Why are Covid deaths twice as high in non-Scottish parts of UK?

Once again failing to live up to their own self-perceptions:

The Herald’s Caitlin Hutchison, unable to bear the excitement, prematurely claims the 10 000 deaths scoop.

As I understand in the figure at the time of writing was 9 997 death certificate deaths so unless Caitlin knows something we don’t, we might need to wait another day before thinking up some way to blame Nicola for hitting this milestone, tombstone?

I understand that love of the big number headline but was it, really, the news?

How about the scientifically tested deaths?

Only 1 today after a day when registration centres were open, 93 on January 8th – interesting?

10 in the last 7 days compared to 214 across the UK. The UK has 12 times the population so might be expected to have 120 deaths but with 224 had, twice the death rate, in the last week – newsworthy?

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6 thoughts on “Why are Covid deaths twice as high in non-Scottish parts of UK?

  1. The BBC Scotland, too, gleefully trumpeted ‘passing the 10 000 deaths milestone’ and they, too, rounded up from 9997.

    The BBC UK trumpeted that deaths in England and Wales were down 92% from the peak and that Hancock was certain the vaccination targets would be met.

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    1. Terence
      You Baffled as to how people still ardent
      Not I
      Why quite simply i just get a surreal image in my head of they being none other than a flock of sheep,being driven up the ramp of into the lorry by the Westminster Shepherds whistling at their Collie dugs in the form of the MSM
      But if possible may i most kindly and sincerely advise the said sheep that the lorry which they seem so keen to travel in
      More often than not has a final destination of the

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  2. ‘Milestone’, did she actually say and print that, how dreadful as if it’s an achievement and of course it’s also a lie. Don’t they count Covid deaths in England differently? So their numbers could in fcat be far higher than even the horrific numbers they admit to.

    The BritNat media celebrate Covid deaths in Scotland, they really are the lowest of the low. Let’s ensure they are booted out of an independent Scotland, their propaganda war on Scotland is surely obvious to anyone in possession of some level of ‘cogency’.


  3. The examples of BBC’s disingenuous reporting – presenting some superficial truth, but delivered with the intent to deceive or to serve some hidden purpose – is now so blatant. I offer you this evening’s example.

    1) BBC 1 news at 6pm this evening reports cumulative UK Covid deaths figure – it uses the ‘within 28 days of a positive test’ measure.

    But minutes later:

    2) Reporting Scotland makes much of latest Covid deaths in Scotland – it uses the ‘mentioned on death certificate’ figure only.

    Later in the programme RS gives its daily updates Covid stats but there is NO mention of cumulative death numbers under either measure. Does the programme not usually give the cumulative test based statistic daily? Why not today?

    3) BBC News website on its UK page gives UK Covid deaths – it uses the ‘within 28 days of a positive test’ measure.

    But elsewhere on the same website on the same day:

    4) BBC News website on its Scotland page has Covid deaths in Scotland as a headline – it uses the ‘mentioned’ measure only.

    So ‘adjacent’ web pages and ‘adjacent’ news programmes produced by the same organisation following the same editorial guidelines use – without explanation and without any attempt at comparative analysis – different measures to report on a similar topic. One can only wonder why!


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