Two-child limit and rape clause policy has harmed 350,000 families and 1.25 million children

From SNP Media this morning:

The SNP has condemned the Tory government for remaining wedded to the ‘obscene’ two-child limit and rape clause – in the wake of a new report showing the policy has negatively impacted 350,000 families and 1.25 million children in the four years since it was imposed.

The report by Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), published today, also found the impact of the two-child limit on families has been compounded by other Tory cuts to social security, including benefit freezes and the benefit cap. CPAG analysis shows before COVID-19, £36billion per year had been cut from social security as a result of Tory policies since 2010.

Since April 2017, parents having a third or subsequent child are no longer eligible for support through child tax credit and universal credit if they need it. This support is worth up to £2,830 per child per year. The policy includes a controversial caveat – the rape clause – meaning that, in order to claim for third or subsequent children conceived through rape, women must make a declaration to the DWP, reliving previous trauma.

Commenting, SNP Shadow Chancellor Alison Thewliss MP said:

“The Tory government has pushed millions of people into poverty with its barbaric cuts to social security. It’s obscene that they remain so wedded to the two-child cap and rape clause – despite the overwhelming evidence of the damage it is doing to our society. It must be scrapped.

“Covid has exposed the deep inequality that exists under the broken Westminster system. While the SNP government is putting money into people’s pockets with progressive policies like the Scottish Child Payment – the Tories are taking billions away with cuts to family budgets.

“The DWP’s own statistics show the damaging impact their policies are having, with an unmistakable increase in poverty levels amongst families with three children or more, and 
47 percent of children in these families now living in poverty. 

“Not only does this harmful Tory policy make it increasingly difficult for families to get by in these challenging times, there is evidence that it forces women into an impossible choice between serious financial difficulty or terminating a pregnancy. 

“Scotland doesn’t have to put up with endless Tory cuts at Westminster. By casting both votes for the SNP on 6th May we can put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands and get on with building the fairer society we all want to see.”


Notes to Editors:

CPAG Report –

DWP Households Below Average Income (HBAI) Report –

11 thoughts on “Two-child limit and rape clause policy has harmed 350,000 families and 1.25 million children

  1. Yes awful but it fits in with my firm belief that the Tories are out to further accelerate the colonisation of Scotland by inhibiting population growth.


    1. I guess there is an element of that also in their thinking but I believe their ultimate goal is see population growth coming only from south of the border to extinguish any thoughts of separation.


      1. “Scotland will never be respected by English Torydum, only assimilated.”

        Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated?

        1) Do they really want our “biological and technological distinctiveness to be added to their own”? (In which case, aren’t we a ‘People’?)
        2) Is there actually a Hive Mind? Or, indeed, *any* discernible mind? 😀


    2. ‘To summarise, there are strong links between the right-wing idea of competitive individualism, Social Darwinism, social inequalities, eugenics, nationalism, fascism and authoritarianism. Those ideas are implicit in Tory rhetoric, because they form the very foundations of Tory ideology. A society with inequalities is and always has been the ideologically founded and rationalised product of Conservative Governments. Inequality is at the heart of ‘competitive individualism’ which is at the heart of neoliberal ideology. In any competitive system, there are always a handful of ‘winners’ and many more ‘losers’. ‘




  2. I don’t discern any mind other than that of neo-fascist authoritarians and xenophobes. It needs remembering that Scottish ‘nationalism’ is compatible with multiculturalism, where as contemporary English “nationalism”, and Scottish Torydum, are not (see Brexit). It should also be remembered that there is nothing uniquely British about the British values being taught in English schools, which English Torydum fails to comply with anyway. British nationalism as we know it Jim, is essentially an exercise in assimilating the British citizenry to become Little Englanders, through the processes of methodological nationalism (e.g. BBC output).

    Britishness and Identity Assimilation among
    the UK’s Minority and Majority ethnic groups


  3. The UK the most unequal place in the world. Funds from Scotland taken to fuel London S/E. Totally congested damages the economy. London S/E has the highest concentration of voters. Unionists fund London S/E to get a majority. The illegal Barnett Formula deprives Scotland. Scottish resources and revenues are misappropriated and misused by Westminster. The McCrone Report.

    The SNP Gov have to mitigate the cuts in funding of essential services by the Westminster incompetents. The £10 a week payment to lower income households will alleviate poverty.

    SNP policies kinship payments keeping children out of state care. Increased grants and loans to lower income families. School dinners for all primary schools. Funds for the most vulnerable and carers. These policies will all help eradicate poverty, Until Scotland is Independent and can control and manage all the revenues and resources.

    Not paying repayments on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. £3Billion. £1Billion for Trident and redundant weaponry. Scotland cannot borrow £5Billion to invest in the economy for growth. Increased revenues. Scotland loses £3Billion in tax evasion. UK tax laws not enforced by Westminster treasury.

    Scotland raises £66Billion but could raise even more. In surplus in food, fuel and energy. Pays more despite being nearer the source. Brexit another Westminster policies Scotland did not vote for which will ruin the economy.

    Westminster Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion have cost Scotland dear. Westminster selling illegally weaponry causing conflict and death in the world. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act.

    Independence will make the world a better place. Eradicate poverty.


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