SHOCK: This man is a Tory councillor!

Tory councillor, advisor to Ruthie, Nicola-obsessive and covert Scotsman columnist, John McLellan, is at it again after, no doubt, a torrid night, dreaming of the FM, in tears.

Like so many of the elderly, white, frustrated, aching, bitter, macho, corporate journos at the Scotsman and the Herald – Wilson, Monteith, Gordon, Macwhirter – McLellan lives for even the smallest SNP defeat.

Evidence? Well, SFA. What did you expect?

Here’s some:

God knows what Ross would get today.

95%, up from 93% in October 2021. She’s going nowhere unless she decides to.

Take out the don’t knows and it’s 97%.

From New Zealand:

Ardern’s own popularity as preferred prime minister was sky high at 62%, while the National Party’s newly elected 61-year-old leader Judith Collins stood at just 14.6%.

3 thoughts on “SHOCK: This man is a Tory councillor!

  1. The Herald ran (is still running) a poll on the Leaders Debate. The so-called non-aligned H must be well annoyed. At last count Nicola was at 58% … Ross 12%


  2. A modern day Svengali—or maybe Sven Eriksson.

    Yup, that’s it–Sven Eriksson–a plausible flopperoony.


  3. Groundhog Day at the Herald. Same old, same old, every day. False statistics and nonsense.

    The Sun and Record have been supporting Nicola. Caricaturing Ross and Davidson.
    (1/2 readership).


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