Reporting Scotland and Scotsman promote testing that fails more than half the time to suggest SNP is failing to follow England’s lead


In the early hours, the Scotsman tells us that there is a demand for mass regular testing in Scotland. Oooh, where is this demand coming from? Is it the people? The source doesn’t make it to the front page so I can’t see who it is. Do I care enough to find out? No. Anas Sarwar?

As if by magic, the demand makes its way to headline on Reporting Scotland at 1pm:

And, twice weekly coronavirus tests will be offered to people in England – will the same happen here?

Oooh, again! They get everything, like that ‘Operation Moonshot‘ mass testing last year which….oh no…didn’t happen at all.

Then David comes on to tell us about the exciting new developments from England:

We don’t get a reminder of any of the previous big launches by Boris and Matt which have come to nothing and/or cost billions but we do hear that the Scottish Government will face calls to do something similar here. By whom? Oh, you’ll need to ask the guy at the Scotsman who made up the story in the first place. Just say Anas Sarwar and leave it at that?

Missing from both reports, of course, will be this:

The rapid test kits most widely used in UK universities, schools, and care homes detect just 48.89% of covid-19 infections in asymptomatic people when compared with a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, real world data from the Liverpool pilot have shown.

BBC UK do tell the truth, eventually, right at the bottom of the page:

“Mass testing is a scandalous waste of money,” said Allyson Pollock, professor of public health at Newcastle University. “When the prevalence rate of coronavirus falls as low as it is at the moment then an increasing proportion of cases are likely to be false positives meaning that cases and contacts will self isolate unnecessarily.” Prof Pollock said it is likely that mass testing “is going to do more harm than good” and there had been no evaluation of mass testing programmes by the government.

22 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland and Scotsman promote testing that fails more than half the time to suggest SNP is failing to follow England’s lead

  1. It was being run on Good Morning Scotland from 6.30am. Clearly, this was to be the ‘story’ as dictated by the Scotland Office, with its multiple Union flags.

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    1. Astute observation, but you cannot help but wonder how long the explanation of the tactic took to penetrate the rich but thick Kack brain, sorry, Alister Jack, his boss Baronless Dunfuckall, and that wee laddie with permanent foot in mouth and flegs…

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  2. Many, many months ago, Jason Leitch was heard to describe these tests as “a wee bit rubbishy,” I believe.
    Now he has been known to be a wee bit rubbishy himself at times but, in this instance, he was prescient.

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  3. And these so called Journalist’s will be looking for other jobs in the Scottish Media soon . They had better get started on writing new CVs


  4. Ah don’t be too hard on David Wallet-Lockjaw (Mr Enunciation 2021 ?), he’ll read out any old shite with an end on Contract clause dangling from “Lady” Sarah…
    It’s actually quite comical, almost like a rerun of the skittery pigeons farce with a splash of “if England accepts this why shouldn’t you?” by way of garnishing, perhaps not the most alluring analogies, like Glenn Campbell – Journalist 🤣

    London grows increasingly desperate, “operation Salmond leap” has floundered and the Sturgeon is getting away…
    I’ll get my coat….

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    1. “London grows increasingly desperate, “operation Salmond leap” has floundered and the Sturgeon is getting away…
      I’ll get my coat….”

      After that, I’ll hold the door! (Or possibly the Dory!)

      Now, don’t be nasty to young David Wallace-and-Gromit. Actually, I’ve often thought how easy it must be for deaf people to understand what he’s saying.

      Even if what he actually *does* say is a load of unmitigated (and irritating) horse hockey…


    1. Also very possibly to avoid vaccine passports? Have test, can travel? The English governments’ shambolic Brexit meaning people cannot easily travel to their costa del sols etc, on top of EngGovs’ catastrophic mishandling of the virus, might just cause a few wee problems down in the English shires.
      Scotland needs to ensure strict quarantine and vaccine passports are required by all coming into Scotland in the next few months, because Scotland is going to be England’s bolt hole for hols this year. Plenty ads on youtube for ‘chalets’ etc…

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    1. Off Topic:

      You are conspicuous by your absence from WoS Cameron.
      I can only imagine your mental health has improved immeasurably since your departure.


