Stop it! My ribs hurt!

Look! A fox! Shoot!

I’m still aching from reading their plans to build affordable homes. What next, a 12.5% pay rise just for Scottish nurses?

I know they’ve taken Ross off the campaign leaflets. Will they take the party name off too, like Jackie Baillie did with Labour?

Do they think some voters might believe they’re not like the UK Tories?

See this from the Guardian and Labour before they became Blairites again:

The Conservative party’s record on tackling the climate crisis has been condemned by leading scientists and former government advisers, as the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, warned that the forthcoming election was the last chance to halt the escalating emergency. Experts accused the Conservatives of copying rightwing politicians in the US by deliberately weakening environmental protections. Meanwhile, analysis by Labour reveals that environmental policies put forward since 2017 and opposed by the Tories would have led to emissions reductions of over 70m tonnes a year by 2030 – more than the annual emissions of Portugal. Leading scientist David King, a key government adviser on the climate crisis until 2017, questioned whether Johnson could be trusted on the environment. He said he would give the Conservatives no more than three or four out of 10 for their record on tackling the climate crisis.

What next?

Conservatives to ban fox-hunting?

Conservatives to build safe injection rooms in posh areas?

Your turn. No idea too ridiculous.

15 thoughts on “Stop it! My ribs hurt!

  1. The tories building houses for those who have to rent is just comical nonsense when they say we will build houses they are just praying that private housebuilders will allow them to claim it was they , the tories , that built them.
    Tories in Scotland and Labour too are always trying to send money back to westminster unspent from the Scottish budget, thats what they do , always teying to get a pat on the back from the crew in westminster who actually despise them.

    When you look at dross you can see that he,s a fool a bumpkin being played , given his lines to read , at least he does appear to be semi aware that hes being played and is totally out of his league but its great for us really ,

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  2. Re.climate change
    Of the 65 top polluters who signed up for the Paris agreement
    Of their 100% commitment to reduce carbon

    To date between them all YES YES and Yes again staggeringly but factual
    they so far have achieved a derisory mere 0.5 % of their
    Commitments to which they signed up for
    And now have only just over 2 yrs to achieve the remaining 99.5 % reduction
    Little wonder that those who really know what will soon descend and befall us all are pulling their hair out now
    I along with them cannot emphasise just how serious this is rapidly becoming as each second passes

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      1. Bob
        I worked the land most of my life
        And Nature was sending signals 50 yrs ago
        But no F**kers would listen
        They thought i was Mad
        But not tis they that are Truly Mad

        Too bloody late now


  3. The Tories and red Tories can promise the moon, no one believes a word they say in Scotland, except a few with heads firmly stuck in the sand.

    So new houses eh, well, in Northumberland where my pals live there are lots of new houses, extensive areas built on, in fact some must have been built on brown/green belt areas…and the areas are now Tory, having been industrial Labour heartlands forever. Smell the clean air, relative to London etc. That’s the sort of housing the Tories want, in semi rural areas, far as I remember a they have a plan to pave over the central belt and build huge housing estates, urban spread, from er, England. No thanks.

    I wonder if Nicola Sturgeon will be invited to COP26 in Glasgow in her own country in November…it’s all being headed (hyjacked) by the distaster capitalist Tories so far.

    Oh and here is a bit of info for Dross, on his governments’ achievements on er climate change.
    Have a wee reckie Dross…YOUR governent in London…

    Energy policy is a reserved power to westminster.

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  4. In the good old days, they would find a happy idiot, give him a bladder on a stick, and have him entertain the King.

    Is that why the Tories picked DRossy? To entertain King Boris……….

    ……………while Ruthie slithered out the door when the attention was elsewhere. To the plush lifestyle, cheap booze and grub, subsidised up to the oxters………………all for being a failure!

    Such is life under the most corrupt government in my lifetime—a situation which has totally by-passed the “Scottish” media.

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  5. DR £150,000 expenses + salary and perks. Now what’s another salary and expenses. RD non elected £2000 a week salary + perks and expenses. The Tory gravy train. Illegal lobbying with £Millions to gain. The PPE scandal. The track and trace scandal.

    The Tories sold off affordable Council houses and did not build more. Took all the whisky, oil bad gas revenues McCrone Report. The illegal Barnett Formula. Thatcher, ‘We the English people are generous to you Scots’. Sermon on the mound. She was taking everything that moved out of Scotland. Her ministers Lang, Forsyth etc sworn to secrecy. Thatcher hid it under the Official Secrets Act.

    Leaving Scotland in poverty. Unemployment was 15%. Interest rates 17%. The only place unemployment was lower than 10% was London S/E. It was 20% in NI. The troubles caused by Westminster unionists. The Poll tax finally saw her off.

    The Tories had to get rid of her for closer ties with Europe. To help the failing economy. Over three million unemployed. They were transferred to sickness benefit because people got a bit more. Civil war with the miners. Starving them. Many lost their jobs in places there was no other employment. Some were only pardoned from false convictions recently. Ricky Tomlinson.

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  6. Labour built 6 affordable houses.

    The SNP is committed to build or renovate 6,000 affordable rent houses a year.
    Private builders build 17,000. Social houses are included in the plans.
    50,000 people die each year in Scotland houses come on the market. There are supposed to be enough houses but not in the right places or areas. The decline of heavy, blue collar jobs.

    Covid might have slowed it down,, although people work outside. In empty houses. They might have to social distance. Tradespeople were being fined by the police. if they caught them. People were reporting those who are working. There was a lot of snitching going on. Clyping.

    There was emergency cover for electrics and gas. Plumbers and electricians. Supplies and services are going up. More expensive and scarce because of Brexit. Affecting transport as well. Going different routes to try and avoid red tape and border restrictions or hold ups.


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