Reporting Scotland exposed by BBC 1 News

After inviting us to watch with them the funeral of a victim of drug addiction, Reporting Scotland joined the other MSM to celebrate Scotland’s toll of Covid death.

In sharp contrast BBC 1 News loyally promoted the Oxford vaccine’s safety and reminded viewers that deaths (far higher than in Scotland) were now very low.

Reporting Scotland’s Glenn Campbell moved quickly to link the 10 000 deaths to hospital discharges into care homes telling us that the Health Secretary has ‘admitted’ that: ‘moving older people from hospital to care homes without safeguards was a mistake.’

All the usual subjects are then quoted, blaming the Scottish Government for the deaths and failing to refer to the several research studies indicating that the larger care homes, almost all privately owned and through their reliance on temporary agency staffing moving between homes, triggered the outbreaks.

Why did Jeanne Freeman not mount a defence? No idea.

My point here is not just about the accuracy or otherwise of reports but about the choices made on what to report. BBC UK staff fear the Conservative Government while BBC Scotland staff are aware of their responsibility to the BBC HQ in London and only to them. They are BBC Scotland only the sense that BBC outposts in the US or in Brussels are in those places.

6 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland exposed by BBC 1 News

  1. Media bias, primarily through framing and agenda setting, significantly influences the distribution of power, and the degree to which governments are held to account, or not. It is also fundamental to promoting and sustaining a culture of “learned helplessness”. Otherwise, the BBC would not have go to the bother of pretty much mastering the art. Though the BBC in Scotland appear to be taking the piss now.

    Framing and Framing Theory


  2. When time allows we must protest outside Pathetic quay
    They must not be allowed to Tarnish Scotlands great AchievementS
    During COVID

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  3. And tonight on the BBC Scotland web pages the BBC and their Tory cronies are trumpeting that the gentle (over polite, in my view) Jeane Freeman has admitted that the Scottish Government made its own mistakes that resulted in the large number of deaths of the elderly in care homes. Can they not liste/read what JF said?

    Jeane said “But we didn’t take the right precautions to make sure that older people leaving hospital going into care homes were as safe as they could be and that was a mistake.”

    Translation for the thick – “We made the mistake of assuming that care homes, private and public, which had been operating in Scotland for decades, were diligent in their duties of care and protection for their resident elderly. We were, sadly, wrong to do so.”

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  4. I saw this item on Reporting Scotland but I did not see Ms Freeman giving her answer – serving dinner. Was a clip shown of her answering the question or were we just given their interpretation of the answer?

    The BBC News website, Scotland section, highlighted the 10,000 deaths but no real data on the extent to which deaths have reduced over the last few weeks just lots of caveats that the Registrars Offices were closed over the Easter holiday. But this is Thursday so surely they have caught up. Compare and Contrast with main site going big on 92% drop in deaths in England and Wales.

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