Yes leads for 5 polls in a row

Five polls in a row now, from five different pollsters, with their own slightly different methodologies, indicates a safe return to a majority for independence after a wee suspicious dip around the time of the media feeding frenzy on the FM and the former FM.

The average lead of 2.6 is a bit modest compared to the slightly above 5 in November and December 2020 but emergence from lockdown, Tory cock-ups and campaigning will surely push it up again.

4 thoughts on “Yes leads for 5 polls in a row

  1. Wait until the campaign starts. An absolute majority in Holyrood first. Less unionists to muck things up. When the Indy campaign commences. Majority will go up considerably.

    Indy Ref 2014 went from 27% to 45% nearly made it. Unionists lies affected the vote. Poll manipulation to influence the vote during the purdah period. Illegal Vow.

    Extended franchise. Brexit lies and betrayal. Just get one other on board the Indy express. Or a few. The skies the limit. Independence.


  2. At long last, it certainly appears that Scots are awakening to the inadequacies of British ‘democracy’. Which takes a culturally informed and rather exceptional approach towards law and order, that denies Scots the legal right to legal rights (see Brexit).

    Democratic inclusion
    A pluralist theory of citizenship$002f9781526105257.00007.xml?t:ac=9781526105257$002f9781526105257.00007.xml

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