SNP plans free school meals for ALL primary pupils

John Swinney said claiming free school meals could be hard for parents with children at smaller schools (Photo: Scottish Government)
Photo: Scottish Government


Nicola Sturgeon will today urge voters to give both votes to the SNP on May 6th to deliver ambitious free-school meals plans which could save families hundreds of pounds a year.

With four weeks to go until the election, the SNP Leader will confirm that an SNP Government will provide free school breakfasts and lunches to every primary school pupil. And both breakfast and lunches will be made available all year round, ending the holiday gap that left too many children hungry, and increasing the saving to families to an estimated £650 per year per child.

She will also unveil plans to pilot free nutritious school breakfasts in secondary schools, which could see universal breakfast provision rolled out for older pupils.

During the pandemic, the SNP Government has provided additional help to low incomes families, providing free school meals in holidays and additional income through two £100 pandemic payments.

Speaking while campaigning in Glasgow today, Nicola Sturgeon is expected to say:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for everyone – that’s why so much of our focus in government has been to help families get by in tough times.

“All children in primaries 1 to 3 already benefit from access to free school meals, saving families around £400 per child per year.

“But if re-elected, we will go much further. An SNP Government will provide free school breakfasts and lunches to every primary school pupil in Scotland, all year round, and for all children in state-funded special schools in Scotland. This will eventually save them an estimated £650 a year per child.

“That will make an enormous difference to families in every corner of the country — but even this will not be the limit of our ambition.

“We’ll look to the long term by piloting of free nutritious school breakfasts in secondary schools – which will help us to explore the feasibility of universal breakfast provision in secondary schools.

“School meals boost children’s energy, concentration and behaviour, which leads to improvements in academic attainment. Our plan gives much-needed support to families right now – but it is also a significant investment in Scotland’s future.

“It took a high-profile campaign by Marcus Rashford to shame Boris Johnson into doing the right thing. For us in Scotland, it is a lesson in why it is far better that key decisions are taken here in Scotland – and not left in the hands of the Tories at Westminster.

“By giving both votes to the SNP in this election, people can elect a government which has a plan to lead Scotland through the pandemic and ensure that every family is supported through the recovery.”


Contact: SNP Media 

6 thoughts on “SNP plans free school meals for ALL primary pupils

  1. This represents the single best investment not only relieving poverty
    And hardship
    But with the massive gains in Scotland,s
    Future prospects both economically and health
    The potential dividend way in excess of the monies invested
    But only if carried through properly and
    Co ordinated with other policies that will
    Compliment the overall objectives and the responsible actions of the beneficiaries

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    1. Precisely, and that’s not even a radical point of view. Policy frameworks need to be coherent, if they hope to be effective. As well as being targeted at alleviating the harms caused by poverty. That’s if you’re concerned about social cohesion and sustainability, though those who support English Torydum would probably disagree.

      Macroeconomic Policy and Poverty Reduction


  2. As part of my voluntary work, our group helps create gardens in primary schools where food can be grown, and the kitchen staff incorporate some of this in the meals. Of course, it is a tiny proportion of what is required for the meals in a year, but, it points up the link between growing and eating. A group of mothers takes over the management, when we have completed the preparation.

    Usually, when we are building, we have lunch in the dinner hall with the children (Yes, we are Disclosure checked!), and, it is a pleasure to see how sociable lunch time is, compared to Kent Road PS in 1954!

    The social aspect is very important.

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