictly as a tactical decision based just on pro-indy objectives. If I’m right in this categorisation, neither the regional context nor evolving opinion poll data – positive or negative for the SNP – will matter much now. Arguably, people expressing such views may not be tactical voters in the usual sense of this term.

        For anyone still uncertain how to vote on the List, and if open to social media influences in coming to a decision, I suggest there is merit in taking the matters above into consideration.


  2. *Believe in DRoss*!

    Vote Labour. And………

    …..Get the performance artist known as –Ta Dah :–

    (With Hi Jack thrown in as a freebie).

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  3. Labour have rightfully earned the name Red Tories. Remember BT when Labour activists used Tory dark money to save the Union. Two cheeks of the same arse.

    I’m voting for the future of the Scottish people
    SNP for the constituency and ALBA on the Regional List.

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  4. I have just emailed Ross asking why he is not standing in Moray where he is the MP instead of going to the Highlands and topping the tory list vote.I doubt if he will answer as it will show he has no belief in himself to win in Moray.
    Not much faith in his party now asking Lab to help him out.

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  5. The electoral system in Scotland has been “gamed” from the outset.
    The purpose is to give minority parties e.g. the Tories a greater say than a system based solely on percentage of votes would normally allow.
    That and the fact that politics in Scotland has been reduced to a simple “No to independence” policy from the minority parties,is going to potentially have unintended consequences (unintended by the electorate that is).

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  6. This highlights the dysfunctional state of Scottish party politics, which operates in a political climate that is defined by learned helplessness and a fear of taking responsibility for yourself, a.k.a. unionism. Which kind of leaves the needs and well-being of Scottish culture and society a neglected afterthought, and our social fabric vulnerable to the prejudices and excesses of English Torydum.

    The Political Self: How Identity Aligns Preferences With Epistemic Needs


  7. 84 applications to campaign in the Scottish elections next month so many wolves in sheeps clothing so many false flags with the single ambition of keeping Scotland under the control of England.
    Westminster is an English parliament it rewards those who help it stick the knife in there are many willing accomplices.

    We have seen the leader of the Labour party in Scotland tell Labour voters to vote Conservative or Lib Dem to keep the Scottish National Party out.

    Today we see the leader of the Conservative party in Scotland tell Conservative voters to vote Labour or Lib Dem to keep the Scottish National Party out.

    We are seeing them for what they are , they are in reality a single entity dead set on keeping Scotland under the control of englands parliament in Westminster , more dead than set , i say.


    1. Terence
      I always to call anything straight out
      And i label all of them
      Self interested,greedy,traitorous, quisling filth .
      They and tcodescending are none other than codescending buffoons of little intellect and no real moral substance
      Every single one would easily have made
      The grade of a Nazi SS officer
      And that is not as wild as think
      Because if ever such types ever saw the greasy pole to climb it was in 1933 as the Nazis were grabbing supreme power


  8. It is illegal for politicians to say vote for another Party unless it is on a different list. Politicians are supposed to vote for their Party for obvious reasons. Their party is supposed to be the best, to represent people. That is why they support it. Or are a member. Otherwise it is gerrymandering. A criminal offence. Dugdale did it as well. Telling Labour voters to vote Tory. Against the representation of the people’s Act.


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