Lies about care homes in the pointless pursuit of an SNP defeat

Just not true, but as the Nazis thought, lie bigger and all the time and then the lie becomes true for most? Will the next opinion poll and the result in Ayr prove that Scots are not so gullible, any more?

Really true:



4 thoughts on “Lies about care homes in the pointless pursuit of an SNP defeat

  1. There were less deaths in Scotland (pro rat). Despite Scotland have a higher proportion % of elderly people. The Scottish Gov gave clear guideline, rules and information to follow. Despite the complete lack of planning and guidance from Westminster.

    Westminster responsibility for pandemic planning totally absent. The priority to enforce Brexit. Austerity killing people. The Tory total failure. Wasting £Billions on unfulfilled contracts. Illegally making gains from unscrutinised contracts. Using the pandemic for personal gains for the Tories and their associates. A complete illegal failure. Blood money. Killing people.


  2. The only tactic left for them now as their last full frontal propaganda assault bounces of us
    And just like the Nazis, Unionists response will be( if they could get away with)
    To hang us from lamp posts in full public
    Display shrouded with a Saltire
    The evil Bast****s are now that bloody desperate as they gaze upon the fate of their precioussssssssss Union


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