Galloway 6: Salmond 12?

George Galloway, founder of the All for Unity party.
I’ve got a surprise for all you earthlings. George Galloway died in 2008. I’m Zog from the planet Zoggia, in his partially reconditioned body.

As a loyal SNP member, I shouldn’t be having this immature fun, but Holyrood will be a far better watch with Salmond and Galloway there.

According to the Telegraph today, a party source told them:

With 4% support, they [George Galloway’s AFU] would cost us five or six seats.Their support is coming disproportionately from us.

The AFU predict a 14% share.

I’m a gambler like someone, so I predict that the Alba Party will take 12 and the overall Indy majority will be 20 or more.

All interplanetary comments welcome, earthling.

12 thoughts on “Galloway 6: Salmond 12?



    1. Galloway taking votes from the Tories is perfect ( not enough to win seats just enough to help the divisor wipe out Tory list candidates at the bottom end.(5 to 6%)

      Alba I am now certain will hit closer to 20% in key areas. NE, Lothian, Glasgow, Mid Scotland and Fife alone had half a million wasted SNP votes with the list average for the SNP at 40%. Those four regions alone will put Alba into double figures at Holyrood.
      The other factor post election is the MSP safety net. When a SNP MSP is cornered to vote on GRA/Hate Bill amendments/ Independence action plan etc he will have the option to “cross the floor” and join Alba or to vote with Alba and become an Independent.

      The change is not restricted to the election period.


      1. ”Alba I am now CERTAIN will hit closer to 20% ..” Can I have the Grand National winner this week-end , please !
        Asking for many , many desperate gamblers , including AS !


        1. James
          If you do not place your bet
          Then do not cry when the result comes in
          It ain,t over till the fat lady stops singing


  2. Oh, the fun and games we shall enjoy. Will the balding and not so Gorgeous George be allowed to wear his hat in the chamber?
    Will DRossy have a new parrot on his shoulder now that Ruthie has gone to be feather-bedded at our expense?
    Or will Galloway think to rule one of his old parties instead? How will Starwars take that?
    This is all supposing Galloway, DRossy and Starwars get elected. Certainly the media are desperately pushing Starwars to the fore, though his party are thought to be losing their by-election to the Tories.


  3. If the answer is one of the following :-
    1.-A cat suit.
    2.-A fat suit.
    3.-A hat suit.
    4.-A law suit.

    What is the question?


  4. If GG gets elected the first motion by the new Presiding Officer at Holyrood should be the making of the wearing of hats indoors against parliamentary procedure.


  5. More faces than a church clock. Twa faced. Absolute carpet bagger. Crombie Mafia. Oil for food corruption. Supports Independence for everywhere except Scotland. Sponging on the Parliament. Taxpayers revenues.


  6. My biggest puzzle is figuring out who might support Mr Galloway in the May election rather than the Tories and why.

    Yes, it will be Unionists but will Loyalist/Unionists – those who would typically vote for Tory ‘Queen’s 11’ Unionism – ignore Mr Galloway’s views on Northern Ireland? Or will many be unaware of them?

    As I understand it, he is still strongly in favour of breaking up the UK by supporting Irish re-unification. As I understand it, he has made some very derogatory comments about the DUP.

    As recently as 9 January 2020, published in The Express online, we have this: ‘Mr Galloway told’s Brexit: The Final Countdown podcast that Northern Ireland leaving the United Kingdom to join Ireland would be “marvellous”. The former Labour MP told podcast host Rebecca Hutson that he has supported a united Ireland his whole life. Finally, Mr Galloway predicted that a united Ireland would become a reality in his lifetime“.’

    The article adds: Ms Hutson said: “Do you have any concern about the Union breaking?” “About a referendum on the island of Ireland for a united Ireland.” “Do you not think we are inching closer to that?”

    ‘Mr Galloway replied: “Not inching we are rapidly hurtling towards that.” The Express podcast host then asked: “How do you feel about that?” Mr Galloway responded: “Marvellous, I come from an Irish Catholic background, I have supported a united Ireland all my life. I believe god willing if I live a normal span in my lifetime Ireland will be reunited.”

    Then on the BBC News website dated 24 August, 2014 we have this about Mr Galloway: “The MP defended his stance on next month’s Scottish referendum, saying he was confident that “the great majority” of people would agree with him and vote against independence on 18 September. He added: “I don’t like partition.”

    We also learn this: “Mr Galloway said his party, Respect, would not fight elections in Northern Ireland as it did not want to take any voters away from Sinn Féin.”

    And finally for this contribution, from the Belfast Herald on 13 July 2017 on Mr Galloway: ‘The controversial broadcaster also seemed to deliberately conflate the behaviour of a few loyalists with the DUP.’

    The article gives this as a quote: “The ‘ulster’ ‘loyalists’ are not fit and proper people to be governing Great Britain and it’s about time Mrs May was told so,” he wrote. “British people will not accept being ruled by the filth on display today, nor should they.”

    Now to be crystal clear, my point is not to express any personal position on the issues raised in the extracts above – I do have views and they are sometimes the same as Mr Galloway – but that’s not my point here. I am puzzling over what kind of Unionists would find a man with these views on a united Ireland and the DUP an ally in opposing Scottish independence? If Tory-type Unionists, they would really have to have lost all scruples!


  7. Sam; message coming through from the great beyond, Captain.

    Captain; put it on the speaker Sam.

    Cracking noises, and then, ” I salute your inde” more crackling interference.

    Captain, play it again Sam.

    Sam, ok Captain, crackling, ” I salute your indefatamatabigfatarseaaa ”

    Captain, space junk Sam, bin it.

    Sam, ok Captain.

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