SNP pull away with massive lead in latest poll

Today’s Ipsos MORI poll for STV for 4th April puts the SNP, in the constituency vote, on 53% against only 20% and 18% for the Conservative and Labour.

This suggests that the SNP is in line for 70 seats and a standalone majority of 11.

Though the SNP is down from 47% on the last Ipsos MORI poll in February, in the Regional vote, at 38%, the Greens are up from 8% to 12% suggesting 11 seats and giving a pro-Indy lead of 22.

Alba are down again at only 3% and the AFU scored zero.

26 thoughts on “SNP pull away with massive lead in latest poll

  1. Ahh but do you believe that Westminster , Boris Johnston , the british newspapers , the british radio stations , BBC , SKY , STV , are all corrupt and tell lies BUT the british opinion polls run by one of them….STV is not corrupt ?

    I dont

    I think the polling in UK including and especially in Scotland at present is corrupt.
    They can as we have already seen recently , produce polls to fit the result they want to show.
    Its no coincidence that STV produced this poll on the same day that ALBA released their video with Alex Salmond

    How do the polls fiddle their results ? They keep records of who they contact what they were asked and what their answers were
    Then all they have to do in a future poll is contact the people that answered the question the way they want it answered again.

    This is what they do , corrupt

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  2. SNP across Scotland for constituency votes

    For LIST seats vote as you see fit to ensure maximum Scottish independence seats
    In North East Scotland a LIST vote for SNP is wasted we got zero seats last time for 175 thousand votes
    This time vote ALBA on the LIST

    Across Scotland a million votes for SNP LIST seats got us zero LIST seats last time
    Do not make the same mistake
    Realise you are being played by westminster and realise STV head office in in London

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  3. SNP down 9% in the list vote. It seems folk in Scotland are starting to give serious consideration, depending on their own area, to voting Green or Alba in the list vote. A good sign for independence.

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  4. This only means that it makes even less sense to vote SNP on the list. If the SNP constituency vote increases and its regional vote decreases, then d’Hondt will then have a smaller number to divide by a bigger number, which makes an increasingly nugatory fraction of the votes. Both votes SNP becomes increasingly unjustifiable.

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  5. I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but polling is often conducted in a manner that gives a democratic veneer to a lack of substantive pluralism and open democracy. This is quite likely in Scotland, given the totalitarian and authoritarian nature of contemporary British nationalism (see Brexit).

    Pre-election polling and the democratic veneer in a hybrid regime

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  6. Remember this

    4 LIST seats for SNP in yellow on the diagram

    A million LIST votes for SNP last time in the regions with no yellow dots got no LIST seats at all

    Dont make the same mistake twice


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  7. Terrence you do try your best for Alba but it isn’t succeeding. At 3% it’s a wasted vote. Better to give it to the Greens if you support Independence or the snp for sure.

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    1. Does anyone, like me, think or suspect that the more the SNP appear to have the constituency vote in the bag, our supporters might not turn out in the numbers needed on polling day?


        1. Perhaps easier said than done, here’s hoping most share our views and turn up, come hell or high water!


  8. I suppose that is always a possibility but I think with the events over the past 2 years ( Brexit, covid, enquiry) most folk are keen to vote to show the tories and the other unionists we have had enough.
    Glad to say many first time voters are also keen for the SNP.


  9. Great result. Polls can be used to manipulate the results. The piper pays the tune. Polling industry corruption. Censored and fined many times. The hedge funds get away with it. Betting and making monies on the results. The reason for Brexit. Tax evasion.

    Still a month to go. Plenty of time for Alba to shine. Especially in the NE. People are all ready giving pledges and joining. Alex Salmond still with huge support after the ordeal he has been put though. Farmer/fishermen, oil and renewables feeling the ill Brexit winds and the betrayal.

    Breaking D’Hond’t after 20 years. No one in the NE will have been polled.


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