Scottish Tories know about their leader’s lack of popularity

Where is the Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, currently a Westminster MP for Moray, standing for election so that he may become leader of the opposition in Holyrood?

Which constituency? Well none of them. They’re all listed. The word ‘ross’ does come up, but it’s Ross Lambie, Caithness, Sutherland and Ross.

Doesn’t he think he can beat Richard Lochhead, the MSP for Moray? He came second, only 3 000 behind in 2016. He’s the big man now so…

Ah here he is, in the list or life-support system for the unpopular:

Wait, Highlands and Islands? Why not North East Scotland?

Wait again, an Eagle and a Mountain? Does it help to have thematic names?

Ah, Ross meaning ‘headland.’

And Struan from ‘sruthan’ or ‘stream.’

Cunning tactics from the Tories.

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13 thoughts on “Scottish Tories know about their leader’s lack of popularity

    1. Not the first time. I think Sky referred to him twice as “Douglas Murray”.
      Certainly someone did.
      He has been an Tory MSP–a very small pool.
      He has been a Tory MP–an even smaller pool.
      You would imagine if he was any good, people would have heard of him by now.

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  1. Very dull butcher’s apron there, thought they were all BritNat flags galore. Are they all real with real names, Tories are good at making stuff up. I am sure the people of Highlands and Islands have the measure of things and will vote accordingly.

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  2. DRoss is telling the electorate to vote for whichever Unionist party has the best chance of defeating the SNP candidate in their constituency.

    It pains me to point out that the SNP are not going to get the number of seats a polling %age would predict.

    The attacks on the First Minister are paying off.

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    1. In the six regions the very large SNP voted delivered ZERO MSPs. It would not matter what the Unionists did if these votes went to Alba.
      Six Regions and Zero SNP MSPs
      six Regions and 24 Alba MSPs.

      The Unionist plan only works because SNP voters prefer it.

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      1. “DRoss is telling the electorate to vote for whichever Unionist party has the best chance of defeating the SNP candidate in their constituency.“

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  3. Their vote share in Highland and Islands guarentees a seat for him with 44,700 votesof on the list last time. In the NE they won a constituency so the divisor was 2 before the list allocation even started. He has took the more certain route with H&Is.

    3 Tories got placed 1st.,3rd., and 4th. last last time in H&Is the 3rd. Tory on 44,700/3 = 14,980 in 4th. Place
    The LibDems divisor is 3 because they won 2 constituencies (Orkney & Shetland) so no seats.
    Labour got 2nd. and 7th. with 22,900 votes.and 11,450
    The Greens got 5th. place with 14,780 votes.
    The SNP gained 6th place on 11,660 votes just ahead of Labour. Almost 90,000 votes but the divisor was large due to constituency wins.

    Two interesting changes from 2016. Andy Wightman standing as Independent could dent Green Vote.
    Alba first candidate has no divisor and therefore only needs 12,000 votes to pass two candidates.

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  4. DR wants two jobs.

    £150,000 expenses. Salary and perks. To sprout nonsense all the time.

    RD £2000 a week, + expenses + perks.

    The Tories wasting £Billion of taxpayers monies and killing people. Vote Tory to die younger. The Tories misappropriating and wasting Scotland’s revenues and resources.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion, PPE schemes. Test and trace. Hinkley Point, HS2, Trident, selling illegal weaponry causing conflict and death worldwide. Illegal lobbying and electoral fraud. Brexit. The Tories wasting and misappropriation £Billions. Cutting £Billions from essential services.


  5. SNP constituency
    ALBA regional

    Has to be this if serious about Scottish Independence

    Alex is 66 now so he wont want to be involved in politics much longer
    Nicola is only 50

    The more votes SNP voters give to the greens the greater will be the greens demands and remember they recently introduced this strange thing where they actually have 2 leaders of the party
    What happens if the 2 leaders dont agree on something ?
    well they have this committee of seven people who are asked to decide
    Why would they do that ?

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  6. Gordon, while I agree with the views expressed, I’m thinking you must have those last two paragraphs saved, ready to copy & paste judging by the amount of times I’ve seen (and liked) them 😂😂


  7. Sneaky selection for DRoss, presumably his best chance based on previous patterns or protecting someone else’s List chance in the NE?
    I have to question whether Tory unpopularity now augmented by his personal unpopularity may cause a dramatic shift.

    One of side effects of all the “gaming d’Hondt” antics over the year has been heightened awareness of how the system actually works as opposed to a spare vote you could take a “gamble” on.

    May 2021 and the List vote is no longer the playground of party strategists, quite a few upsets to electoral assumptions may be coming down the road.


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