Scottish Labour and trust? Nope, not working for me.

Scottish Labour has announced plans for a commission to “clean up Holyrood” and restore trust in the Scottish Parliament.  Party leader Anas Sarwar said both Holyrood and the Scottish Government have been allowed to descend into “a bit of a joke” in recent weeks. 

Anas Sarwar, in the Herald, above, revealing his lack of a sense of irony and his immersion in the Holyrood/MSM bubble, detached from what any potential supporters might actually think.

First, that the Scottish Parliament is the one requiring a plan:

In 2019, 61% of people said they trusted the Scottish Government to work in Scotland’s best interests, compared with 15% who said they trusted the UK Government to do so.

From the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey by ScotCen Social Research, (2020) based on a sample of 2 790 adults.

Second, that journalists such as those at the Herald who have constructed the ‘joke’ for us, are the people to talk about trust:

From Gallup in 2020.

Third, that the Scottish First Minister is not trusted:

from Opinium on May 20th 20202 with the FM at 61% and miles ahead across the whole UK population.

Fourth, that Scottish New Labour under Sarwar can be trusted, by reader Andrew Rosie:

Anas Sarwar only registered as a living wage employee, as an MSP not as director of his family firm, when he announced he was standing for Labour leader in 2017.

On STV on 18 October Sarwar lied when he said he did not campaign with Better Together in 2014. as photographic evidence proves otherwise and obvious prefers Tory rule to Home Rule when he says he would never under any circumstances back self government for Scotland.

If Labour followed Anas Sarwar’s “SNP coalitions are as bad as Tory coalitions” logic, they’d have to chuck out 60 Labour councillors who formed coalitions in Edinburgh, Fife, Dumfries & Galloway, Stirling and East Renfrewshire.

No doubt BBC Reporting Scotland will be parking its journalists on Anas Sarwar’s lawn just as they went for Michelle Thompson.

Herald reports whether he made “any money from this company at all”, he replied: “I don’t take remuneration from the company.”

However, according to UWS records filed at Companies House, Mr Sarwar was entitled to £333,000 of dividend income between 2003 and 2015, based on his shareholdings.

His wife Furheen was entitled to a further £196,000 based on her shareholdings.

In total, the couple were entitled to almost £530,000 up to December 2015, although the figure could now be closer to £600,000 as the 2016 accounts have not yet been filed.

The company records also appear to contradict Mr Sarwar’s repeated assertion that he plays no part in the running of UWS, despite being one of the largest shareholders.

In a statement earlier this month, he said: “I am a minority shareholder [in UWS], not a director, and play no active part in the running of the company – and never have.”

He also told Radio Scotland this week: “I have no role in the company… I have no say in how the company operates.”

However, in December 2010, Mr Sarwar signed a company resolution creating a new class of share which ultimately benefited his wife and his sister-in-law.

General reasons why Anas Sarwar is an awful choice of leader for Scottish Labour and will relegate them to distant 3rd:

• He is a millionaire
• His family business doesn’t pay Real Living Wage
• He sends his kids to 5-figure private school
• Glasgow Labour fought wage equality

There’s so much more but let’s finish with how trusted he can be on constitutional matters, when STV made a fool of him:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is anasbt8-1.jpg

He’ll need to clean up his own behaviour first.

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15 thoughts on “Scottish Labour and trust? Nope, not working for me.

  1. Just more cheating Labour. A bunch of lying hypocrites. Every word they utter is a lie. No wonder no one trusts them. Who would join Labour or stay there. Just useless opportunists. Trying to ruin Scotland.

    Illegal wars! Tax evasion! Financial fraud. Killing people. Supporting austerity. Killing people. Opposed MUP killing people. Support Trident, Killing people.
    Lying mass murderers. They have ruined the world economy and intend to make it worse. Brexit. Killing people.

    Vote SNP1 Alba2. Vote for Independence. Make the world a better place, get rid of the killers. Beyond redemption. Vote Unionist to die younger. Instead of a long, peaceful and happy life. Equal cohesive and prosperous life.


    1. Heard there is a poll out this morning with ALBA on 3%. At that level of support they won’t get any MSP’s


      1. Clydebuilt
        Re 3 %
        I kindly remind you that the refs start the game whistle is still wet with saliva
        A whole 85 mins of the game still to go
        And AS has not even touched the Ball yet
        But it will soon land at his feet


      2. Premier O.

        The ball was at his feet during the first debate with Darling in 2014 . The subject was currency, the big issue of the referendum . . . . He stood there speechless. . . .

