Premium? Not even bargain bin. Fish and chip wrapper at best.

Mackay opens with:

There’s always been an unhealthy culture of silence within the Yes movement. Prominent SNP members who now position themselves as guardians of moral probity in politics and denounce the Alba Party’s Trumpian antics were only a few years ago amplifying hate speech online because it served their own political purposes. Today, the “Wheesht For Indy” crowd are telling Yes-supporting critics of Alex Salmond’s new party to be quiet. “We’re all supposed to be on the same side, guys,” they say. “Think about the bigger picture.”

He goes on to make much of the not-guilty Alex Salmond, the reinstated after a stupid tweet Neil Hanvey, the perjurer who had been unfairly hounded by the gutter-press, Tommy Sheridan and two others who had made low-level offensive tweets about the FM and beggars.

I agree that most of the above requires an apology but that a political party in the UK cannot exist with members like that is the application of a premium double standard. Where to begin with the liars, thieves and sexual perverts who have lined the benches for all of the other parties? I won’t stain my premium blog pages with their names.

As for Trumpian antics, really? What has the Alba Party done that is ‘Trumpian’. That’s just lazy ‘label/libel’ talk when you have nothing to back it up.

Then, ‘wheesht’, why not? We should be on the same side and not bickering among ourselves when a far greater danger to our cause, the Unionist media, wait slavering to pick up any weaknesses we expose.

Finally, glass houses?

Remember Mackay’s spread with Alex Salmond pictured alongside sex murderers? I can but can’t find it.

The Herald. 2020. Neil Mackay’s Big Read – Great Trials of the Century. [ONLINE] Available at:
[Accessed 30 March 2020]

It’s been removed.

Premium? My posterior!

10 thoughts on “Premium? Not even bargain bin. Fish and chip wrapper at best.

  1. “Wheesht”
    Well them who utter such words in this case
    It is up to us as we cast our 2nd vote upon the list ballot
    And consider that if in the right box that it represents a peg placed upon the nose
    Of Neil and as he gasps for air, lift your finger to your lips and whisper Wheesht


  2. A disgusting piece of gutter press writing all round, posing as journalism.
    Using words like ‘denounce’, when it’s rags like the Herald that actually does the denouncing of the SNP, the FM and those who support Scottish independence.
    Looks like the gutter press and social media bots and trolls are attempting to hijack the independence parties by creating their own narrative with faux divisions.
    Desperate, and sinister, but it’s what the BritNats do, they have plenty experience with those sort of tactics.

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  3. This standard of ‘journalism’ simply highlights the bias and lack of moral standards that characterises the yoon press and media. Which simply seeks to feed the information seeking habits of their readership, along with their ideologically grounded prejudices and outlook. Which is fine if your aim is to polarises society. I’d have supported my opinion with some practical ethics, but my links don’t appear to appear.



    “Wheesht for Westminster”??????

    Nope, for Brit Nat stooges like MacKay, Westminster is off-limits.
    He must have though it was his birthday—another pro-independence party to attack, under the pretence he is a YES supporter.


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  5. I know that one should not wish unemployment on anyone because it is anti-worker, damaging to family, undermines the livelihood of others and, in this case, an attack on the Fourth Estate but increasingly I find myself making exceptions to my rule.

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  6. I appreciate this thread is concerned with a particular hack who scribbles for the Herod, but here’s an article that should give folks some argumentative ammunition when seeking to change folk’s information seeking habits. Which I think particularly important given yesterday’s laughable finding that Britain does not suffer the harmful effects of institutional racism. Which does shape British nationalism and our political climate. It even feature a video from Phantom Power Films and an interview with our host, though it fails to mention Wings while platforming Bella.

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  7. Gutter Press. Premier? Covered with adverts. Just google it. Dozens of articles come up. Regurgitated drivel. Yes ship cruising on. Do not not have a better photo of innocent Alex. There are thousands of them. Surrounded by thousands of people. Wanting to hug and kiss. Taking selfies. He could not get down the street for the interested public. He has done so much for Scotland. Alba 2 will give a great, much needed, majority.


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