Pressure on Tom Gordon to tell us facts on popular approval of Indyref2

I’m not reading it. You can’t make me. I’ve read enough of Gordon’s jaundiced journalism to know what’s in there.

I’ll just do the headline.

Pressure on Sturgeon over Indyref2 as leaders obsess?


Indyref 2 in the early years of the next parliament will be explicitly and upfront, in the manifesto for the SNP. Polls suggest they will take an overall majority, even with this commitment and despite perhaps losing one or two list seats to the Alba Party.

The Alba Party seems more than likely to take list seats from the Unionist parties. Witness their current panic.

There will be a very strong overall majority in support of Indyref2 and many will be pushing for it this year or next.

The FM may want to delay for a year at most to make sure voters see that the pandemic has been controlled but that’s all.

Little pressure on anyone other than on Ross and Sarwar.

11 thoughts on “Pressure on Tom Gordon to tell us facts on popular approval of Indyref2

  1. I’m not convinced the SNP will win more Constituency Seats than in 2011 or 2016. Tactical voting in marginal seats could give the Labour Party many seats. If the SNP win a majority in the next parliament won’t their priority with regard to a referendum, be to win it? On the other hand, the leader of the Alba Party and it supporters want a quick referendum regardless of the outcome. Is their priority a Vow 2? A commitment to a new constitution for the UK? A United States of Great Britain? Belgium, Germany or Denmark have examples of semi-autonous ‘regions’ that are equal partners and Gordon Brown wants a constitutional convention. I imagine this would be held before the 2024 General Election, which a ‘Tory Lite’ Labour Party should win, so they can promise to deliver it with dozens of shiny, new Scottish Labour MPs.


    1. There is a “push” behind Sarwar from the Brit Nats and their media, as it is obvious Ross is out of his depth. Many seats? I doubt it.
      Alba may want a swift referendum, but won’t have the clout to demand one. I would bet on 2023 springtime.
      Vow2? Who would believe it?
      Starmer won’t win a majority anywhere.
      Wales—going on the same path as Scotland, but with a coalition with a “nationalist” party looming.
      (In Scotland, Starwars would get into bed with DRossy and Wee Wullie).
      England–Boris cult terri-tory, media-All Tory–Starmer going down like a personality-free lead balloon in old Labour areas.

      Nope, we face having Boris until he has accumulated all the fame and adulation even his huge ego can cope with.


      1. I would probably agree with your about 2023 (though I might hope for 2022). What happens with the virus is going to go a long way to determine this. The sooner that is managed effectively (even if it means annual vaccination) the sooner I would hope for a vote.
        I agree too that Alba wont be able to demand a referendum on the grounds of seats, but what it can do is to speak in Parliament – and more widely – to “influence” the SNP to get a move on. Who is doing that from within the SNP right now? I dare say there are a lot of good people in the SNP who wish they would get a move on, but wont leave for Alba out of loyalty to the party and/or their view of Alex Salmond. But at least the words will be spoken – they can influence the debate.
        I would be a bit more optimistic than you about time and Boris. If/when the pressure ramps up – Wales looking to renegotiate the Union, the constituency in Northern Ireland that wont put with the vicissitudes of Brexit but not allow the Good Friday agreement to be torn up probably looking to the south (the Unionists havent had a majority since 2010), what is Boris going to do, but stick a Union Jack on everything and talk about Global Britain?

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    2. Just for arguments sake let’s assume a majority of 3,000 or less is marginal. On that basis there are 10 seats that could go to the SNP but only 5 where the SNP has a majority of less than 3,000.


    3. Belgium, Denmark,and Germany last time I looked, are countries, NOT ‘regions’. Scotland is a country, NOT a region.
      Non of the countries you mention have one of the members (if that’s what we can call it) that takes the finances of one or more country in this ‘region of equal partners’, nor dictates how that money is spent. they share some aspects of trade and defense perhaps, but they are definitely in no way as you describe, a fantasy ‘US of Britain’. Oh dear, oh dear.
      The people of Scotland are wise to the English Governments’ ‘vows’, and they will not be fooled again. Labour branch office in Scotalnd are a busted flush, so yes, they can only hang onto or take seats by means of the back door, ie ‘tactical voting’. By rights, parties which are not wholly registered as being Scottish parties, in Scotland, (rather than parties with HQ’s in England) should imo, not be standing at all, it’s not conducive to a decent democracy.

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      1. Artyhetty
        To assistyou may i impart as to what sovereignty actually means

        The ability to pass or repeal Laws
        The ability to introduce,raise or lower taxation
        Without both you are not by definition a
        Sovereign power
        But that does not mean you are a Nation
        And that in fact it is Full Sovereignty we seek, which can only be achieved by Independence
        By legal referendum or UDI
        Their are no other routes


      1. There is a history of Herold political journalists ending up with a “promotion” to the Scottish Office.
        With the expansion of Brit Nat propaganda outlets, I judge Gordons articles on his desire to be a paid whore for Hi Jack and the Union.


  2. Dear Tom
    Regretfully my offacalitory glands are being overwhelmed by the most potent
    Of Pheromones, The one clearly Labeled
    Go take a hot bath and calm down
    Jointly Your G.P and Physcarist


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