        But as you say it’s early days. . . . . Watch this space . . . Very carefully!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Clydebuilt
          I concur
          But not all striker’s score with every chance but me thinks
          That AS can be likened in footballing terms as Diego Maradona
          And knows that to raise the hand of god
          Indeed does win the game and it is fair play as he concerned


      3. Premier O.

        Is AS ever going to be interviewed Again Ch4 News covered Holyrood election once again looking into effect ALBA might have on election. A. S. didn’t get in front of a camera. Seems to me if he is going to help his party out he needs to get on the broadcast media.


        1. Clydebuilt
          No doubt behind the scenes the Dark Forces of the British state have asked the main TV networks NOT to allow AS within a mile of them
          But they have to take into account the rules of Offcom & the Electoral commission
          Which in turn makes me very very suspicious of the most recent Survation poll whereby Alba polled only 3 % and in a poll clearly rigged to do so in order to give the image Alba a minor party therefore
          Do not qualify for Airtime under the rules
          Some recognisable honourable pollsters
          Should be commissioned to only poll
          Yes voters inc of SNP and ask only for their list voting intentions
          Then you can adjust result stastically in order to produce AS % share and actual
          Total number of votes Alba would receive, which should turnout to be a % high enough to force Offcom and the Electoral commission to serve notice upon the Broadcasters
          Make no doubt AS will rapidly take them to court should they not do so
          The Unionists are moving the goal posts here so it requires counteraction


  2. The best leaders Scotland has ever had. Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond. They are not guilty of anything. Innocent. Get the band back together. To make Scotland even better. Exiled unionists. A unionist plot to ruin scotland. Defeat them. .

    Get rid of the lot of the unionist parties. So bad for Scotland. They make people ill and kill them. Westminster lying hypocrites. Killing people. Vote unionist to die younger.


  3. The Labour party is a fraud.
    They are exactly the same as the tories.
    Every now and then they pop up with a new spokesperson with a new idea that continues the same old Labour betrayal of working people.
    Sarwar is the latest tory for Labour.
    These people are abhorrent

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nothing new there then, “Look, a Squirrel” from Anas….wi teeth…

    As for his “….the Scottish Government have been allowed to descend into “a bit of a joke” in recent weeks”, read UK Politics, it’s party representatives, and years respectively.
    The only bad joke of recent weeks in Holyrood has been the scandalous behaviour of some (including from his own party) on the Harassment Inquiry committee, but all of that centres on the rot of UK politics.

    It’s hardly surprising Scots have lost trust in corrupt politics and media and demand independence, the monumental problem Sarwar plays smoke and mirrors with – The Union is dead because of London based politics and media, all that remains is the official funeral.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The BritNats and their masters in London have been attempting to bring down the Scottish parliament to the level of a ‘joke’ for quite some time now. It’s all designed to undermine Scotland’s ability to effectively govern their own country. Look at who the ‘opposition’ put in place, and now they think that a smooth talker heading the Labour London HQ’d party in Scotland will be welcomed with open arms, I don’t thinks so, the people of Scotland know the scheming, lying conniving Labour party very well now, they are not to be trusted to say the very least.

      The BritNat joker MSP’s taking massive sums from the public purse to undermine their own parliament and country are a disgrace to democracy. The EngGov want to actually bring down the Scottish parliament until such time as they can install their choice of government, one that is fully controlled by Westminster, doesn’t matter if it’s Tory, Liebour or Libdum.
      They just want rid of the SNP no matter what it takes and what they can get away with, and so far they have failed in their quest to achieve that.

      We know which government is a joke, or would be if it was actually funny, and it most certainly is a very serious situation that Scotland is at the mercy of the far right wing, disaster capitalist government in London, made up of tax evading billionaires. It can either get much much worse, or, Scotland can vote for a progressive social democratic, socially responsible government, and put an end to devolution light through the ballot box by choosing independence and the government they want, not what their neighbours want.

      Independence is crucial to Scotland’s very survival it’s very simple.


      1. Artyhetty
        And let them by stealth or by any means
        Shut or shackle our wee parlie in any form or manner
        Then the gates of hell shall open for them
        As they attempt to govern us
        No one and No one can ever govern for a prolonged term WITHOUT CONSENT


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