Scotland ‘ahead of the pace’ and vaccinating far more than other parts of UK

In early February, Scotland vaccinating fewer overall as it tackled the logistics of vaccinating the most at risk in care homes, was big news for Reporting Scotland.

By late February we were ahead but it was not reported.

By late March, we were vaccinating far more but ‘radio silence’ was the order.

Today we’re well ahead again:

Over the last 7 days we’ve vaccinated far more:

Reporting Scotland? Nothing.

12 thoughts on “Scotland ‘ahead of the pace’ and vaccinating far more than other parts of UK

  1. At the end of last week Jeans Freeman was being interviewed on Good Morning Scotland about the relaxation of the restrictions coming into force. Then she was asked, “Why is Scotland’s vaccination rate far behind the rest of the UK?”. No evidence was given. Calmly and unflustered , Ms Freeman replied, “That is not rue. Rates are comparable across all four countries.”

    Then, “the rate of vaccination has fallen markedly. You said that 60 000 per day could be vaccinated.” Again, calmly, she replied that should the supply permit, 60 000 per day can be vaccinated. She pointed out that supplies to all for nations were proportionate to population.

    This is sadly common for the BBC. Posit things demonstrably untrue just to create a mendacious illusion. This truly is ‘fake news’.

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    1. Aye, GMS and Gary Robertson in particular seem to determined to get a gold star from Miss for stirring it, all pretence to journalism has been abandoned.

      Heard Gary the Rottweiler interviewing AS over Alba and the upcoming election, indpendence, etc., and near the end attempt to drag RT/Putin/Shripal/etc etc into it as the AS show is aired on RT.

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    1. PS – The bizarre AS-Gary Robertson incident on GMS finally made sense late last night when Petra posted a link to a Independent article on the “Novichoc scandal”,

      It has all the hallmarks of a premeditated “sting”, and no offence to AS/Alba supporters intended, but the party’s performance thus far is hardly stunning, so it is not Alba they are going after but AS personally.

      What on earth is it about Alex Salmond the “establishment” fear so much ?


  2. Prof John,
    I had gone into BBC Scotland Website at 6 o’clock tonight and their main headline was the fantastic news that the Nevalna Vaccine being created at the plant in Livingston had tremendous effect on Covid with an 89.9% effectiveness with a medium dose and 100% effectiveness with a full dose, requiring no further doses.
    I.E it targets Stem Cells to create lifetime immunity, much like the BCG vaccine.
    They had done initial tests on 153 people with no side effects recorded and were now moving to tests on 5,000 people.
    I looked again at 10pm to pass on this news to others and was astonished to see it had completely disappeared. Wiped off the face of the planet. I tried using the search option but could only find old news about Nevalna from 28/01/21.
    Is their anyone else who saw this to corroborate what I saw and more worryingly has the BBC deliberately wiped this news because it’s a Scottish firm and we can’t have a Scottish firm doing better than Oxford just before a very important election.
    It’s possible someone at BBC Scotland is standing on ‘Polythene’ right now.

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    1. “.. Nevalna Vaccine being created at the plant in Livingston”

      Presumably you mean the Valneva vaccine? Yes, it’s being ‘manufactured’ in Livingston if that equates to ‘creation’ – not sure it quite does!!

      The vaccine was ‘developed’ by the French specialist vaccine developer Valneva ( )

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  3. Looks as if the Norwegian health authorities were right to be cautious and, a few weeks ago, to pause their use of the Oxford AZ vaccine.

    This was published on the BBC News website on 16 March: “Norway vaccine concern over ‘blood clot cluster’: “Norway took the decision to pause using the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine as precautionary measure, Sara Watle, senior physician at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has said.

    ‘She told BBC World News: “The four cases were clusters so they were reported to us in a very short period of time and the four cases have all occurred in patients under 50 years of age and they all have a rare combination of symptoms with blood clots, haemorrhages and low platelet counts.”

    ‘It was “too difficult for us to conclude” whether there was a link between the blood clots and the vaccine but pausing use of the AstraZeneca jab had been “a very difficult decision”, she added.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) has previously said there is no evidence of a link between clots and vaccines and urged countries not to halt vaccinations.

    ‘AstraZeneca has said there is no evidence of an increased risk of clotting due to the vaccine.’

    As things stand, I will accept the AZ vaccine as the population level stats still indicate its relative safety and its net positive benefits.

    Notwithstanding this, hopefully some individuals deemed to be at greater risk – even if few in number – will be spared very serious adverse effects because of the further acquisition of knowledge by those health professionals following up the cases of clotting.

    Presenting population level net benefit statistics and the investigation of rare adverse cases in order to improve screening are not incompatible but complementary actions. In other fields of medicine, this is what modern ‘stratified medicine’ seeks to achieve.


  4. I had the Pfizer vaccine for my first dose. If I am offered AstraZeneca for my second dose I will take, it, given that I am over 70. I also take a blood thinner. I will need to ask my GP if this should figure in my calculations.


    1. As I take a blood thinner too I was also worried about this. Consultant assured me it wouldn’t be an issue -worth asking your doctor ahead of time for reassurance


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