Thank Boris we’re in England and not Brazil? No

A BBC team has been in Brazil sending us back the most harrowing images of death, of failure to comply with measures to control the spread of infection and of a political leadership clearly guilty of failing to protect its own people.

Back home, no such critique is aired by the state broadcaster. Instead Boris wanders around, presented as the leader who saved us with a bit of sharp business practice in cornering the market for vaccines but things have not been worse in Brazil.

There has so far been far more death per capita in England and the UK overall than in Brazil:

Scotland, once in control, has stemmed the tide but still suffered terribly.

The level of daily death is only now far higher in Brazil. That’s why the BBC have gone there as they did, ‘chasing ambulances’ in Italy, Russia and the USA, for the same insensitive dishonest purpose.

But, the death rate in Brazil does not look like reaching the sickening heights of England or the UK in January and February 2021:

Once again, Scotland suffered terribly but by following the JCVI advice and vaccinating in the care homes before all other places, saved the lives of thousands.

This is the UK in its place.

11 thoughts on “Thank Boris we’re in England and not Brazil? No

  1. I’m pretty sure I pointed out some time ago, elsewhere, that the most neo-liberal nations would likely experience the highest death-toll due to covid-19. So ‘our’ PM can only claim to be slightly less of a threat to public health and open democracy, than Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro. At least now that he’s decided to (partially) follow the scientific advice.


      1. Obesity is certainly a serious public health problem, that apparently also makes one more prone to covid-19. Unfortunately, I’m sure there’s more than a few in our team, who could do with loosing a few pounds. So although I appreciate this is your blog and you’ve made me welcome, from the perspective of anti-oppression discourse, it’s best to avoid stigmatisation. Though I suppose when it comes to Tories…. 😉

        Obesity and COVID-19: what makes obese host so vulnerable?


  2. Bolsonaro is installed in Brazil by the US, he has deliberately allowed the virus to get out of control, his agenda being to kill off as many people as possible, and to make the situation as bad as possible to keep the people at the mercy of the US etc.
    For the English government to make political gain out of this terrible situation is just the pits it really is. It’s a propaganda tactic, look how bad it could be, you should be grateful people, of UKOK. As you say, ambulance chasing to distract the gullible from actual facts of the terrible immunity tactics of the English government, leading to so many deaths. Bolsonaro should be in prison, and so should Johnson.

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    1. Artyhetty
      I do not want to frighten any but with ref.
      A ) Boris letting the virus rip has directly led to the Kent variant that is now ravaging Europe
      B) Bolsonaro ditto for the Brazilian p1 new variant
      Now for the scary bit
      In Chile who have successfully vaccinated proportionally more than UK
      but just slightly behind Israel
      Now have new cases rampaging and this was all of a sudden and and no warning
      However it is very early days to confirm why, but they are now almost certain it is a further mutation of the P1 Brazilian
      But here is the lethal bit early indications are that it is a double mutation
      If so this is referred to a Fold 3 change
      They are completely bewildered by
      1 The sheer speed this came upon them
      2 Just how contagious it is
      3. How it is easily infecting those already
      4.How those who vaccinated becoming
      Seriously sick
      5. Far more young becoming infected
      6. How the new variant is rapidly becoming dominant over the P1 & original virus
      WHO have been alerted
      And urgent genome work now being conducted to identify the genetic code of this new one
      Like i am sick to the back teeth of telling all and from the very beginning this virus is pre programmed perfectly to mutate like this and the single biggest error any can ever make is to let the virus rip
      All this was all so predictable
      Just look how Boris has completely modified his words and actions now
      Why because SAGE has thumped of what i speak of hear well and truly into his exceptionally thick ,stupid,dellusional and greedy cranium
      Boris and Bolsorano along with any leaders who acted in similar manners
      Are criminals against the lives and wellbeing of the whole of humanity
      And as such they must be brought to account put on trial and if guilty ( my decency forces me to use the word IF )
      Then in such cases the sentence must be and with the greatest regret be the Death penalty
      All so a clear message is put out loud and clear what will happen to you should as a leader you behave as this pair have
      Because the next pandemic is in the making and on its way
      China,s leaders were told by their experts exactly what would happen if they did not act swiftly and ruthlessly lock down Whuan
      And that is exactly why China now completely in control and roaring ahead
      Economically and Militarally now
      Not for malign purposes but for once and all bring a end to Western Hegemony and
      Neo liberal Capitalism for once and and all

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  3. Distraction journalism as labelled, but more insidiously “Ah whit about Brazil” was being primed by the social media ear-weevils for at least the prior fortnight, so all clearly State sponsored.

    P1UK makes the absolutely valid points that virus mechanics are well understood, and there is not the faintest chance political leaders were not made fully aware of the risks and consequences.
    I don’t swallow the “bumbling Boris” or ‘unforeseen” story lines, this utterly ruthless man has gone from childhood extermination of garden ants to humans, still hiding the magnifying glass and claiming complete innocence.

    That Scotland was unable to completely diverge from London’s megalomania is something Scots can begin to address in May.
    The world most of us have known throughout our lives is changing and it’s going to get bumpy, we can only hope the next generation do not exhibit the same myopia we did.

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