Lib Dem leader’s faith is touching….

Look! Jo Swinson!

…..touching my funny bone. He is irrepressible.

To support his thesis that the opinion pollsters don’t know what they’re talking about, the Scottish Lib Dem leader tells us:

We’re finding that we’re getting people moving over from the SNP for the first time for years.

I wonder is there any evidence for that?

Well, the BMG/Herald poll on the 9th March revealed that of the 402 who indicated that they would vote SNP in May 2021, 2 had voted Lib Dem in 2019 and of the 65 who would vote Lib Dem in 2021, 2 had voted SNP in 2019. Not much of a flow there Willie.

What about the Survation/DC Thomson poll on 30th March?

Of the 404 who indicated that they would vote SNP in May 2021, 5 had voted Lib Dem in 2019 and of the 67 who would vote Lib Dem in 2021, 8 had voted SNP in 2019. So, 3 in credit. 15 claimed to be switching from Labour to SNP while only 7 would switch to the Lib Dems. Even with the stubborn Tories, 4 suggested support now for the SNP compared to only 3 for the Lib Dems.

Perhaps even more damaging for Rennie’s thesis, the most recent poll for Holyrood voting intentions, by Panelbase for the Sunday Times, puts the Lib Dems in 6th place in the regional vote with only 5% and just ahead of George Galloway’s crew.

22 thoughts on “Lib Dem leader’s faith is touching….

  1. One has to speculate as to what Oor Wee
    Wullie partakes of in order to relax
    Maybe some wild (magic) mushrooms from the woodlands around him


  2. John you have to remember that your dont get to join the Lib Dems unless you can demonstrate optimism above and beyond the call of duty and certainly the data. Remember when Steel told them to “go home and prepare for government”? 1978?

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  3. “Ach yer awfy harsh oan Wee Wullie John….”
    In the words of the late and lamented Michael Marra..he’s ‘hermless.’
    As I recounted recently elsewhere..I was treated (or subjected) to the sight of Oor Wullie scampering doon Ashton Lane in Glasgow’s West End during the GE Election Campaign of Dec 2019.
    On his heid…a witches hat.
    Under his erm….a (deid) parrot.
    It was well ventilated on the day via Misreporting Scotland.

    p.s. Having returned home 20minutes after witnessing above…I felt compelled tae imbibe ‘a hair aff the dug’ since I was clearly still suffering the after effects of the night before.

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  4. When we played footy as weans, the weaker team would always get goals as “a start”.
    Is that how it is with Wee Wullie? They get 5 MSPs as a start?

    I heard him in an interview say he would carry on leading his party……. This after a decade of abject failure. But then, maybe he is the best of a bad bunch????
    In a party with Coal-Humblebum?

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  5. Though a sense of optimism is an important factor to good mental health, it is important to ground one’s beliefs in reality and practical reason. Otherwise one’s opinion tends towards delusion, which tends to encourage public ridicule. This is why “grounded theory”, “critical realism”, and the concept of “recovery” are central to international strategies aimed at encouraging good mental health hygiene in society. 😉

    Reconnecting with Life: Reconnecting
    with Self, Others and Time
    A grounded theory study of recovering from mental
    health problems in an Irish context


    1. I will take a look CB. I do though hate the term mental health ‘hygiene’ as I do the ‘sleep hygiene’ term used a lot these days. It suggests that people are not clean, that their problems are somehow, dirty. Grrrr. If I can’t sleep or feel depressed it’s due to circumstances not a lack of hygiene! I do take things literally…but I think the word ‘hygiene’ has to be ditched in this context.

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      1. I hear you and thought twice before phrasing things that way, as anti-oppression discourse should try to avoid all forms of stigmatisation. Apart from the strategic essential-ism of othering your oppressor, perhaps? I’m trying to reconnect with how I learned to support good public health and open democracy. Which was a very long time ago, though the theory remains essentially the same, and is now more vital to our sustainability as a viable nation. At least I encouraged engagement with the subject and stimulated debate. Thanks for sharing your views.

        Mental hygiene: learn about the things you need to do to look after your mind and keep a good quality of life


    2. …and your point IS Cameron? …(damned if I know)…lol
      Cameron…you are an intelligent chappie….there’s an election coming up……….chat is always good?


