Scotsman poll is more good news for pro-Indy parties

Not for the first time, I’ve had to sort out a misleading MSM report.

The original Scotsman headline was:

Nicola Sturgeon to fall short of majority as Alex Salmond’s Alba Party deprives SNP of key list seats, poll shows

Here’s the gist from Colin:

The poll, by Savanta ComRes for The Scotsman, shows the SNP on 64 MSPs, one short of a majority, and Alba Party returning zero MSPs with three per cent of the list vote. However, the election on May 6 would return a pro-independence majority of 74 MSPs with 10 Scottish Green MSPs also predicted to be elected.

One poll, is of course, just one poll so what’s the trend?

Support for everyone is pretty much unchanging since the beginning of March. An overall majority for the SNP is probable but an overall pro-Indy majority looks a cert. Media coverage seems largely ineffective in changing voting intentions.

Media commentators have made much of Sarwar’s strong performances and Ross doing badly but the polls say otherwise. Support for Labour is down on Savanta’s March poll and Conservative support is holding up, in 2nd place.

2 thoughts on “Scotsman poll is more good news for pro-Indy parties

  1. I had understood that, a few months ago, the various Brit Nat Parties were formulating policies to head of independence:–
    Lib Dumbs—ditto.
    Toadies—new act of Union.

    But here we are in the middle of what is claimed as a “decisive” election—and the Brits have nothing–zilch–zero!!!

    I can see a Velvet Divorce coming up!
    Especially if N Ireland boils over via Boris and his lies, his loose talk and inability to think things through.

    “It wisnae me”! The Bullingdon whine through the ages!


  2. DRoss is telling the electorate to vote for whichever Unionist party has the best chance of defeating the SNP candidate in their constituency.

    It pains me to point out that the SNP are not going to get the number of seats a polling %age would predict.

    The attacks on the First Minister are paying off.


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