Politics by ‘ambulance chasing’

Anas Sarwar launches another one-woman attack. I suppose the above image is less creepy than this last year:

Glasgow health board 'not fit for purpose' after claim it tried to 'cover  up' death of 10-year-old - Daily Record

Back to today in the Herald Union:

ANAS Sarwar has insisted that Scotland’s cancer times backlog is now a “national emergency” – warning that 7,000 people are now thought to be living with an undiagnosed condition. The Scottish Labour leader has pressed the case for rapid diagnostic centres to be brought forward in a bid to shorten waiting times for those showing symptoms of cancer.

Thought to be‘ eh? Any facts at all? Oh, here are some:

NHS Scotland: 98.6% of cancer patients treated in 31-days and 62-day target met 21% more often than in NHS England: https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2021/03/30/nhs-scotland-98-6-of-cancer-patients-treated-in-31-days-and-62-day-target-met-21-more-often-than-in-nhs-england/


10 months later Where IS this ‘tsunami of cancer deaths?’: https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2021/02/04/10-months-later-where-is-this-tsunami-of-cancer-deaths/

Does Scottish Labour actually run its own ambulance, prowling the streets?

5 thoughts on “Politics by ‘ambulance chasing’

  1. Sarwar must have a crystal ball, 7k people with an ‘undiagnosed condition’, and as you say prof, ‘thought to be’.
    There is a ‘national emergency’ it’s called a pandemic and it’s been managed incredibly well by the SNP against massive odds. The EngGov have squandered more money on their dodgy pals who are cashing in on an actual deadly virus, than Scotland is allowed as a budget in one year, that’s a ‘national emergency’ and a serious ‘national’ scandal.
    Sarwar needs to call out the troughers at WM for handing out £billions to their dodgy pals, money from the public purse like it’s going out of fashion, but of course he is never going to do that is he, disgraceful.

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    1. All this may defined as A Palestinian Leader said as to why the PLO blew up
      A airliner
      His reply Kill a few and terrify millions


  2. The ConDems cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. Labour supported austerity making people ill and dying. Starving people. Cutting Welfare £16Billions. Universal credit cut £100 a month from people’s income. That is why they did it. Mainly women and children on low incomes were affected. Increasing poverty. They have had to raise it £20 a week in the pandemic to stop people starving. After Duncan Smith wasting £Billions on the bureaucracy administration changes. It was a complete waste of time and monies. Labour supported all of this. Still does. Another muck up.

    The Tories have increased NHS funding £10Billion. It has increased from £139Billion to £145Billion. There was already a £4Billion increase.. There are Barnett consequentials. Will Scotland get it. Or just a con. SNHS funding comes from the Block grant. The Scottish Gov has to mitigate the cuts. Scotland spends £Billions + increased social care funding. Mitigating the costs. Social care helping the elderly stay in their own homes. Instead of £600++ residential home care. Hospital care £600+ a day.

    Social care budget is supposed to fund proper, total abstinence, drug rehab. Councils put people on methadone for years trying to make it cheaper. It is a false economy. Getting people healthier and wealthier is much more cost affective. It gives people a better chance in life and they live longer. Keeping it under the SNHS would mean Drs could refer people. Or it has to be paid for privately. There are less rehabs facilities where people can go to fight addiction. Drugs and alcohol. Leaving people in poverty and early death. Without essential specialist services.

    Labour supports austerity killing people putting a strain on the NHS and social care. Wasting monies. Illegal wars killing people and costing £Trns. Then complains about perceived limits or shortages in SNHS. Labour causes cuts. Then complains about it. Total hypocrites. Illegal wars, banking fraud, tax evasion. Trident. Brexit and all the rest of the mess. Labour supports it. Losing more funding for the NHS and essential services.


  3. A increasingly elderly population. Over the whole of Europe. Puts up healthcare costs. According to reports. The elderly 20% of the population use 80% of healthcare services. The frailty of the human body. In many European countries people live longer than the UK. Spain etc on average 84. Mediterranean diet. Sunnier, healthy climate. Outdoors activities.

    The highest average life expectancy in the world is Japan. 85. Eating fish vegetable diet. On average women live 5 years longer than men worldwide. Finland improved it’s health outcomes with Gov initiatives and help. People changed their diets. They once had one of the highest heart attack rates in the world. Alcohol is made expensive to cut consumption. In all the Scandinavian counties. Gov controlled. Higher prices and tax.


  4. Millions of people have died in the Middle East because of illegal western aggression and interference. In support of Israel. A migrant state. The Palestinian cause. Illegal occupation and oppression. Pursuit of Oil.

    UK and France (US commercial interests) carved up the Middle East. They refused the people the vote making false promises for support (1/2 WW). They reneged. Denied democracy to loot and purge. Leaving people in poverty and destruction. Eventually causing the mass migration into Europe of people looking for support. Then blaming the victims of Western atrocities. It is utterly shameful what has been done to people.

    The Balfour Agreement 1917. Suez Crisis 1956. Selling illegal weapons to Saudi since 1960’s. For bribes and donations to political parties. Against world trade and international Law. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Causing death and destruction throughout the world.


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