James McEnaney is no better than John McLellan

In the run-up to an election, candidate in 2016 for RISE: Respect, Independence, Socialism and Environmentalism, James McEnany offers some anecdotal stuff from some teachers suggesting they’re responsible for nothing that happens in schools and that Nicola Sturgeon is ‘looking to blame them’ for the ‘mess’. This is an attempt to weaken support for the SNP.

I see no statements by the FM blaming anyone or evidence of a mess, in reliable sources using reliable survey data from a representative sample of teachers.

I see no acknowledgment of McEnaney’s loyalties to a cluster of former and current political organisations participating in the 2021 Holyrood election. McEnaney has long a list of contributions to debate in the media and in political contexts, including Holyrood committees. I agree with some of his stuff but it tends to be uniformly concerned to attack the SNP, neglecting weakness in the opposition parties. He’s entitled. Indeed, I welcome his involvement. That’s democracy in action.

The above is not democracy in action. As in his regular pieces in the National, McEnaney does not show us his baggage. Readers deserve to know where he is coming from. They should be treated like adults.

The Scotsman’s John McLellan never tells us that he is a Tory Councillor and former adviser to Ruth Davidson. In this respect (only) McEnaney is no better than him.

4 thoughts on “James McEnaney is no better than John McLellan

  1. British newspapers are riddled with tory politicians who dont state that they are tory politicians.
    Similar ploy to the BBC who stop someone in the street giving viewers the impression they are just a random passer bye but in fact they are a pre planned arrangement questions and answers prepared in advance and a unionist political activist councillor or similar.
    The thing is their trickery and deception is immediately recognised by people but of course the damage is done because we the people cant broadcast the exposure of this trickery and deception to millions of living rooms the way the BBC can.

    All part of englands propaganda war on Scotland

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  2. Scotland has the best education system in the world. Anyone who disputes that is uneducated and ignorant. It just takes 5-10mins on the internet to establish that fact.

    People in Scotland know how good it is because they use it. They go into schools, they attend colleges and have apprenticeships. They go to university. Life long learning. The most universities, colleges and apprenticeship pro rata per population in the world. World class institution and the most (pro rata) educated in the world. There is no attainment gap compared to other counties attainments, support for the vulnerable.

    Labour were mean testing student loans on household income. Pupils of average household income could not go to university because they could not get full funding. A full student loan. £2000 or less instead of £3000. The SNP have rectified that a few years ago. Vulnerable students or those in care get further support.

    Life long learning. 30% go to University from school, 20/25% mature students, 15% EU students + foreign students, 55% + 15% – 70% + foreign students. The next in line is Canada 56%. Comparison of different systems can need qualification.

    It could be even better without Westminster unionist colossal interference. Scottish budget totally mismanaged by Westminster. The illegal Barnett Formula. Wasting Scottish revenues and resources. No taxation without representation.

    The education system could be even better. Lower class sizes in certain areas and more support. Less paperwork. The Council authorities could be better organised. They can keep class sizes higher. They use the statuary limit (30), instead of being better organised. Lower the limit they would have to comply,

    Scotland the first country to have tertiary education. Scottish invention and discovery has shaped the world. TV, radio and telecommunication led on to the internet. Worldwide communication. Educational advantages worldwide.


  3. O/t. Arty Hetty . . . Exactly. Well said . . . . . The Greens leaving the decision to stand in a constituency up to local branches does ma nut in . . . . Goes to show many of them dont give a Fig about independence. . . . And are happy for Westminister to make environmental decisions for them . . . .


  4. I have been saying the same about Mr McEnaney for several years now. I have made this point to the Ferret and Source when they have quoted him as a (self-proclaimed ‘educationalist’). Much of his ‘research is based on anecdotal ‘evidence’ from ‘teachers at the chalkface’.

    He is always ready to provide knocking copy for the British Nationalist media


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