Things looking bleak for Labour’s ‘cogent, fair, human, nimble, and trustworthy’ Sarwar


A member of the Twitterati, Jonathan Rowson, was one of many impressed by Sarwar’s 6th-Year Prefect performance in the Leaders’ Debate, last week but outside the media bubbles, the public seem less impressed.

After a brief honeymoon period when Labour soared to 23% in polls, they have now settled on 18% and 3rd place in the last 3.

The much-maligned Douglas Ross has averaged 21% in the same polls.

5 thoughts on “Things looking bleak for Labour’s ‘cogent, fair, human, nimble, and trustworthy’ Sarwar

  1. What Labour have done in Scotland will never be forgotten by the voters.

    Labour MPs siding with the conservative party
    The Labour leader in Scotland telling Labour voters to vote Conservative or vote Liberal Democrat to beat SNP
    The Labour councillors teaming up with the conservatives to run the council in Aberdeen to keep out the SNP who won most seats
    Labour councillors going independent to pretend they are not Labour then voting with Labour on everything
    Tactical voting with the conservatives lib dems and ukip
    And theres more too much to mention

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  2. ‘Cogent, fair, nimble, human and trustworthy’, that really is hilarious. If you have to point those things out about a person who is in the public arena, you have a problem. Cogent? Numble, Human? I mean, what does that even mean!!!
    We know that his party can never ever be ‘trusted’, so no matter how C, N and Human (!) he comes across, riiight…the huge lies and faux care for the people will not wash with the electorate of Scotland.

    Labour’s legacy of their ten year stint in power at Holyrood still lives on and will do for many years to come. Labour branch in Scotland sent back £1.5 BILLION to Westminster, and they duped Scotland out of £BILLIONS with their PFI scams, a ‘debt’ still being paid off by councils across Scotland, for many years to come. Labour branch, HQ’d in London in their TEN years in power in Scotland, sending £billions back to WM and said there was ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’. Not housing, health or education, not social care, infrastructure, jobs creation, small business support, environment, or just simply helping those suffering under Tory ‘austerity’, nope, ‘nothing’. The Labour council fought to deny women equal pay in Glasgow, Labour council in Edinburgh trams fiasco, they wasted £billions there. Labour privatised the non domestic part of Scottish water, they readied the Western General hospital in Edinburgh for closure by
    dismantling services and allowing it to start to crumble. Now it is a major research and cancer hospital, vital to the city and outlying areas, all due to SNP gov’s investment. Labour wanted the high value land for posh housing, rather than keep an essential hospital open for the good of everyone. Lastly, what did Labour do with the ‘block grant’ because it was higher by £blns when they were in power, and I can’t think of one thing they did that benefitted Scotland, anyone feel free to correct me if you can!

    J. McConnell ex Labour FM was then awarded a seat at HOL’s paid £300+ a day for services to his masters at WM, others who were on their knees to their masters in London as well…disgusting.

    Sarwar can smooth talk all he likes, but the people of Scotland are not stupid, well, some are and many no doubt who have recently moved up from the English shires to escape the governments’ mess and dirty water etc, in England, but, Labour HQ’d in England are no friend of Scotland and would take another wrecking ball to Scotland’s economy etc. Sarwar must be in line for a HOL’s seat too…let’s hope he fails in his English govs’ deployment to deny Scotland a chance to keep repairing the damage of decades of Tory/red Tory austerity, (centuries really) and denying the peoples of Scotland their right to decide their own future. Labour nor any other British Nationalist party must ever be allowed to take power in Scotland, only genuine Scottish parties must have a fair go at representing the people of Scotland, it’s the only democratic route for the people of Scotland.

    Sorry long rant.

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  3. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck..etc
    Westminster using FPTP and the reward of Knighthoods, seats in the HofLs or career positions after office have reduced politics to a Gentlemens Club.

    The policies converge and the turns each in power has delivered the mid Tory compromise. The blue Tories, the red Tories and the yellow Tories are indistinguishable from each other. The New Labour period or the Tory/LibDem Government have proved the alignment of Westminster.

    Regardless of how many Scottish MPs are at Westminster the system was designed to neuter them by the ratio of votes. We do not have a Union of Nations. We have a numerically superior group based in One Nation determining the path we all take on every issue.

    We need to act on Independence now!

    Sarwar is a simple branch manager of a rapidly diminishing membership. He is a figurehead to delude Scots that such a thing as Scottish Labour actually exists.


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