Persuading the ‘non-Scots’

11 English Scots for Yes tell us why they back independence | The National

In the Panelbase/Times poll for the 1st April, those respondents born in Scotland were 53 to 47 in favour of independence while those born in England were 70 to 30 against and ‘others’ including EU citizens were 51 to 49 against.

Sunday Times Poll 1st April 2021

There are around 350 000 non-British nationals living in Scotland and nearly 500 000 who were born in England

In the Survation/DC Thomson poll on the 30th March, BAME groups were 52 to 17 in favour while Whites were 44 to 43 against.

In the Hanbury poll on March 1st BAME groups were between 70% and 80% in favour of independence.


These are marked contrasts.

Why then are the English-born, the EU citizens and the BAME groups so different in their views?

What can we do to persuade the English-born to change their minds?

14 thoughts on “Persuading the ‘non-Scots’

  1. Addressing your final question, Windrush repatriation comes to mind.
    It could be labelled Bumsrush.
    It should be noted that the circa 500k residents born in the UK but outwith Scotland was measured in the 2011 census and will by now be significantly more and with UK Government plantations of civil servants and military will only increase.
    Those in the English Scots for Independence group must generate a more prominent profile. The SNP, Greens and, dare I say it, Alba should have their English born and accented candidates front and centre to give comfort to those we seek to attract to the cause.
    If only my auld Cumbrian granny were here she’d soon get them telt.


  2. Cultural learning? To many of the English-born, British constitutionalism presents no barriers to the satisfaction of Scotland’s political needs. As it presents no barriers to the satisfaction of England’s political needs. And the ideology that Britain is one nation, has been nurtured by the state and the culture sector since at least the mid-19th century. So it would help if they understood Scotland’s democratic deficit, and how that harms their democratic participation and inclusion.

    Persuade them that their economic, social and cultural rights are not well served by Parliamentary sovereignty, or populist, xenophobic and majoritarian constitutionalism that conflicts with international law (see Brexit).

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  3. Ah John
    This is humdinger of a question
    None the less and on a gut instinctive
    Basis without research but ltd.knowledge
    1.BAME. are in favour of Yes because most have either directly experience of living in England or relatives who have
    Along with properly originating from former colonies and being well aware of
    How the English operate
    Also most of them have made a success of it here and educated
    2.EU.Citezins very close call,but properly
    Feel as it is UK that is host nation.and not fully aware of English/ Scottish history
    E.G. what do they know of The Declaration of Abroath
    Me thinks those of the NO side do not wish to offend the Host who they honestly believe it is the UK and Scotland just a Region
    3.And as for the English PHEW!
    Loyalist to the Crown and by default the Union flag along with a ingrained feeling of superiority
    As for persuading well that is a long hard bloody slog as a massive but not insurmountable barriers to break down
    No doubt that from the 3 groupings they are the ones with a closed mind and fear
    Our Independence on the basis that they just might be considered as Foreigners
    But Traitors to their own


  4. If you move to another country – America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc as many of our families did then that is your country. Your politics are a different matter as is your celebration of heritage.
    Celebrate the country you have chosen as home and do not try to impose another culture on it.
    The English did that to Wales, Ireland and Scotland.
    The are now doing it to Parts of France and Spain.

    Why not embrace the new home you have chosen.

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  5. Scotland has no “Scottish” media, press, radio or TV.
    English people will buy the Torygraf, Daily Heil, Supress etc. Watch the BBC, an English broadcaster.
    There is no incentive to vote for Scottish independence for them.

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  6. I know there is no political will for it but there should be a required minimum residence period, eg. at least 5 years.
    In 2014 I met a couple who arrived in March and voted no in October. I don’t blame them , just the system which allows it.
    Another English guy who I was friendly with , voted No but told be if he was Scottish he’d be Yes. He moved back south the following year.
    In a close vote, this may well prove insurmountable as this will be replicated in very large numbers.

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    1. No representation without taxation …. registered for tax in Scotland whether or not you earn enough to actually pay tax.

      Residence period of some length to be decided.

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  7. Hope you don’t mind me posting this Prof,

    Very good interview and worth the 24 minutes of your time folks.

    Alex Salmond interviewed by Pilar Aymara (whose audio wasn’t great at the Alba press conference this afternoon).

    She puts the Colonial Media in Scotland to shame with her finger on the pulse of Scottish politics from Galicia, Spain.

    AS answers around GRA and his comment in support to J. Cherry shows the difference between a politician of class and the current FM, news that J Buchan, NE Fishing skipper has come out in support of Alba and Scottish Independence (video Thursday) which bodes well for Alba returning 4 MSPs in the NE especially if the farmers feel the same, also the Once in a generation put to bed.


  8. In conversation with a Spanish lady, teaching Spanish to schools in Scotland, we discussed the coming Catalan referendum – I said that if I had moved as an adult of grandparent age to Catalonia I would not vote in their referendum, not my business. If I had raised children in Catalonia I would expect my children to vote in their referendum. The lady agreed.

    And so, my view is that “mature” English people moving to Scotland to retire should not take part in decisions on Scotland’s independence. And by all means they should engage and vote on the dreaded, unfair, council tax!


  9. My view is quite simple that foreign nationals who vote against independence are rejecting Scottish citizenship just as the as ex pats in Spain and France who voted to leave the EU rejected EU citizenship. To be honest I am gobsmacked at EU citizens voting against independence and therefore voting against membership of the EU for their host country because without independence we won’t be rejoining the EU anytime soon.

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  10. I’m deeply sceptical there is the resistance portrayed, Brexit and the 5 years which followed have profoundly changed the Scots’ psyche irrespective of ethnic or national background.

    The systematic destruction by the London Tories of what used to be “British” and replacing it with WW2 allusions, cheap plastic flags and bunting may still appeal to a small minority, the rest see the UK for what it is, cheap, tacky and corrupt to it’s media promoted core.

    Independence is no longer an ambition but the default state, it’s only a matter of making the formal decision and finalising the paperwork.

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  11. Residential qualification? To stop those floating through. Although support is reported even higher than ever before. D’Hond’t broken after 20 years. Enough to hoover up Indy 2nd votes. The franchise extended. EU citizens that Scotland needs are leaving. Population could fall again having an adverse affect on the economy. Much needed growth.

    Galloway the only drawback. More faces than a church clock. Two faced hypocrite. Oil for Food fraud. Supports Independence for everywhere except Scotland. The Crombie Mafia.

    The farmer/fishermen supporting Alex again. After the Brexit misadventure. Learnt the lesson. Never trust a Tory. Fooled once not twice. Or thrice again. Back in harmony and cohesion. A better society.

    Alex Salmond fought for Independence all his life.The way he was treated by the unionist establishment was appalling. Looking for a scapegoat. The M15 operators thought they had got away with it. Westminster collusion in trying to destroy the Scottish Parliament. Sent homeward to think again.

    Independence support has increased again by all accounts.


  12. As stated earlier; if not registered as a Scottish taxpayer, then no right to vote in Scottish elections. Take that one step further and ensure no free prescriptions to non-Scottish tax paying individuals. This might sharpen the minds of “ex-pat” retirees to Scotland, who are likely to be more in thrall to queen and country.


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