Unionists, think before you change horses for an unproven nervy colt

Until the Leaders’ Debate when Anas Sarwar was able to come across as one of those tall, handsome, deep-voiced and mature sixth-formers telling a smaller less attractive, whiny ‘Tory boy’ to ‘grow up’, no one was saying the above.

I can see why the Unionist camp might feel the need for a new leader but few can forget his last go at this, when even STV could make a right fool of him:

If Nicola gets him on his own again, it will be the same all over again.

6 thoughts on “Unionists, think before you change horses for an unproven nervy colt

  1. Its been part of the Brit Nat plan for several months, that they have to promote “Scottish” Labour into a taking a more prominent part in the continued colonisation of Scotland, as “Scottish” Tories have a very limited audience.
    Look at any of the witterings from the London commentariat in recent weeks and they have been delighted that Starwars “won”, and they push the idea that Scots will fall for his right-of-centre charm.

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  2. Fret not
    The Unionist camp is now well and truly split and divided,but be in no doubt that once Indy ref.2 confirmed they will all rush back into each others embrace
    But we cannot cross that bridge to take them all Head On till such time
    It is the the Bridge ( current election )
    That we stand upon and must shove them firmly off it.
    Like a famous Champion jump jockey said
    All too often i witnessed many a horse fall, and all because as the jockey upon it
    Just before having to approach and safely clear the fence fast approaching was actually thinking as to how he tackled the next fence
    Not I how the hell do you get over the 2nd fence until you clear the one immediately confronting you

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