Scotland vaccinates 31% more for last 7 days!

On February 2nd, BBC Scotland were keen to talk about NHS Scotland’s vaccination rates which were lower overall BECAUSE it was tackling the more difficult care homes, AS the JCVI told it to do:

Twice as many were to die in English care homes in 2021, because of their failure to follow the advice but that was not news it seems.

Soon after, the care home residents had been made safe and NHS Scotland began to overtake NHS England. By the 7th February, they were vaccinating 20% more and BBC Scotland announced that we were nevertheless broadly, in line with the UK figures. Many complained. None got a satisfactory answer.

Today, NHS Scotland vaccinated 13 648 per 1 million population while all the other nations did less than 10 000:

Over the last 7 days, NHS Scotland has been 31% or more ahead:

This is not in the public interest.

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4 thoughts on “Scotland vaccinates 31% more for last 7 days!

  1. I had my firs jag today, in the Caird Hall. I hadn’t been in there since I was a kid, though it only took a very efficient operation about fifteen minutes tops. I was also glad to see approximately 60% off folks in the town-center wearing masks. Which was much better than the Ferry, so I think Dundee needs to think about closing the border (Dundee humour, allegedly). 🙂

    “Whilst the end of capitalism is not on the horizon is strengthening the welfare state a way to help those suffering from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic?”


    1. CameronB
      The end of Capitalism is not on the horizon
      Maybe so but without doubt its end is appearing upon it as the rising temperatures and global warming shall propel its demise with terrifying velocity
      Karl Marx even predicted its collapse
      But not with global warming as he could not ever possibly see such coming
      But would collapse for the following reasons which are now well and truly in place and coupled with global warming
      The demise of it will be bloody but swift and sure
      What were the conditions that Marx referred to were
      As technology and speed of transport evolves faster and faster initially it will lead to much improvement but by its very nature capitalism will end up enriching a few elite then once the easy pickings over they will seek to increase their control and wealth enhancement
      By extracting more and more from those who produce the wealth mainly by Transfer of production to sources of the cheapest labour and costs, thereby resulting in more and more global tensions and all to the point that all social systems deprived of cash shall systematically fail as they keep repeating the same game plans
      And the only possible solution is Revolution to Sweep the whole concept into the dustbin of history
      Me thinks Karl indeed was a Prophet in every sense of the word


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