As SNP foot-soldiers surge on the streets, Glenn Campbell narrows his focus till he cannot see

He’s in a wee bubble, inhabited by larger-than-life characters who he thinks determine our fates and who he, uniquely, can analyse for us.

I can be in a bubble at times too, writing this stuff, but I get out.

Even in my room, I get out to the opinion polls just to check in with a reasonable estimate of what others are thinking of doing. Here’s the key thing Campbell ignores. Most of the voters do not give a stuff about this psychodrama. Support for the parties rises and falls gently barely affected by changes in leadership or policy statements by them. It doesn’t matter what Boris says. Nothing will change significantly the behaviour of Conservative voters. It doesn’t matter what the MSM say about Nicola. Nothing will change significantly the behaviour of SNP voters. It doesn’t matter what Alex Salmond did, once he was acquitted. Some folk still trust him to be a force for progress toward independence and will vote for his party because, unlike the Greens, he did the smart thing standing only in the lists and telling his supporters to vote SNP in the constituencies.

Better still, I get out and pound the streets, stuffing SNP leaflets through doors. I’ve done hundreds in the last few days with only one torn up and one handed back politely. The local organiser told me he’s had so many volunteers since Nicola’s inquisition, that he’s giving them as little as 100 houses to do, so that they all get a go. You’d need David Attenborough to find Tory or Labour foot-soldiers. I’ve not met one. The Post Office do them.

11 thoughts on “As SNP foot-soldiers surge on the streets, Glenn Campbell narrows his focus till he cannot see

  1. Indy supporters walk the streets where drouthy neebors meet. People exchange views and information on the internet. People watch the BBC/media less and less. It just annoys them and makes them angry at the total misrepresentation of their experience and their lives. Their friends and family. Health, education and welfare the most important. Not Westminster union pea brain schemes. Public monies disappearing down the drain of Westminster unionist total incompetence, ignorance, arrogance and greed. The Tories are a bunch of thieving parasites.
    Killing people.

    Tam O’shanter. Prime special. World renown. Burns.

    MSM lie, after lie, after lie. Campbell & Co lies. No viewers no programmes. Many have got their jotters. The reluctant few cling on a bit longer. Bit between the teeth. Totally out of touch. Totally irrelevant to people’s lives and experience. They might as well be speaking double Dutch or Klingon. Clinging on bitterly.

    MSM statistic analysis is utterly appalling. They can’t count it read a balance sheet. The headlines are so misleading to be irrelevant. A total embarrassment. No wonder no one watches it. Westminster controlled drivel and garbage. The unionist parties.

    People and voters in Scotland will protect their Parliament because it improves the economy and saves lives.

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  2. O/T—How is Martin Keatings court case going?
    This SHOULD be headline news, but not in Scotland, apparently.


  3. Glad you picked up on that PQ piffle piece as I’d read it and thought it contrived personality nonsense per #10 instruction, but amused by the part on “negative messaging” – Employed by HMS Sarah Smith on that relentless activity over so many years, he’s bound to have picked up some form of expertise on the subject…

    The BBC are fond of featuring Britnat politician photos with extended forefingers, perhaps Scotnat politicians should more frequently raise the middle finger as most of the public do…..

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  4. Thoughtful boris looking to the sky
    Nicola and Alex poor photographs making them look …simple…we know they are anything but

    “ You’d need David Attenborough to find Tory or Labour foot-soldiers. I’ve not met one. The Post Office do them.”

    The britnat leafletters are rare i have seen just one in the twenty years i have lived in this house.
    Its the same for unionist voters , they dont march they dont wear badges they want anonymity i think they are embarrassed especially the tory voters.


    1. Today I received large perhaps expensive Tory leaflet through my door,head lined “How to stop another independence Referendum” A combo job between Dross and Baroness/Colonel NOT once did they mention what they would do for Scotland.!! Realising that there would be NO confrontation !delivered not by a foot soldier.I would like to ask any of them why should I vote for this union? Ask them does the blood money pay enough.What do they NOT like about the N.H.S. Why the need for Offshore Havens,are they more important than peoples,s lives.Why is anyone from Westminster attending COP26? Basically this piece of crap gave me orders how to vote with no reasons

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  5. I have a properly trained Rottweiler who
    Has been specifically guided to be able to identify the scent of a Tory leaflet dropper
    Well yesterday my dedicated efforts spent upon the fine beast paid off
    As the fingers of the little Tory elf was depositing their election leaflet through
    My letter box
    My Rottwelier who had been trained as a stealth weapon sat at the door in silent mode but primed to strike at the exact moment of Tory intrusion within the curtilage of my property
    Leapt and not only took the Tory leaflet
    But also 3 fingers of the bearer of such.
    No need to tell you that the dogs reward was 200 gms of the finest Aberdeen Angus rib eye steak
    All of course said in jest but with a very large dose of wishful thinking both on behalf myself and the dog


  6. I’ve offered to deliver leaflets for my branch and to be a polling agent at the election.

    Just waiting for word the leaflets can be collected and if I’ll be involved at a polling station.


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