      1. Tam the Bam
        May I attempt in simple lay terms to explain W/O offence to Cameron B
        Basically there are inherently 3 types of
        3. Realist

        Boris is a perpetual optimist
        Stammer mostly a Pessimist
        Nicola very much a realist and a very cautious one
        Politicians by nature whether they are aware of it or not can interchange the cards they play to achieve the ends they
        But I think Cameron is saying tis it not better to be a Realist as in Truth such is the best way to confront and solve problems in a enlightened manner and trust only verifiable facts from respected,honorable sources
        Startrek,s. Mr Spook would be a good example
        Niether optimist or pessimist which are Human emotions that cloud and may alter the outcomes desired
        But Spock a realist who analyses the data
        At his disposal then acts
        All in All tis a puzzle within a enigma
        Because if the realist gets it wrong
        Then in main error is due to suffering from
        A Temporary Lack of Information

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      2. My point is that British nationalism is bad for the mental health of at least half our electorate, who are not able to connect with, and live, their authentic self-identity. Which is derided by the majority of MPs in Westminster, and constantly undermined by the likes of the BBC in Scotland. Which is a form of racism, constant exposure to which can be expected to be harmful to health. Then you need to add in all the poor yoons, who’s mental health may not be similarly harmed, but who’s mental health can be expected to suffer as a result of their poverty, and probable social deprivation. So it is clear that British nationalism should come with a health warning, at least, as well as some ‘danger money’. I might sound crazy, but does Scotland not have an appalling standard of national health, especially for a nation blessed with such natural wealth?

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  6. What IS the point of the LibDums? Wee Willie takes a huge wage from the public purse, dances to the tune of his masters in London, the Tories, and well, just talks utter b*****ks. That’s the level of BritNat lackeys in Scotland, they have no integrity, no laurals, no conscience, no real policies, they are there to just SNP bad, it’s just not cricket is it. I mean, it’s not conducive to a functioning democracy is it, but then, that is why they exist in Scotland, to deny the people their democratic rights. The SNP have all the responsibility while the BritNats and the EngGov deny the people their right to choose the government they actually vote for in Scotland. It’s seems to be quite an unsound way to function as a country, so independence it has to be, to put that to rights asap.

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  7. Every time I see Willie oot canvasing he appears to be sitting or hugging on something oversized, ie a seat. What’s that all about ???

    Was it the last election he was hugging a pig, fits going on, what I’m I missing in the libdem strategy ?


  8. …… and he can recite the bus time table from Lochgelly tae Kirkcauldy …. now, is that no’ the mark o’ a Leader ?


  9. LibDem liars. Imposed the D’Hond’t on Holyrood without a mandate. First preference votes go in the bin to let 3rd losers in. They mucked up Holyrood, Most of the Unionists would not be there to destroyed. D’Hond’t now broken. ALBA vote. After 20 years.

    LibDem Liars. ConDem enablers. Clegg elected to protect education. Cameron elected to protect the NHS. They cut it. They cut Education £6Billion a year. Cut NHS £20Billion. Cut Welfare £16Billion. From 2015 to 2020.

    Austerity supported by Labour. Killing people. The Scottish Gov has to mitigate the cuts. Scottish revenues and resources totally wasted by Westminster’s appalling policies. The LibDem enabled the Brexit Ref for a vote on PR. No one voted on it or wanted it. PR Ref Low turn out fail.

    Cameron now taking £Millions of taxpayers monies illegally lobbying. Clegg making £Millions as tax evading Facebook European Rep. Both of them in the trough for illegal gains.

    The lies the LibDems sprouted are a total disgrace. They are culpable for the whole sorry mess. A total embarrassment. People are dying because of Libdem policies.


  10. During 2013/2014 the LibDems were the nastiest, most aggressive of the Better Together camp. I ran a YES stall and they constantly ranted and raved in front of it. Willie is the slow but dim front man but do not be taken in. Christine Jardine was viscous in her attacks on the YES movement. Look at Cole-Hamilton for the true soul of the Party.

    The LibDem are more Tory than the Tories. Do not forget how quickly they surrendered their principles for ministerial cars!

    They may be a small Party but one thing you can be certain about is that the Union comes first with them.

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