      1. I got booted from WOS as I was beginning to get back into the swing of things, and possibly getting a bit technical and overconfident. I was also being systematically othered by a particular individual, who’s judgement was poor and ignorance profound. Though he probably subconsciously encouraged SC to exert his authority.

        With regards my mental health, thanks for your concern. Although I suffer from PTSD and clinical depression, the state of my mental health has never been an topic for open debate, or significantly undermined my judgement. I may have appeared to have been loosing the plot and letting my anger get the better of me, though the truth is I struggle with intransigence and have little time for cupid stunts. So I was trying to give voice to my emotions in a productive and edumicational fashion, that was probably a bit over ambitious. 🙂


  5. Well oh Well
    I have been patiently sitting on the sidelines awaiting my opportunity to comment Re.The fiscal costs of Tests
    But attempting to get at the total cost of
    Procure,Admin, Logistics of is nigh on impossible and 100 % so to find out what
    The private companies charge for conducting the tests and reporting the results
    The only solid Fiscal fact is to be found in The March Budget when £2.5 Billion set aside to purchase new test kits @ £ 25 each
    So i am forced only to use that figure only
    And before i give you the costs and the monies saved by Scotland
    It is almost impossible to separate Wales & NI and certainly so for England the respective No.of testswith confidence, But not so for Scotland

    It is of the highest importance to consider such
    1.It is only the end result of testing that
    Really matters and that is DEATHS only
    2.England pro rata has 45.5 % higher death rate than Scotland
    3.Norway who have tested / million of population slightly less than Scotland
    But England’s Death rate 1283% higher
    4.Scotland mainly tests using SHNS
    5.England mainly private companies
    So here the monies ( remember procurement of test kits only)
    And data is from the very beginning to 04/ 04/2021
    England, Wales & NI
    Spend £3.19 Billion
    Scotland if pro rata / million of population spend would be
    £0.31 Billion
    But Scotland actual spend £ 0.13:Billion
    This represents a saving of £ 180 Million
    Such begs the question were the monies for tests distributed in a equitable manner
    If so then Scotland has at the very least
    £ 180 million spare cash far less the monies saved from private testing
    Maybe this Explains Dross recent comments that Scotland is spending
    More than the fair share of our monies
    From Westminster
    If so he retracted fast and probably for the reason he would be letting the cats out of the bag concerning the whole unaccountable fiasco of the Westminster
    Allocation of £ 32.5 Billion for test trace etc. For private company contracts
    Important and very much so
    Remember the Death Ratios whereby large no.of tests DO NOT produce the correct result
    The whole bloody thing is nothing but a gravy train for the Tories and their pals

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      1. Terence i could have went a lot further
        But a lack of solid irrefutable facts prevented me doing so
        I only deal in verifiable reliable facts from
        Trusted sources
        I onlybbut can hope all can deduce the vast sums of money corruptly being thrown around
        Regarding the £32.5 Billion Westminster has borroweed here


  6. OT

    re. me getting booted from WOS. I certainly don’t hold a grudge against SC. Who I’ve been in private communication with since, which was characterised by its cordiality and mutual respect. He even sent me a wee present out of the blue, which was nice. My absence certainly has made a lot more room for other voices, which is a good thing. Apart from those voices who are offering false friendship and guff opinion. Of which there are several, IMHO. 😉


    1. My referencing your mental health (re last post) was purely a pointer to my opinion of the current level of discourse on that particular platform
      In was a flippant remark and certainly not intended as anything else .

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      1. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, as I realised you were inquiring in good faith and genuine empathy. I suppose I should have kept things a bit more straight forwards, and simply replied Yes, as I’m no longer constantly having to justify myself for existing and having an informed opinion. Or arguing with those supporting the radical-right. All the best, and thanks again for your ‘concern’. 😉


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